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Research Methods Hospitality & Tourism Management Sample

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Research Plan For Hospitality

The topic selected for this research project is “to study the factors due to which, the use of merger and acquisitions (M&A) is increasing within Airlines Industry: in the context of Delta and Northwest Airlines”. It concentrates on studying the factors due to which, M&A within Airline Industry is increasing continuously.

With increasing competition, it has become difficult for most of the airlines firms to maintain their position in the industry and in this concern; companies are moving towards this business strategy (M&A). Here, this topic is selected with an aim to analyze the key factors responsible for increased use of M&A so that an overall understanding among others airlines firms could also be developed.

Objectives of Research Project

The main aim of the selected research project is to analyze the factors responsible for increasing M&A within Airlines Industry: in the context of Air France and KLM. For attaining this aim, subsequent objectives would be followed:

  • To study the factors due to which use of M&A is increasing within Airlines Industry: in regard to the case of Air France and KLM.
  • Identify the strategies facilitating the use of M&A in airline industry.
  • To analyze the association between M&A and the company performance: in regard to the case of Air France and KLM.

Range of Research Tools

The success of a research significantly relies on research methods as well as selection of appropriate research tools. There are different research tools that could be used for a research project like questionnaires, interviews, sampling, observation, records and documents, critical incident reports, diaries, probability assessment, citations and references etc.

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Without selecting effective research methods, it is not possible for a researcher to accomplish a project successfully. Selection of appropriate research tools directs a researcher towards effective findings and results (Bergh and Ketchen, 2009). In regard to this research project, the key research tools that could be used are questionnaire, focus group interview, sampling, critical incident reports, diaries, records and documents, citations and references.

Implication of all these methods assist researcher in accumulating both the primary as well as secondary data. Some of the researchers make use of only primary or secondary data, whereas some make use of both methods to improve research credibility (Creswell, 2003). 

Evaluation of Different Information Sources

For the completion of this researcher project is linked with the use of both primary as well as secondary data sources. The association of primary and secondary sources has facilitated the researcher to gather adequate and applicable information, which has allowed the researcher to evaluate as per the objectives of the study and accomplishment of the aims.

Literature review method is very beneficial for the researcher to explain the application of the research issue and gain detail knowledge about the issue and its significance and how it can be resolved. Under this method, researcher has analyzed wide range of academic journal, web articles, published sources, etc. (Walsh and Wigens, 2003; Goddard and Melville, 2004).

Evaluation of the Range of Research Methods used

There is a wide range of research methods that can be used to gather information and data related to the research issue. By evaluating this range of methods, it would be easy to understand that researcher has used, which method and why. Assessment of all these methods, justifies the choice of using particular methods and overlooking other one.

Deductive Vs Inductive

This is the first step in research, methodology process to succeed. If the researcher would not use adequate approach, his all effort will be vanished. Deductive and inductive, as per their names, are two different and entirely opposite approaches. Deductive approach is used when, research issue has linked with two factors only and based on real or universal truth (Goddard and Melville, 2004; Lindlof and Taylor, 2010).

On the other hand, inductive approach is used when the issue is based on senses and different perceptions of the individuals. Although this approach is also used for real issues, but in these kinds of issue, individuals have different thought to react. In addition, deductive researcher approach is associated with the hypothesis development, whereas inductive is not (Stoecker, 2005).


Survey can be defined as a research method that is useful to collect primary data in the form of responses of individuals. This method is mainly use to collect quantitative data, which ensure the high extent credibility of the work. According to this method, researcher selects a sample size of the population and targets them to get their reviews about particular problem. This can be done through sampling and questionnaire (Punch and Punch, 2005).


With the help of above discussion, it is concluded that for undertaking a research related to behavioural science or social analysis, it is vital to take the study with the help of all essential research tools and techniques. Without developing a thorough understanding of different research tools and techniques, it is not possible to use it in regard to completing a research in an effective manner.

The success of this research project undertaken is all due to researcher’s ability to understand different research approaches, methods, tools, and techniques as well as their application in real world research problem.


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