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Reflective On Placement Journey

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Introduction to Reflective On Placement Journey

Mc Donald is one of the largest chains of hamburger fast food restaurants with serving several countries with around 68 million customers all around the world (Mc. Donald, 2014). I have been placed here on the designation of Assistant Supervisor in this restaurant. Being on this position, my major role is to prepare an employee’s schedule in order to maintain his attendance on the instructions of general manager. Along with that, opening and closing of this fast food café is also one of my responsibilities. In addition to have the control over inventory also comes under my roles and duties in which if there is shortage of food items, I need to inform vendors and distributors. In the present report, I will be discussing about my positive and negative experiences that I had by working in Mc Donald.


Positive experiences

With working on the position of assistant supervisor in Mc Donald, I was required to report my manager about all the status of working. Many a times, I was needed to interact with him about the issues that are taking place in the organization. It has played a crucial role in developing my communication skills which were earlier not that good. At the time when I was placed, I felt some difficulty in explaining things that were happening within organization regarding operations and employees. But later roles and responsibilities of this job provided support to a large extent in increasing communication skills of mine as many a times I was required to interact with guests. Along with that, for interacting with my seniors for the purpose of discussing present issues and solutions, it was required to have healthy relations with them. I learnt a very important skill in Mc Donald that is to create and maintain strong relations with superiors as well as subordinates.

Working on designation of assistant supervisor has taught me the necessity and advantages of building good relations with others in an organization. As it cannot be neglected that if my relations were not good with other employees in firm whether they are superior or subordinate, it could bring my job in danger. I learnt quality of relationship that was required to manage with my boss for getting success in future career in Mc Donald only. In addition, I have also learnt the art of reading mood and reaction of my seniors which helped me in more effective manner to communicate with them. In this organization, one of my biggest strength and positive experience that I got was of teamwork and coordination. Earlier I was bad in coordinating things and could not manage my work if I need to work in a team. However, after joining this firm, this skill of mine has increased to a large extent.

Negative experiences

Along with so many positive aspects of being on job of assistant supervisor, there were some negative experiences too that I got in Mc Donald. The major problem that I have experienced was that of inadequate training that I was provided with. As for the first time, I got a chance to work as an assistant supervisor, I was not known with the terms and conditions of my job. In fact, every role and responsibility that I had to perform was also not clear to me. Because of this, I got a very negative experience as to me, the exact way of doing things were not clear. Other difficulty that I have faced in Mc Donald was of wide ranged policies and procedures.

In accordance with my position, list of functions were assigned to me in whom there were many activities that I need to perform. As I was new in the firm and was appointed as an assistant supervisor for the first time, hence, it was not possible for me to accomplish all the tasks. However, after sometime, I managed my work with the passing time with the support of my manager.

A very negative experience that I got initially when I started my job in Mc Donald was regarding feeling of loneliness. It is because whenever any new policy was formulated in the firm, it was my responsibility to explain and demonstrate it to all other employees. In case if someone goes against of it, I was the only one who had to bare his frustration. Similarly, if they get any reward because of my feedback for their performance, then credit went to higher management. So, in any condition, I remain alone as I had no one with whom I could share my feelings. Sometimes, it made me stressed out also which directly hampered my work in Mc Donald. In addition, there was one more thing which provided me a negative experience and that was related to lack of support from top management. Being a fresher in this fast food chain of restaurant, I had different doubts and confusion but mostly no one helped me out in those cases. It made me a less confident person, but then too I managed it by keeping patience.

Being an assistant supervisor things which I could do better

There are many ways through which I could do better with the situation, for the issues that I was facing in Mc Donald. For this purpose, the most common and effective thing which I could do was to communicate with my seniors for the issues because of which I got uncomfortable. Being a supervisor of the organization, I was having an authority to share my problems with managers. Along with that, by asking for more sessions of training and by disclosing doubts that I was having to the management, my confusion would get clear. In addition, there were many other ways too by which I could reduce my stress like by keeping myself busy in some tasks. To concentrate on other issues which are important to be in organization was better by ignoring those matters which were not that important to consider. In addition, many small issues which create negativity in attitude can be ignored by giving equal significance to each matter. By working in the firm I have learnt that to keep emotions and feelings aside in profession is good for getting success in a long run.

