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This Report Focus on Work Culture of Aston Martin

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Marketing is considered as one of the most critical aspects for the success of every organization. In support of this, it can be stated that marketing is a significant activity which is conducted by the management in order to have a direct positive impact on the organization and its sales. It is also considered as an action which can facilitate in effective accomplishment of organizational goals (Mozota, 2003). In the current era, the number of business organizations is looking forward to bring some innovation and uniqueness in its product or design in order to attain better business opportunities.

In this report, learning will focus on work culture of Aston Martin in order to have better understanding regarding the concept of managing design and innovation. It will focus on various benefits and values which are derived by the clients or customers. It will also provide information regarding diverse factors which can amend the uniqueness within product. It will have a spot light on the elements like shape, colour, design, imagination, relevance and usefulness. Furthermore, it will also focus on brand appeal of innovative and unique products in order to have better sustainability in the market.


In the current market scenario, Auto-mobile sector is playing a key role in the success of UK by contributing in its economic development. Industry is having sustainable growth and development which is beneficial for the UK market. It has been spotted that the auto-mobile industry has focused on number of changes and developments for better opportunities. Along with this, the organizations of auto-mobile sector are also focusing on design and innovation factor for better changes in goods or vehicles in order to meet the needs of customers (Vedin, 2006). In support of this, it can be said that in 1890's, the Daimler Motor Syndicate has formed but later on the patents rights has been purchased by Fredrick Simms. After this, the number of changes has taken into account for betterment of British motor industry.

Other than this, it has also been identified that the sales of industry has also increased in a great context due to innovation and unique designs of vehicles. Moreover, Aston Martin is also contributing in a great context by introducing a wide range of innovative and well designed cars in the market (Berkowitz, 2007). In this respect, company has also introduced Vantage Range. Organization always looks forward to bring number of innovation and uniqueness in its Vantage Range in order to meet the needs of every public class or segment. The classification of Aston Martin, Vantage Range can be as V12 Vantage S, V12 Vantage S Roadster, V8 Vantage s, V8 Vantage S Roadster, V8 Vantage, V8 Vantage Roadster, Vantage N430, Vantage GT12.

Aston Martin Vantage Range

Benefits and Values derived by Customers

Diffusion of Innovation

It is a strategic theory which helps business to design products in better way and meet the innovation standards as per customers needs. In support of this, the management of Martin Aston can attain better understanding regarding success of diverse actions and previous innovations within products. It is beneficial for better accomplishment of potential innovations within organization. In this management of Martin Aston can easily analyse the number of innovation and technological upgrades which they have already taken into account. For example, the management has accessed the detailed assessment of Vantage 8 before introduction and design of Vantage N430 in order to understand the previous innovation and design of its Vantage series. It provides better information about the responses of customers towards Aston Martin Vantage series. It provide better information about market needs and facilitates in providing better benefits and values to customers.

Customer Delivered Value

It is a theory which is adopted by business organisation to attain better analysis of customer prospective. It provides information regarding gape among benefits and cost of one innovative product with the other organizations product. In order to meet the customer satisfaction level the management of Aston Martin is considering customer delivered value theory. It also allows business to compare Vantage models with upcoming product so that innovations standards can be maintained in proper way to meet goals. Customer response towards Vantage series also beneficial for decision regarding pricing of upcoming products.

In this respect, it can be said that Auto-mobile is considered as one of the most critical aspects in current lifestyle. It plays a significant role in everyday’s life of people. In this support, it can be said that with the use of Aston Martin cars, people can do journey to diverse places and perform number of other tasks in a diverse manner (Freeman, 2005). In other aspect, it can be stated that the Vantage Range of Aston Martin can be considered as a medium of transportation. It is one of the key reasons that cars are playing a key role in the lifestyle of people. Aston Martin Vantage Range provides number of benefits in context of transportation to the customers (Leonard, 2007). Other than this, in current market, the cars are not only taken as a commutation medium but also considered as a method which reflects the lifestyle status of person. The unique features and number of auto features in the Aston Martin Vantage Range are reflecting the premium lifestyle of people.

