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Tommy Hilfiger being a leading company has a prominent position in the market all around the globe with the wide spread of globalization. The company has been influencing the preferences of children ,youngsters as well as men and women with its American style of clothing. It has a global brand image of its product and a huge customer base all around the world which reflects that a company has been successful with the support of its efficient planning system from time to time adapting to changing market conditions(Tuten., 2009.).The report therefore focuses on traditional as well as modern approach of marketing planning adopted by the company, techniques for studying and analysing the organizational environment including studying of external factors that affects its market. Strategies adopted by the company are far reaching the objectives and goals of the company. The importance of marketing planning has been considered very seriously by the company from its initial start up till date, thereby the company has continued excellence in its production as well as super promotional techniques advertising the new product range.

The traditional marketing planning focus of the company:

The company has a prominent image in the market it operated in. There is a list of advantages as well as disadvantages that the company has been facing following such an approach. The traditional marketing approach, however, had limited scope for expansion.

The modern marketing planning focus of the company:

The modern marketing planning approach that is followed currently by the company is the blueprint of its success. It includes strategies framed specially for acquiring more market capturing by expanding its distribution abroad at places like Dubai.

Change in marketing planning approach:

The marketing planning approach is looking forward to considering the changing market conditions. These conditions demand the usage of smart tactics and new promotional and distribution strategies(Donnelly. and, 2012.).

Hilfiger's future marketing planning capability:

The company has required planning design structure for making plans for the future. For continuing with success as in present to the future it is important that the company knows well about its human resources, financial resources, and physical resources.

Organizational Audit:

The organizational audit must be done regularly to keep track on how the company is performing in the current scenario. Organizational audit is a tool for measuring that how well the company is moving on the path of success. The internal environment that exists within the company is dependent on the type of organization.

Task 2

A marketing plan is involved the overall information of the product and how this product to be sold in the targeted market. The present plan belongs to the Tommy Hilfiger and they are entering a new market of the middle east Dubai. They want to launch a new range of female clothes(Sadjadi., Yazdian. and Shahanaghi., 2012.). Generally, big companies not investing in the female wear so they have to make more research on the demands of the consumers.

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