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This report focuses upon studying and reviewing some basic approaches of the effective reflective learning approach, this will help the people in learning new skills and abilities through the experiences and practical measures. This will help me to identify the weak and the strong areas of the organization in the most effective manner. Identifying weak areas will help me to recommend a suitable solution for the issues that are being faced by the organization. This assignment will also lay emphasis upon the Reflective model of the Gibbs, which provides the main measures through which one can learn PPDI module and can make the proper and professional development into their carriers in a very effective manner. While on the other hand this assignment also provides various kinds of the information about the one-week event in which knowledge and experiences can be assessed by me and other people as per the PPDI module and various kinds of activities in the organization. This assignment lay emphasis upon the several kinds of career development plans and policies which can be used to set goals and objectives which are essential to acquire the professionalism in me.

Task 1

P.1. Why learning through reflection is important and what values could bring to travelling professional development

Learning through reflection: Learning through reflection is the most necessary thing for each individual person in their life in order to learn several important things in the business in a relevant manner. Each learning needs to adopt these techniques to learn effectively in their life in order to sustain in life in more sufficient form (Zoughi, 2012). Each person mostly learns from its experience and post-learning skills so, it reflects from their own experience in a proper manner. Reflection from inside experience encourages each individual person in order to learn several innovative and reliable thing in an effective manner.

Some reflection is best done alone. Learning reflection can be enhanced effectively with the carried out learning process from others in our life in an effective manner. We need to make utilisation of this method in order to gain more experience from our knowledge and get better success in the out life effectively. Hence, as a travelling agent in the UK based travelling company which is Tripit. I have learnt several new things in about to travelling agent works and job responsibilities within the organisation effectively. While working in Tripit travelling organisation, I have noticed various roles of the travelling agent with respect to furnishing effective travelling services in the industry ineffective form. There are several kinds of services furnishing by Tripit organisation in the travelling industry in the UK efficiently.

There are some of the essential values which must be added with respect to proper evolution in tour and travelling field:

  • As a travelling agent I am required to formulate appropriate planning concerning to my selected careers in the company and learn several new things and approaches regarding to travelling agent in Tripit organisation, to learn from my experience in the company effectively (Whitney and Clayton, 2011).
  • I need to establish proper vision and mission towards travelling sector effectively and making the major focus on getting achieved them within a predetermined time period properly.
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