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Operation plan is the planning of making strategic goals for organisations, it describes the milestone, strategies, objectives and goals of the organisations. It includes all related functions and activities through which company achieve their target goals. Present report is based on the topic operation plan and for that, Samsung will be taken into action. It will also explain about the company operation plans and business mapping process. Moreover, another main object of the organisation is to make the effective planning process. Besides this, it will also explain about mapping of the organisations. Furthermore, it will also look upon principles and quantitative methodologies to assist decision making in operations process planning, scheduling and inventory management.

Key components of operation management functions in different organisations and their relationship to decision making and value chain.

Key components of operation management functions

Designing: It is the first component of the operation management functions which makes effective work process. Designing is very essential for the company to make the product sketch for presenting in the market. Organisation focuses on the different process to make the perfect sketch for a product to be sold (Aluisio and, 2017). It helps to maintain the facilities and customer satisfaction approach which makes effective process of working. It will also make good impression on the behaviour of company outputs. In designing, information system is very important to improve the performance through monitor controlling. Effective managerial task and effective working of the organisation. For making phones or laptops or other models of technology it is very necessary for the Samsung to make proper designing of the overall plan to be achieved in effective manner.

Planning: planning is the effective process of working which makes clear vision for the company. In this process company gives impacting process of working. Moreover, another main objective of the organisation is to make the impact decision making for operation management. Moreover, another main organisation plan is to take care of effective planning. It also makes good impact on the organisation. Planning is the necessary function of operation which helps to cope the changes in the environment (Chen and, 2017). For example Samsung organisation adopts research project on the basis of current changes in the environment.

Managing: it is another function of successful operations. They manage their operation functions by employee and manage the following task or working effectiveness. It is the challenging task to manage the functions of operations for making better performance. They adopt leadership management styles to cope up with the employees. It also gives managing task and organisational stress. Without proper managing of work. It gives negative impact on the behaviour of overall objectives. Roles and responsibilities of the managing task is very important to hold the managing task properly.

Coordinating: it is the major function of the operation management which has to be overcome from the management which helps to improve effective management task. Coordination is the effective process of working (Fox and, 2018). Effective process of working moreover, without the coordination process operation plan would be taken by the planning process. Moreover, another objective of the organisation is to make the proper planning. Besides, have to manage the impacting behaviour.

Overall impact on the organisation is that to promote the organisation behaviour and different managing task. These functional elements also helps to make decision making and value chain planning.

Description: operation functions helps to manage the organisation functions, it helps to make the effective description making process is always happens in the form productive process (Kawamura and, 2015). Operation components helps to make productive decision making process which helps to planned, and set decisions. Overall components or functions of operation controlled plan over the preventive measure.

Plan: it is the process in which operation make the planning of task or of management. Planning is the most important term which require operation functions. In planning process Samsung and each and every organisation. Needs to beproductive, Samsung is the most productive and advanced technology company which makes plans on the basis of current trends and needs of the customers.

Layout design: it also helps to make perfect layout design for the company productivity. It also gives another effective results on the other side, layout design is another effective process what makes sense in the organisation. Before, making any phone planning they make layout design and its fracture to ensure weather it is perfect for the customer not.

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