Other than this, there are some other benefits and values as well which person can have by having purchase or use of Aston Martin Vantage Range. In support of this, it can be said that one of the key benefits of accessing Aston Martin Vantage Range is that it assists in day to day commutation which makes life easy (Tatikonda, 2001). It also provides convenience in context of transportation by providing easy access to private or own transportation medium at any time. Person can travel to any place as per the need and convenience with the use of car which is one of its most significant benefits. Moreover, the unique features like top speed of 330 km/h also saves the time of journey and facilitate in accomplishing the journey in less time.

Moreover, the situations have changed dramatically and it allows people to travel from different places in the desired time period. Auto-mobiles have also turned into inexpensive transportation medium and less time consuming option. In other aspect, it can be said that with the use of Vantage Range, travelling can be carried out in an efficient and effective manner (Walsh, 2006). Other than this, Vantage Range of Aston Martin is also providing great values to the customers through number of unique features. In support of this, it can be said that the Vantage N430 bring excitement to road in the most accessible and emotional engaging way.

Features and design of Vantage N430 is considered as a perfect complement to the eye-catching looks. Due to unique features, design and enhanced comfort level, the Vantage Range of Aston Margin is also taken into account as the value for money product. Now days, customer’s key need is to acquire well designed and high innovative technological featured cars which provides value to money (N430. 2015). In this support, Aston Martin is bringing number of changes in its Vantage Range so that design can be improved and best combination of innovative technology can be provided to customers. In support of this, value can be stated in a way that the use of cars also provides high level of freedom, independence and mobility while commuting from one place to another. The carbon fibre seats reduces the weight and provide more control on driving which also promotes the comfort level among users (Vantage. 2015).

The uniqueness of different design elements

It has been spotted that there are some key elements that promote the uniqueness in the product such as shape, size, colour and other elements of design. In this respect, the Aston Martin is also considering these elements in proper way (Verganti, 2008). In order to understand the concept of uniqueness effectively, the Vantage N430 is considered as a product. In order to boost the uniqueness, the Aston Martin has focused on beauty, dynamics and athleticism. For better creation of legacy, the club sport car is acclaimed in N400, N420 and N430. Improved focus on dramatic colours and intense styling the N430 is offering unique heritage to racing cars which increases the organizational opportunities.

Moreover, the Grille surround, mirror caps and rear diffuser blade differentiate the Vantage N430 from other sports cars that are available in the market. Contrasting colours and impressive exterior of car is also bringing some uniqueness in the car. In order to attract number of customers, company is also focusing on appropriate selection of exterior colour scheme (Hatchuel, 2010). It is the reason that Vantage N430 is available in different colours like grey, blue, black, sky grey and white. These five eye catching colours has been designed to boost the uniqueness factor within the product. Other than this, the club sport graphics is also promoting the uniqueness and attracting more and more customers (Jugulum, 2010). The purposeful dark colour finishes is adorning the front grille as well as window. In the support of this, it can be said that the lightweight graphite grey wheels is also enhancing the beauty of Aston Martin Vantage N430. These kinds of dark features and colour combination is balancing the bold liveries within product and attracting more and more customers.

Design of Vantage N430

In the support of this, it can be said that the company has also focused on the comfortableness in order to attract more and more customers. The interior of N430 creates a refined environment and provides luxury factor. With an interior theme of dark light contrast the product is also enhancing the sporting ambience. Moreover, the seat embroidery is also creating a dramatic sporting interior (Hirsch, 2011). Sportshift transmission system also increases the experience of driving and comfort factor. User can use both manual as well as automated transmission which also increases the comfort level during travelling. Innovation in car’s and improved focus on high end technology is also assisting the Aston Martin to become the champion and also a leader of the car market (Reichman, 2010).

