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Sales Development Methods

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How to Increase Number of Sales ?

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Introduction to Sales Development

Sales development is a business process which aims at maximizing the sales of company. Sales plays an important part in the functioning of organization as it helps in generating revenue and ensures future sustainability of entity (Porter, 2014). Therefore, it can be stated that sales is the heart of growth and prosperity of company. In this report, various aspects of sales development will be studied in the context of Toyota Company. It is a leading automobile company of Japan which is recognized for manufacturing more than 10 million vehicles every year. It offers various products like luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, automobile engines etc.  In this report, learning will be shown regarding the key components of the product as well as how the product mix contributes to sales and profit. Further, factors affecting buyer behavior will be discussed in this report by assignment writing experts. Thereafter, personal selling techniques will be evaluated.


1.1 Key components of product as well as how the product mix contributes to sales and profitability

Product refers to as an item, thought, procedure, information, commodity or service that can be offered to a market for satisfying the needs or wants of customers.  Toyota offers a wide range of luxury, commercial and domestic use vehicles for large number of customers. Company is first one to launch the Hybrid car concept with an aim of initiating the Eco-friendly automobiles in the society. Total product offered by company consists of three elements such as  core, actual and augmented product. Core product refers to the portion of total product that  customer is buying in reality (Tsai and, 2013). Actual product refers to brand name, packaging, attributes, label, content and quality. Thereafter, augmented product refers to extra services offered to customers who has purchased the offerings. Thereafter, components of product can be as follows:

Branding: It is a portion of product mix that transmits attributes, image, core values and advantages of product. Tesco is a well-known brand that is symbolized for its unique design and  family focused vehicles that are reliable, safe and economic friendly. The consumer report of 2014 states it as a top liked brand while, in 2015, it won the prestige of being most valued brand among customers (Toyota Most Valued Brand, 2015).

Packaging: It refers to the part of product that helps in marketing, easy transportation and identification of a product. Toyota uses informing packaging design which communicates the users how to reduce the harmful impact on environment by using hybrid cars, features of it etc (Anand, 2016). Thereafter, deign of automobiles are improved constantly in order to minimize the concern on environment by amending design and shipping systems.

Quality: It is an important feature inbuilt in the product that helps in satisfying the needs and expectations of customers (Attia and Honeycutt Jr, 2012). In order to maintain its brand image, Toyota ensures that its automobiles have premium quality with minimal breakdown rates. Management of the company focuses on quality assurance as well as each and every vehicle undergoes through quality check before offering.

Variety: There is a wide range of product variety offered by company for its diversified range of customers. It offers luxury cars like Corolla and  Yaris for its high class customers.  Further, Toyota has introduced powerful commercial vehicles like, Hilux, Proace etc (Toyota Products, 2015).

Warranty: It refers to the assurance provided by company to its customers that it will repair or replace the product if required within a particular time frame. Toyota is assured about its quality, therefore it provides 5 year warranty against mechanical default by ensuring repair and replacement.  It provides 12 year warranty against corrosion from rust.

Design: It refers to the structure of product or system that plays an important role in attracting customers. Toyota makes constant modifications in its design through using its technically equipped engineering processes.

Services:  In addition to product, company offers effective after sales services for its product. It also provides guidance about how to operate various systems, insurance etc. that can be taken by customer for its vehicles (Lapide, 2007).

Furthermore, product mix refers to range of products offered by company for sales. By making viable change in product mix, company can ensure increase in sales and profits.  Company offers diversified range of products based on the needs and preferences of customers. By increasing the number of products in product line such as family vehicles, company can attract more customers and induce them to make purchase. This will further help in increasing profit as well as sales of company (Anand, 2016).

1.3 Role of market segmentation in maximizing the sales

Market segmentation refers to division of total market in small parts as per the preference, demand, interest and priorities of customers. It further involves planning and implementing strategies to influence them. Company can target customers based on factors like geographic, demographic, behavioral and psychographic. With the help of market segmentation, company determines to whom they want to offer their products and services. This further helps in determining the prices of offerings, modes of advertising and distribution in order to enhance sales and revenue (Wedel and Kamakura, 2012). Therefore, segmentation helps organization in taking strategic decision which influences its long term success and sustainability. In order to maximize its sales and profit, Toyota can consider following segmentation levels:

Structural segmentation: With this aspect, company can make feasible business investment decisions. Organization can identify fruitful business opportunities and therefore, make profit generating investments. It further helps in allocating resources on various business functions (Rizwan and, 2013).

Need based segmentation: It helps business in identifying the emerging needs of customers which can be considered by company for building new products and services. For instance, with the growing environment concern among customers, Toyota has decided to launch environment friendly vehicles (Tasiyana Kahuni and Rowley., 2013). Further, this has provided first mover advantage to the company in terms of enhanced goodwill, revenue and sales.

Sales effectiveness segmentation: With this aspect, company concentrates its resources on customers that are more probable to purchase its offerings.


