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Proposed Title Of Research Proposal

The proposed title of given research proposal is what is the effect of successfully implementing Customer Experience Management (CEM) on product innovation. In this respect, the study has been carried out on how success premium product offerings of Apple have taken over cheaper options offered by competitors.

Introduction To Research Proposal

Customer experience is all about getting an overview about the practice of crafting as well as reacting towards buyer reactions so as to meet or even exceed their expectation level. This is required to increase overall satisfaction of consumers, gaining of loyalty as well as advocacy (Carpenter, 2010).

The notion of product innovation is also about creating as well as subsequently introducing goods or service offering that is either new or considered an improved version of previous product range (Andrews and Kim, 2007). A broad definition of product innovation basically encompasses various processes like new product development, bringing changes in designing of established products, usage of new materials to carry out making of established products etc.

It is very essential to have a brief understanding about what is the relation of CEM and overall concept of product innovation. It is only on behalf of undertaking valuable suggestions from the clients via a process of customer experience management that there can be an improvement in overall product innovations undertaken by firm.

Research Aims & Objectives

The present research proposal is based on the aim of finding out what is the effect of successfully implementing CEM over the product innovations carried out by Apple. In this respect, the objective of current research study has been designed;

  • To understand importance of CEM on Product innovations.
  • To understand the factors affecting Product innovation.
  • To recommend strategies so as to attain a successful implementation of CEM over the product innovations.

Preperation Of Research Questions

After proper formulation of given research aims and objectives, there has been a preparation of research questions which have been mentioned below;

  1. What is the importance of CEM on Product innovations?
  2. What strategies can be recommended for successfully implementing CEM over the Product innovations?

Research Problem Statement

It is a known fact that CEM has got far reaching impacts on the overall success of organization. These are required to be taken into consideration for helping the firm in getting a full-fledged success in the operations undertaken by it. The very area of successful innovation is dependent on how a company is able to utilize the suggestions given by its consumers in a best possible manner. The company has been making products and services and also the subsequent innovations to satisfy increased needs and wants of consumers (Andrews and Kim, 2007).

The Literature Review

Company Background

Apple Inc is a multinational corporation which has got its headquarters in California. It basically belongs to consumer electronics industry. This industry has been manufacturing electronic equipments related to entertainment and communications.

Consumer Experience Management In Context Of Apple Inc.

Customer experience can be regarded as a sum total of all the interactions that a consumer has with a brands during course of overall lifecycle. It can be regarded as a critical differentiator in the world which is very competitive and hyper connected as per global market scenario (Moorman, 2012).

Importance Of Consumer Experience Management

Present times can be regarded as an era where clients have a complete access to wide variety of information. Hence, there is a huge requirement to manage the overall Customer Experience (Carpenter, 2010). It is only after utilizing this tact, there can be provision of an increased competitive advantage.

Product Innovation And Apple Inc

Product Innovation has been regarded as a crucial part of any business so as to help in setting the company apart from the existing competitors. It is the ability to create a new product and service offering that can be regarded as the most valuable asset and can be utilized by a company (Andrews and Kim, 2007).

CEM On Product Innovations

The inputs given by consumers can be regarded as very valuable component to bring about breakthrough innovations in the processes. It is via a fully fledged integration of consumer experiences, there can be intake of innovations. The learning’s gained via CEM can help a company to bring in breakthrough innovations without being worried about failures (Arif and, 2011).

Research Strategies Or Methodologies

This section of the report assists the researcher in giving an overview about the processes that can be utilized so as to generate desired outcomes needed for the study. Hence, there has been a usage of wide kind of research tools and techniques so as to analyze the issue and provide for valuable suggestions (Peck and et. al., 2011).

The research processes and strategies that have been used for finding out the effect of successfully implementing CEM on Product innovation are as follows.

  • Research Design :There has been a use of descriptive research design whose aim happens to be finding out the impact of CEM over the Product innovations carried out by Apple.
  • Research Approach :The given study has made use of inductive approach. This is a must for present topic as this method is more open ended as well provide for good means to explore the topic on product innovation and CEM of Apple Inc (Taylor and et. al, 2006).
  • Research Philosophy :There is a presence of varied kinds of research philosophies that can be applied to any research study. In present scenario, there has been a usage of positivism philosophy of research so as to analyze data by qualitative means (Creswell, 2013).
  • Research type :In any research study, there is usage of two types of methods. These are Qualitative and quantitative in nature.



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