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  • Infections Control

    Introduction to Infections Control Infection control is related to the policies and procedures that are used by the health care centre in order to minimize the risk of spreading diseases. These infections are generated due to bacteria and viruses. Some, diseases are also spread from human to...ReadMore

    6 Pages 1432 Words 7378 Downloads
  • Discharge Checklist and Patient Information

    Title "To achieve practice development through implementation of Discharge checklist and patient information about care of vacuum assisted dressing”. Objectives: To understand the use of vacuum assisted dressing To identify the issues and challenges in practice concerning vacuum...ReadMore

    35 Pages 8719 Words 9333 Downloads
  • Patient Care Services in Medical Department

    Introduction The Medical Imaging Department combines technologically advanced imaging services with delivery of high quality patient care in a professional environment. The department aims to provide patients best services as per their requirements. According to generalised view, the Medical...ReadMore

    13 Pages 3219 Words 7599 Downloads
  • Identifying the best practice in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcer

    Intoduction to Pressure ulcers Pressure ulcers also named as decubitus ulcers or bedsores are basically regarded as localized injuries that affect the skin and underlying tissue over a bony prominence due to pressure with a combination of shear and friction. They are mostly found in sacrum, heel,...ReadMore

    13 Pages 3258 Words 11135 Downloads
  • Infection Control

    INTRODUCTION TO INFECTION CONTROL Considering disposal of sharps, it is a good practice that sharps should be disposed off as a single unit. In case if it becomes necessary to remove the needle or blade, it should be done with a safety device (Sharps Policy: Safe Handling and Disposal of Sharps,...ReadMore

    15 Pages 3792 Words 18700 Downloads
  • Sample for Pre Ct Preparation Clinic

    Introduction to CT Scanning This business case focuses on computed tomography on a hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Computed tomography or CT scanning is an X-ray system with the help of detailed cross sectional images of various areas of the body can be obtained. Before the test is...ReadMore

    10 Pages 2607 Words 32266 Downloads
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