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One management issue of the workplace

In Mc Donald, there are some issues that this organization is facing but the major one is lack of communication in between top management and employees. In this organization, it has proved to be the most important issue as because of this issue people of restaurant are dissatisfied in spite of having so many opportunities as well as facilities in the firm. As it is a fast food hub in which customers usually come to eat and have fun with family, friends or relatives, the footfall increases at the time of occasions or festivals (Amos and, 2009). But due to the fact that top management generally does not allow any employee to directly interact with them, they are unable to share their problems and become stressed out. Mc Donald is having a very high number of staff in it to deal with customers and to serve them with superior quality services (Gary, 2011). With increase in number of people, range of problems also increases in this organization. As this chain of fast food restaurant is operating its business in various parts of the world, top management keep on indulging with the operations that are taking place at global level. This is the reason; they generally do not have the time to deal with their employees. It ultimately leads to increase in turnover ratio of people that is having an adverse impact on its functioning (Frimousse and, 2012).

Support of management theory to the problem

There are several theories of management by which the issue that Mc Donald is facing in its organization can be solved. But with the help of one very popular approach that is Human Relation Theory, problem of ineffective communication between top managers and employees can be solved. According to this approach, in an organization, it is the responsibility of leaders and managers to keep their employees motivated as well as encouraged by making them feel recognized. As per the terms of this theory, management of the firm is liable to keep their working people satisfied with their job so that they can stay in it for a long period of time (Laltham, 2014). It involves proper and effective communication of higher managers with employees so that their issues can be known and sorted out. If Human Relation Theory will be used by the management of Mc Donald, then people who are working there would get an opportunity to speak about their issues and managers will listen to their problems in order to find solutions for that (Sims, 2007). It will help this restaurant in retaining employees in a long run by understanding their social needs and fulfilling them as per the requirement. Human Relation Theory of management will also make top managers understand the necessity of keeping employees happy and satisfied with the way of proper communication and through providing them chance to speak. Healthy discussions with them will lead organization with more efficiency in their work by which they would serve customers with superior quality services (Gibb, 2001).

Impact on organization if theory was implemented

If management theory of Human Relation was implemented in Mc Donald, there could be an effective communication process in between top managers and employees which could disclose various issues which people are facing. With the help of this theory, different information of which top management of the restaurant was unaware of could be gained through employees. Using proper manner of communicating with people, the goal, objective, mission and vision of Mc Donald could also be explained to everyone (Chadzingwa, 2010). However, this may lead to process that consumes more time and efforts that could be invested on other projects. This approach also involves adequate training and development of employees which helped in providing them more opportunities in their career. Along with that various coaching and induction programs are also included in it for developing skills, confidence and self reliance in them. Instead of the fact that it is very much beneficial for the firm, one negative aspect is there that it involves huge cost for providing training to the employees (Kotey and Sheridan, 2004).

With enhancement in their proficiencies, ability of people who are working in this organization could also be increased in case Human Relation Theory was implemented in Mc Donald. Major issue in this restaurant was of ineffective communication which could be improved by this approach with the way of carrying out one to one meetings. In addition, it also allows taking employee reviews to assess their performance and providing rewards to them as per the level of what they have performed (González, 2004). Along with that, if Mc Donald has adopted Human Relation Theory in its organization, it could also support in generating team spirit among employees for achieving personal and team objectives. On the contrary, this approach could prove to be dangerous in situation where some employees would get rewards and other do not as those whom rewards were not allotted, could feel partiality with them. Because of this, there may be chances of people to show negative attitude that could create an unhealthy environment in firm. That is the reason, it might have an adverse impact on the services that they are required to provide to the ultimate customers (Amos and, 2009).

Strengths and weaknesses of the theory

The Human Relation Theory of management has number of strength and weaknesses with it if applied in Mc Donald. This approach is having major strength in terms of maintaining strong relationship of employees with their seniors as well as subordinates. With the help this theory, strong bonding in between people of the organization increases. It helps in making employees respect each other with having sense of concern for them. Also, it supports people in understanding others in case if there is diversity among them with the help of training, induction, coaching and development programs (Gary, 2011). On the contrary, there is one negative aspect too that Human Relation Theory is having with it if applied in Mc Donald. As it involves assessment of employee performance, rewards are being provided to the people who performed well. It sometimes creates feeling of partiality in those who do not get any incentive or reward which leads them to become dissatisfied with their job. Through this, a direct impact on productivity of employees comes in by which their services gets affected (Frimousse and, 2012).


From the above report, it can be concluded that Mc Donald is a profit making organization but it is facing some issues. Among various different problems, the major one that is affecting the productivity of employees and making them dissatisfied with their job is ineffective communication. In order to solve the issue, this fast food chain of restaurant is taking various initiatives for making interaction among superiors and subordinates effective so that their problems can be solved. This present report concludes that the Human Relation Theory of management would prove to be very effective for solving the issue of communication in Mc Donald.


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