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Internship is considered as a time line of work experience offered by an organisation for its limited period. It is most valuable tool for the scholars to achieve practical experience in their field of study. Tourism and hospitality internship provides major experience in some of the most well hotels in the world. Hotel and tourism organizations are also facing various problems in managing their business operations (Pandey, 2014). There are various aspects of Hospitality and tourism internship such as operations management, event planning, marketing and customer service etc. Present report is based on analysis of Pizza Hut which is hospitality sector business enterprise having its business operations in various industry. Present report will cover the brief back ground of Pizza Hut and information about its business operations. Further, there are various have been discussed along with the rewards and achievements which are received during internship placement. In addition to this, analysis of hotel industry is also done to determine the management skills and qualities required to perform the job in organisation prevailing in this industry. Moreover, key workplace problems which Pizza Hut is facing is evaluated and possible solution to resolve the problems are also recommended in this report. 

Task 1

1.1 Organisational background

Pizza Hut is analysed as the American fast food restaurant chain and franchise that was incorporated in the year 1958 by two brothers Dan and Frank Carney. Company had established at small scale with low start up cost of 600 dollars. In the year 1960, organisation stated its growth on the strength of aggressive marketing of the Pizza restaurants idea. In 1962, the owners have bought out the interest held by bender and Robert Chisholm joined the organisation as their treasurer (Putra, Minarsih and Paramita, 2016). In 1966, the number of Pizza huts franchises had grown to the number of 145 across the US, the company has developed its home office in to coordinate the business in Wichita.   The corporate strategy of organization is also arrived at growth after much consultation and board debate. The main priority of the corporate strategy is to raise the sales and profits for the chain. Owners have continued to build a strong financial base for the company in order to provide adequate financing and growth which was considered as the second priority of the strategy.

At present pizza Hut Inc. is the largest restaurant company in the word in terms of both the number of outlets and percentage of market share are hold by them. The company has its more than 13000 restaurants and hotels in overseas countries and delivery outlets across the 130 countries across the world. It has main its existence in hotel industry from last 50 years by providing quality of products and services to their target customers (Kim and Park, 2013). Quality and freshness of their ingredients and friendly as well as fast customer service has provided them growth in market.  Target market of Pizza hut is identified as Middle class people across the countries. Their products are mainly popular between youngsters and children, therefore company has made them as their target customers.

In this context, internship was undertaken in Pizza hut with an aim of getting industry experience and knowledge of operations management in global restaurant chain.

1.2 Role and achievement during internship placement

Internship has been undertaken by students with an aim to achieve practical knowledge, skills, abilities and experience of their relevant field.  During internship program, I have been appointed as trainee in Pizza Hut. Main objective behind carrying out internship in pizza hut was to gain industry experience and analysis of various problems that has been faced by organisation in market (Matthew, Taylor and Ellis, 2012). I was having the role of running and supervising shifts etc. . There are various important responsibilities have been provided supervisor that needs to accomplished for management of operations. Pizza Hut is famous fast food chain and its management lays more focus on quality of service and proper operations' management in order to achieve sustain in competitive market.

Along with this, the managers have often provided me the responsibilities of rostering the staff , managing the cash till assigning and closing. Management of inventory including the stock take, maintenance and ordering. Basic workings in the accounting software Xero including reconciliation of bank statements, processing payrolls of employee etc.

Operations management is area or department of organisation concerned with designing and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations  in the production of good and services. During my internship, Sometimes training managers have provided task, to coordinate with different teams and provided them support in their work. Pizza Hut contains more than 50 employees in different department of one single outlet and there I was having the task to monitor and observe the task which are to be performed by employees in operations department (Geer, Anast-May and Gurley, 2014). I have also received various responsibilities to work with the professionals and provide support in manufacturing of products which they serve to customers. While working in outlets, I have realized that management has created an environment of open communication with employees so that they work effective and provide their quality of services to customers. While performing the task, there was requirement to communicate with employees to learn how the task needs to be done.  During the internship, I had also achieved experience of making weekly deposits of cash sales, overall store management etc.

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