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In this documentation, this study defines about to how stakeholders can give advantages from planning of tourism sustainable development planning in the country in sufficient form. Moreover, this assignment also describe about several kinds of issue is being arising in the ways of sustainable development in tourism industry in the UK in relevant form. Beside from it, this investigation also refer to significance of interactive planning system and process in tourism developments in appropriate ways. Furthermore, this assignment also defines about to current issues associated with tourism development in Nepal and Hungry Both country and provision of appropriate recommendations for the future development of tourism in both countries in sufficient manner.


Task 1

P 1.1 The way stakeholders can benefit from planning of tourism developments with reference to a current case study

Stakeholders for the tourism development in UK and employees and investors in tourism suppliers, supporting authorities, customers and local community of UK effectively. There are stakeholders are major role player in order to proper development of tourism in the country in more relevant form.

Economic development: The development of tourism sector in the country also making contribution in economic development of the country effectively (Choi and Murray, 2010). There are numbers of opportunities has been arising in the country in effective form in order to raising employment in the country and also making increment in proper development in some of their areas in relevant form. The UK is getting economic development by generating high amount of revenue from the industry and also assist the rest of world as well.

Resource: Tourism development process also assist the country to provision of appropriate resources and assets to achieve marketing goals and supporting of tourism services in the country effectively. In case of sustain in the tourism industry, Trailfinders organisation need to formulate proper planning for better interpretation of services to their visitors in the country effectively (Schegg and Stangl, 2017). In case of Angkor destination, there are numbers of tourists has been increasing in the country and they have proper resources to provision of effective services within the country effectively. This defines that, with the assistance of this, the organisational professional can make proper development planning of tourism industry efficiently.

P 2.2 Discuss the advantage and disadvantages of public/private sector tourism planning partnerships drawing on a current page

The UK is one of the beautiful country in the world in case of world the best heritage site and effective culture values in the world properly (Graci, 2013). These factors assist the country to proper development of tourism industry in the nation in sufficient form. The public and private companies partnerships can enhance the effectiveness of better collaboration of the works in the company in relevant form. There are some following advantage and disadvantages which is as below:

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