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Part A


There are many issues that a person faces in their life which affects sustainability of human beings. At my workplace there are many task that can be attained by be but as per my skills I was not able in attaining then it was a question mark on my sustainability as employee of an organisation then various improvements are there that I made in me like enactment of analytical skills that made me able in understanding complex situation so that I because capable in comprehending complex situations and in dealing with them. Other problem that was faced by me were I was very scared in handling new technologies and in KEDCO technologies employee have to aware about all aspects that are related with technologies so in order to enhance all skills for adopting technological environment it is required from me that I should work upon skill enhancement (Rohrbeck, Konnertz and Knab, 2013). I faced sustainability challenges in my life when I was learning driving and then I learnt how to survive in critical situations. In this context, it is clear that sustainability should be good and to maintain this skills should be learn and also bring updates in that. This type of behaviour is able in enhancing qualities of a person.

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Part B

S2 What is KEDCO PLC’s approach in profit Making?

KEDCO PLC is a bioscience energy company that is operating its business operations in UK and Ireland. Full form of KEDCO is Kano Electricity Distribution Com. This firm was established in 2005 in order to provide solution of biometric wastage. Main services that are providing by this firm is power distribution among house holds and business.

Most commonly thing that applicable in each and every business that is business model and Definition of this term is how an association is doing there businesses are making their profit because generation of benefits could not be achieved without sustainability. There is model that is applicable in KEDCO PLC and described as beneath:

Business Model Innovation for Sustainability

This approach defines that business model is a concept that tells how a firm does business in corporation and how a venture is creating, delivering and capturing value. Main motto of KEDCO is to save environment by producing bioscience products. To sustain in marketplace association is using this model in order to provide information to society that what are they doing and how their business model is efficient in comparison of other industries (Dossa and Kaeufer, 2014). For doing this type of popularising activity, company is taking advantage of positive innovation which is a process of making business activities eco-friendly so that climate could not get hamper. In the search for greater adaptive capacity and sustainable ways of doing business, novelty, creativity and positive innovation are bound to play a crucial role. Sustainability innovation is defined as novelty not only in technology but also in business operations, processes, practices and business models. Researcher have their own view regarding sustainability innovation which is divided into three parts named as one is organizational, inter-organizational and last is societal levels. There are some challenges that are facing and fought by KEDCO which are explained as beneath:

  • Triple Bottom Line: Creation of profit along with taking care of environmental benefits and balance between both are a challenge to association.
  • Mind Set: A business should convey all its missions and visions so that workers should work in that context in which they take care environment and always should know how things get to be done.
  • Technology Innovation: Emerging of integrating technology along with clean techniques with business model is a complicated task.

S3 Literature for sustainability to pursue its offerings

According to  (Smith and Raven, 2012) There is no alternative that could replace sustainable development in order to maintain offerings of company. KEDCO is a firm which is operating its business operations in green technologies products and are also running activities which are associated with corporate social responsibilities. This is a fact that makes brand image of firm and able in managing customer retention for longer period of time.

As stated by  (Mieg and Töpfer, 2013) There are many executives whom are capability to handle and retaliater on change that are occurring in business environment. In context to green technology products, KEDCO is quite efficient and effectively making profit by selling its products and services. Main reason behind higher amount of sale is continuous innovation and improvisation in technologies that are able in meeting all demands of society and environment along with having ability of maintaining balance between profit making and taking care of environment.

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