2.1 A discussion about the factors affecting buyer behavior

Buyer behavior refers to the organized procedure followed by customer while starting the  purchase procedure and taking a purchase decision. It further refers to perception of consumer regarding the image of company, its quality and attributes that stimulate hi/her to make buying decision (Solomon, 2014). The positive buyer behavior with respect to brand will help Toyota in increasing its sales and profits. For instance, brand loyalty in customer will stimulate customers to buy Toyota vehicles over other brands. In this respect, following factors can impact the buying behavior:

Cultural factors: The culture refers to values, beliefs and perception of customers that influence customer to make purchase. Since, the company is required to deal with large range of consumers with different cultural background it ensure diversity in its workforce. Toyota also intent at ensuring culture shifts by coming up with new offerings considering the emerging demands among customers (Lee and Hong, 2016)

Social factors: It refers to incidental values, lifestyle, preferences and interest among customers belonging to a particular society or class. In this respect, every culture have classified the group of individuals sharing same values. Broadly, there are three types of social class, lower, middle and upper. Toyota target middle class customers on the basis of economic range vehicles while, luxury products like, FJ Cruiser, for upper class consumers. Likewise, Toyota have cars targeting specific age group like, Prius, Tacoma is targeted at teenagers while Corolla, Yaris is for women. In addition to this, Camry Hybrid, Camry is for middle class family etc (Toyota Models. 2015). Thereafter, buyer behavior depends upon the social factors like, education, economic state, occupation etc.

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2.2 An assessment of the advertisement media that can be used for sales development by Toyota

In order to maximize the sales of wide range of products, company can use varied advertisement media. Therefore, Toyota can give advertisement in television, newspapers, magazines and radio as it helps in targeting mass population. With this aspect, company can gain benefit in terms of low per unit cost. Further, company can use modern marketing methods like, digital marketing etc (Kahn, Castellion and Griffin, 2005). Therefore, company can design cellular application where customers can book the vehicle, get information about new cars, their features etc. Thereafter with the rapid use of internet among customers, advertisement can be done on social media site like Facebook, Twitter etc along with official website of brand. It is a innovative and cost effective approach that help in targeting and informing large number of customers. Further, billboards, engine optimization, e-brochures and direct mailing are also some innovative approach that can be used by company for advertisement (Bower, 2005). The key advantage of advertisement will be in terms of increased awareness among customers which will encourage them to consider Toyota while planning purchase. This will further leads to improved sales and profits of company by continuously educating customers. Further, advertisement media will obviate the dependence on the middlemen for promotion

2.3 The use of external merchandising to maximize the customer volumes

Merchandising refers to mode of showcase of wide range of products in physical stores to maximize sales. Merchandising in Toyota involve techniques of display, test drives, on the spot manifestation, wide aisle space, attractive offers, prices and varied point of sale methods that help in attracting customers. Toyota  use crystalline glasses to display the automobile products offered by company (Robber and Lancaster, 2011). Therefore, external merchandising drives the interest of potential buyers and encourage them to make visit to physical store of entity. It is further followed by informing the customer about various offerings, transmitting the value of brand with the objective of turning visitor into customers.   The external merchandising facilitate sales  and simplify the selling procedures, improve the shopping experience and stimulates the sales. Thereafter, company display its new product first so they are sold first and thus customers awareness increases. Company emphasis on first impression is last one  and therefore, focuses more on the physical appearance of the store. Along with this, stores have well dressed staff that help in representing brand to the final customers (Solomon, 2014).


3.1 Assessment of the influence of design and layout on customer spending

In order to encourage customer spending in the favor of brand, company can concentrate on the attractive physical appearance of the store. The design and layout of the Toyota are changed with some time to attract customers so they visit the store and make purchase. For example, the physical atmosphere and ambiance of the physical store are prime priority that are considered and noticed by the customers (Wallace, 2004). In this respect, it is important for customers to make optimum utilization of store space by  arranging the offered products in such a way that they are clearly visible. Since, the first impression is the last, the layout of the stores must be accordance with prevailing trends like, sensor gates, LED lightning, light music, good aroma, well dressed staff etc (Clegg, Americhip, 2015). Therefore, layout of Toyota store have direct impact on the presentation of goods that further assist in impacting the buying decision of consumers. The merchandise are arranged in  the attractive manner so they catches the eyes of all the visitors. Further, customer expenditure is influenced by various features like, panel display, point of sale promotion, effectiveness of salesmanship, arrangement of various things like cash counter, sitting arrangement for guest etc.

3.2 Review and evaluation of the effectiveness of internal merchandising materials

The internal merchandising play an important role in maximizing the sales of products offered by company. It further assist in improving the occupancy rate and enhancing proficiency. Merchandising refers to visual display aids for encouraging sales by using deign of product, packaging, special offers, price etc that encourage customers to expend  more.  Thereafter, internal merchandise material refers to use of electronic sales instruments like, billing through credit card etc (Clegg, Americhip, Inc., 2015). in addition to this, it also involve use of proper signs that give instruction and information to customers. For example, kids are not allowed to touch the parts of displayed vehicle or customer cannot smoke in stores of Toyota. The internal merchandising also involve point of sale methods that help in increasing the sales of products. For example, During Christmas the car accessories were free on purchase on any vehicle of  Toyota. With the aid of promotional signs company can give information about the prevailing offers that will help in facilitating sales.

