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When marketing activities takes place by taking help of internet and electronic gadgets than it is called as electronic marketing or E-marketing. Tesla is a major car company that is operating its business operations in United Kingdom. This assignment is based upon Tesla’s online strategies to showcase understanding of use of social networking promotion as well as relevance of marketing.

Task 1

How Social Networks can be effectively used to boost company’s marketing potential by effectively targeting relevant clients

There are some points that illustrates usefulness of social media in context of digital marketing functions. These elements are stated as beneath:

Increased Brand Awareness:- Social media is considered as most cost efficient marketing tool. By executing a prominent social media strategy Tesla company can increase their brand awareness because more than one trillion people all over the world are using social networking sites and if company places its advertisement on social media then it would be able in fascinating more number of person as buyers of Tesla corporation’s cars.
More Inbound Traffic:- When company promotes their brand on social networking sites then it will be able in becoming eye candy in marketplace but to avail this effectiveness Tesla must formulate appropriate strategies for using this tool as their marketing method because without strategy it will create inbound traffic.

Improved Search Engine Ranking:- To improvisation of search engine ranking company can use search engine optimisation tool because posting on social media might get site traffic. To get continue positive results then company need to revolutionise their site traffic so that more number of people could search and surf the Tesla’s site.

Higher Conversion Rates:- By taking help of social media sites company can grab more market opportunities as use of social media increases global presence of company and association can avail those markets which are showing higher interest in Tesla’s cars.

Engagement:- Social media uses lesser time to get use and this is a time effective tool and marketing department can use this simultaneously even when, managers are doing other work as it consumes lesser time duration in being use.

Reduce Marketing Efforts:- When Tesla uses this then they can use this without putting extra financial resources and can get higher attention of larger pool of internet users who have potential to purchase these cars that are producing by Tesla.

Increment in Exposure:- Today’s world is technological world and most of the people are techno-friendly. Social media websites are kid of platform that provides facilities of get in touch with those persons who are living far away and by taking aid of this tool company can get more exposure not only in domestic country but in international nations also.

Development of Loyal Customers:- This tools is helpful in increasing loyal customers can by accepting social media as prominent marketing tool association can increase their customer level and simultaneously other marketing tools like advertisement on TV, website can be used by association. This type of marketing tool is quite easy in use and anyone can use them with minimal efforts.

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