Other than this, in order to provide better support to uniqueness number of technological innovation has also used which also impacts the performance in positive manner. Company is also looking forward to bring number of changes and developments in the shape, imagination, etc which enhances the usefulness of product (MacNeill, 2008). Unique technological updates like GPS system, Safety sensors, etc. Organisation has also changed the engine of car. Magnificent 4.7 litre V8 unit of engine improves the stability which also provides better imagination during the travelling experience.

Product Life Cycle

It is considered as one of critical and effective development approach which assist in product development actions. In introductory stage the business organization has launched its Vantage 8 at low price as compared to other competitors in the market. It has helped management to attain better market share. In the stage of growth the Aston martin has introduced some unique products in series of vantage to meet the customers needs. Unique design and features like auto sensors, top speed, safety equipments has provided some other benefits and lead business to impressive success. In maturity stage the company is looking forward to introduce number of models in Vantage series such N430, etc. In order to boost the sales the number of modifications were made in wide range of products. It has also enhanced the brand value within market and provided various advantages.

Interior of Vantage N430 and Its comfort

Brand Appeal in relation to competitors in contemporary markets

In current market scenario there are number of car organisations are operating in luxury car segment which creates high level of competition in the auto-mobile industry. Aston Martin is one of most successful brand in this sector and it is also considered as one of leading firm in the premium segment (Pool, 2008). The success ratio of organisation can easily be analysed with an help of sales ratio. Company is maintaining the stability in its sales ratio and overcoming the barriers in appropriate manner. In the support of this, it can be said that the Aston Martin is also having great recognition in international auto-mobile market which provides better strength in order to acquire effective competitive advantages (Marsh, 2011). However, it can be stated that the Aston Martin is having high level of brand appeal which provides better sustainability as compared to its competitors like Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc.

Other than this, the customer base is also high as compared to its competitors and it is the reason that the customers are more attracted towards purchase of Aston Martin car rather than its competitors. This kinds of enhanced customer base reflects that the company is having high level of brand image. In the support of this, the management of Aston Martin is focusing on using diverse promotional techniques (Aghion, 2012). Company is focusing on well designed web portal and provide appropriate information about the car features to customers. It creates the better awareness among the customers and provide effectiveness to brand image. Moreover, organisation is also establishing better corporate relationship with diverse Swiss organisations in order to have various technological advancement. In this way, management of the luxury car company intended to provide a feeling of even more luxury to its customers with the help of which brand appeal.

Moreover, the management of Aston Martin is also focusing on diverse auto seminars and expo in order to create better awareness among customers. In auto expo the managers interact with customers and provide various kinds of information regarding diverse features of car (Pool, 2008). Company also provide test drive to customers in order to make them feel comfort and build better trust among customers. These kinds of activities also facilitate the Aston Martin to gain better competitive advantage over its competitors. In the support of this, it can also be said that the management of Aston Martin can also focus on customization of cars in order to have better brand image (Hirsch, 2011). Company can create a division where customers can visit and customize their car as per their needs. It will create better brand image and increases the profit margin ratio in the competitive market. Customers can choose colour, seats design, dashboard, etc as per their own needs or requirements. It will also provide better sustainability to the organisation and create better opportunities for advancement in brand appeal (Verganti, 2008).


In the support of this section, it can be stated that the learning is one of most critical and significant part of individual life. It provides improved level of information regarding diverse factors and elements which relates with the work culture and facilitate in effective accomplishment of goals. In this respect, the learning regarding managing design and innovation has also helped me to understand about key success factors and work culture of Aston Martin. This kind of information is beneficial for me in order to meet the organisational goals as well as effective development of personal skills.

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Moreover, with an improved focus on learning I have acknowledged about diverse factors which has enhanced my experience level. It has also provided me information about the significance and need of marketing, design and innovation in operational activities. After the critical analysis of these factors I can easily stated that marketing, design and innovation can easily impact the work culture in positive manner and provide better existence within market. In critical assessment of learning I have also noticed that the Aston Martin is one of leader in auto-mobile market and its management is focusing on diverse factors which relates with the operations such as innovation, marketing ,etc.