3.3 Evaluation of different promotional activities according to different scenario

To encourage sales of various products, Toyota take assistance of various effective promotional techniques in varied scenario. For example, During festive season in India, company offered up to 60% discount on specific accessory packages. Company also organized Q service Festive Delight campaign who two months. It involve trip to Dubai for lucky customers, 355 off on car service, assured presents on the buying of tyres, batteries etc. With this aspect, company is able to attract maximum customers (Rizwan and, 2013). Likewise, with the rapid increase in use of internet and social media sites, company started using social media as platform for promotion. Therefore, large number of audience is targeted with the help of brand page on the popular sites like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Company also use instant messaging for wishing customers on  their special days like, birthday which help in building positive image of brand in market. In addition to this, Toyota use price discount, contest, special offers for improving the sales of its business (Kahn, Castellion and Griffin, 2005).


4.1 Evaluation of personal selling techniques

Personal selling is an persuasive technique used by Toyota for enhancing the sales of its products and services. The organization use sales force for influencing the sales of business after  conducting one to one interaction with prospective buyer. The sales personnel use its influential attitude, expert knowledge about product and looks to promote the sales. The main objective of personal selling is to spread the awareness among customer ad stimulate them to make purchase or at least take test drive of vehicles offered for sale by Toyota (Wimmer and Dominick,  2013).  It further help in inculcating strong inter personal relationship among customer and employees. With this aspect, company can develop positive image of brand and build brand loyalty among users. With the help of personal selling, company can target the potential consumers smoothly and convince them to make purchase. Further, sales person can provide important information about the product, its features,warranty, insurance etc. Thereafter, it also help in getting fast response from consumers in terms of products of company. However, it is costly approach as heavy expenditure is incurred on salary , training and development sessions for sales personnel (Tasiyana Kahuni and Rowley, 2013).

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4.2 Influence of operational design on sales revenue

To improve the profit from sales, it is important for sales executive to consider the potency of operational design. The operational activities refers to composition of all the functions like, designing the model, obtaining the auto parts from suppliers, merchandising the products and selling them to final customer. The operational activities must be well structured in order to get positive outcome in terms of sales and profits. The proper operational design have direct contribution on purchase decision in the favour of brand  and thus leads to meeting the expectation of customers and improved sales (Porter, 2014). Company use sales aids to reduce manual work and hence minimize the cost of staffing. The electronic billing facility is provided to customers. The stores have all the demanded and latest vehicles required by customers.   Thereafter, employees in store are experienced and well aware about the company operations, values, product features etc. They use their specialized knowledge while communicating the product attributes like, average of car, mileage, setting capacity, engine efficiency etc. Therefore, operational design play a important role in improving the shopping experience of customer (Robber and Lancaster, 2011).

4.3 Key principles that should be involved in as sales training program

Sales training program is important approach that assist the sales executive during describing the product features, worth of brand etc. It improve the knowledge of individual regarding wide range of offerings. Thereafter, it play important role in improving the skills, efficiency of sales personnel that help in increasing the sales (Attia and Honeycutt Jr, 2012). However, it is important for company to involve the following key principles while designing sales training program:

Positive attitude: It is prime principle that must be considered while designing the training programs. It is important for sales personnel to have positive attitude as they have communicate with different customer with varied nature and personality. With the positive attitude, salesman can convince customers to make purchase. Therefore, positive attitude have affirmative impact on encouraging the sales of business.

Incorporation of sales role: It is important for company to clear the roles and responsibilities of sales personnel in training program (Wedel and Kamakura, 2012). Therefore, they can know what is expected from them and how they have to perform various functions within company. For example, role of salesman is to detail out the attributes, benefits of  Toyota cars, resolve the issues, remove the misconceptions from the minds of customers so they can be influenced and encouraged to make purchase.

Soft skills training: The efficiency of  sales executive depends upon the soft skills like, management, communication, interpersonal, problem solving and decision making that are very important for developing strong relationship with customers. With the help of these skills sales personnel can convince and persuade consumers for making buying decision (Erevelles and Fukawa, 2013).


Concluding the above report, it can be stated that sales is the heart of the success of organization. The sustainability of company depends upon the efficiency of the sales of products offered by business. It has been identified from the report that, product mix involve elements like, branding, warranty, quality, service etc. Further, internal and external merchandising also play a crucial role in persuading customers to purchase the products of Toyota. Company use various promotional techniques for enhancing the sales and thereby maximizing the revenue of business. Also, personal selling technique help in enhancing the sales and developing strong relationship among customers and company.


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