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External environment plays a crucial role in marketing environment and it directly affects the reputation of the firm. Managers or leaders should know how and up to which extent the resources can be utilized in the external environment. To make sound marketing strategies, a manager needs to have a look at the positive and negative of its outside environment. Below article is in relation with the political and legal factors affecting hospitality of Marriott international because of the policies and laws of the European Union and pressure groups. Moreover, it consist the effects of the regulation and policies on the hospitality of the hotel industry (Kotler, 2011).

Political and legal factors

Political and legal factors of European Union that affect the Marriott international Hotel

1. Political factor of European Union: Political factors are the major factors which affect the development process of hospitality and tourism sectors by changing the policies and the regulation of the other countries. or newly applied government rules and many more. For example, in Marriott international groups, if European Union change their rules and policies then the tourism department also has to be change their own policies as per the government says. Moreover, because of that factor it directly affects the customer's requirement and the industrial growth as well. (Jevtić, 2017). Legislation factor which directly impact the company's operations in either in good or bad way. By changing the policies and legislation, the demand of the customer and the quality services of the firm both are affected As per the alteration in law and policy of the government, it directly affects the growth of business and development. There are several type of action of the government which affect the hospitality of the hotel industry in the way of local, regional, national and international. There are several factors which affect hospitality of Marriott international hotel in the way of positive and negative way both. Marriott has seen a significant growth in the current market trend of hotel industry and having brand reputation as well. There are various political factors like changing the rules and regulation of the government policies and the legislations which are directly affect the growth of the company. Major political factors which impact the Marriott are danger of terrorism, international relationships, mainly the climate change in the other countries and destinations. Another major issue faced by the firm is terrorist attack on the tourist site and it directly affect the development and growth of the hotel industry in many ways.

2. Legal factors and pressure groups: Increasing value of the wages are the main issue faced by the firm which will directly affect the development of Marriott and their hospitality as well. Higher labour cost and services reduction problem are the major issue faced by the Marriott. European government change their rules and regulation which affect the production or quality of services of Marriott. Pressure groups impact the hospitality of Marriott international and these are given below:

  • There are several types of pressure groups like; insider groups, outsider groups, and interest or sectional group, cause and promotional group. Pressure groups are those groups which are not directly connected to the election process but indirectly affect the government rules and regulations and also influence the industry policies. (Morrish, 2011). Due to their presence in the changing process of rules and regulation of the government it affects the hospitality services which are provided by the company. Their main aim is to influence those people who have the power to make and has the potential to take the perfect decision on instant basis.(Kulzhanov and Rechel, 2016). For example pressure groups affect working process of the hotel industry in the way of applying the new regulations and policies as well.
  • The effect of pressure groups can directly impact the legislation and policies of the Marriott international after that it also affect the government rules and policies either internal or external way. in addition to this internal factor of the firm affect labour cost and services which they provide to their employees and employers as well. Consumer's law, safety standards and the labour laws are the main legal factor that impact the hospitality policy of hotel and affect the growth of development.
  • Marriott international provides best goods and services to their customer and according to that they have great reputation in current market of the hotel industry. Political conflicts can majorly affect hotel sectors because there is major risk in travelling other countries and offering the cheaper price to their customers.(Kulzhanov, 2016).


As per the above study, it can be concluded that the political and legal factors of the European Union and the pressure groups directly affect the hospitality and services of hotel industry. Moreover, it includes the law and regulation of the government which impact the quality services of the hotel industry like the way of safety, labour cost, production and more. Pressure groups plays major role in growth of the company and development as well which affect the services provided by the hotels.

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