Other than this, with an assistance of learning I have also attained information regarding diverse strategies of branding and marketing which is beneficial for better career opportunities. Improved information about product life cycle has made me understand that every organisation must bring some changes in product line in order to attain better sustainability. Diffusion of innovation strategy provided me information that the previous range of products and existing innovation in market also need to be considered during the product development and innovation design. It will facilitate me in future while working as a product development manager in any other organisation.

Company is designing number of cars with an improved focus on shape, colour, design, imagination, relevance and usefulness. This has indicated me that these kinds of factors consideration is also boosting the uniqueness within Aston Martin products. In other aspect, I can also say that these kinds of factors is also playing a key role in success of organisation and differentiating its products within market. It means the business firm can attract number of customers towards products by focusing on innovation.

Other than this, learning has also provided me information regarding benefits and values which can be attained by customers through purchase and use of Aston Martin. In support of this, I can also be said that the learning has also increased my knowledge regarding diverse changes which company has adopted in respect of advanced design and features. It has increased my understanding regarding diverse elements of design and innovation which can facilitate in better sustainability. It also also enhanced my awareness in the context of auto-mobile sector.

I have also noticed that earlier I was not having appropriate information regarding auto mobile sector. Lack of information regarding auto mobile was one of my key barrier in order to attain stable and effective outcome from learning. But with an improved focus on diverse sources the I have managed my knowledge and overcome the barrier in effective manner. In order to attain information regarding auto mobile sector and success ratio of Aston Martin I have focused on diverse sources like books, journals, online, etc. It has improved my skills regarding acquisition of data and assessment capability. This kind of improvement in my skills is beneficial for better opportunities in my career.

Moreover, the learning has also provided me information regarding diverse tactics and factors which relates with the brand appeal. It has improved my knowledge regarding marketing and brand appeal tactics which is also beneficial for better career opportunities. In the support of this, it can also be said that learning has also provided me information regarding tactics which Aston Martin uses in order to attain better brand image. It has also made me understand that the cars are now used as a integral section of today day to day life and sector is also playing key role in effective development of economic system. In order to attract more and more customers the management is also focusing on effective development of unique brand image.

Other than this, I have also noticed that the management of Aston Martin is also concentrating on diverse campaigns and auto mobile events in order to boost the brand image within market. It has also improve the brand appeal and provided better competitive advantage to organisation over competitors like BMW, Audi, Bentley, etc. I have also noticed in the learning that Aston Martin has developed friendly and comfort environment among customers in order to enhance loyalty and increase the sales. However, it has also made me understand that with an improved focus on advancement of comfort, luxury and trust the organisation can easily attain the better competitive advantage. In the support of this, I can say that in recent past years the Aston Martin not only developed the effective physical appearance of product in market by effective designing but it has also developed the brand image in the international auto mobile sector.

Another very important thing that I have learned during this analysis was that design related elements such as shape, colour, relevancy, usefulness, etc have changed by great margin. Auto-mobile companies are now focusing on these factors as per the perception and requirement of customers in order to attain better competitive advantage. As per the detailed analysis of above learning I can say that the management of Aston Martin can focus on customization of cars. In this organisation can allow customers to design their cars as per their view of design and innovation. It is beneficial for effective accomplishment of customers needs and lead business to impressive success.

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Moreover, learning about design and innovation is one of most beneficial opportunity to understand the diverse factors of product development as well as work management. It has enhanced my knowledge and understanding regarding diverse subjects like marketing, design, innovation, brand appeal and auto-mobile sector.


As per the above study, it can be concluded that the design and innovation are critical factors for every organisation and it boosts the uniqueness within the product. It has been spotted that Aston Martin is focusing on diverse factors in order to boost the uniqueness among its products and gain a better competitive advantage over its competitors. The classification of factors can be as shape, colour, design, imagination, relevance and usefulness. In support of this, it can be said that unique products also requires effective marketing tactics in order to create a better brand image.


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