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Sustainable tourism development focuses on carrying out travel activities by ensuring protection of tourism sites. It will support in ensuring that future generations will enjoy the travel experience. Present report describes about benefits to stakeholders by tourism development activities (Becker, 2016). In addition to this advantages and disadvantages of public and private sector tourism sector planning partnership has been explained in the report. Moreover methods of resolving conflicts of interest for ensuring well-being of future to develop sustainable tourism development has been explained in the report.

Task 1

1.1 Planning of Tourism Development Benefits for Stakeholders:-

Sustainable tourism development remains development criteria for tourism at large scale. To understand sustainable tourism development it is necessary to understand key stakeholders in this process. Stakeholder refers as a person, group or any entity possesses interest in organisation like; creditors, directors, government and its agencies, shareholders, unions or community through which business draws it stock (Brandon-Jones, Lewis and Walsman, 2016). This study focuses on significance of our tourism industry names “Philippines tourism industry” which provides facilities to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as benefits for her visits. I am team member of Philippines Tourism Development team presenting report on development benefits provided by our tourism industry to president Arroya, can expresses as:-

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