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Social Work

  • Sustainable Supply and Procurement

    Introduction In the modern era, every company is required to take care of the environment and society under which it operates. It has been found that, businesses have negative impact on environment which needs to be lowered down. The noise and pollution which is created by companies is a big...ReadMore

    12 Pages 3062 Words 2351 Downloads
    Tag : AustraliaUSA
  • How Poverty Perpetuates Social Exclusion

    Introduction to Poverty Perpetuates Social Exclusion There are several negative effects of poverty identified in the form mental imbalance, social inequalities. Social exclusion can be considered as one of the important outcome poverty. Poverty is an universal concept that can be termed as...ReadMore

    11 Pages 2783 Words 19902 Downloads
  • Social Perceptions

    Introduction to Social Perceptions Social perception can be defined as views and attitude of people towards the particular area, individual and society. The pattern of thinking can affect a person's perception of others. The social contexts, in which an individual meet someone, can play a large...ReadMore

    13 Pages 3312 Words 24472 Downloads
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