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In today's scenario the competition is on high peek and many company are taking proper step to fight up with such criteria in effective way (Kirkpatrick and et. al., 2014). Innovation and creativity with marketing mix is that which can help company to attain higher goals in organization. The essay is based on Nando's and how firm use marketing mix scenario in better way.


Marketing Mix

The Nando's Fast Food chain does come under top 2 chain in UK. Although they also do face many issues and challenges in market and with help of research they make themselves to get stand in proper way. Marketing mix is that which help firm to take corrective decision and strategies which help them to face major competitors. The components of marketing mix are as:

Product: The Nando's Fast Food chain provide the quality items and services to their customer within the time period which satisfy their client in proper way. Innovation and creativity with taste make Nando's different from others in great way and all such criteria make firm to achieve their goals and objectives in huge way (Babin and Zikmund, 2015). Even though they provide various kind of eating product which attract large part of population to come and take their services for once and if they gets satisfied and become existing customer in perfect way.

Price: Nando's pricing strategy is such which is merely based on generic strategy of cost leadership which do minimize different cost and prices in right manner. A proper pricing strategy is considered for product, various strategies which is followed by them are as:

  • Market-oriented pricing strategy.
  • Bundle pricing strategy.

Pricing mainly based on market condition which does include supply chain and demand condition with pricing market condition (Freeman and et. al., 2014). On other side, pricing approach which is used as bundle approach strategy. Even pricing has to be set according to the market requirement as well. Although Nando's use market condition to determine their prices in right context.

Place: Nando's restaurant of Fast Food products are available at various places as they have around 40 branches. Marketing mix is such which refer to venue in which firm transact the target customer. Nonetheless places where firm can distribute its products are as follows:

  • Restaurant
  • Mobile app
  • Website for deliveries

Customers use Nando's mobile app which access coupons for their special offer with freebies. Consumers do use the firm's website to place their orders for better home deliveries.

Promotion: Nando's fast food restaurant is having various tactics which promote its product in better way. There component of marketing mix is such which cover various tactic to communicate with the target in firm's offers as well. Some of the promotional tool are as:

  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion
  • Personal selling
  • Public relation

Firm is mainly depend on the advertising criteria for promoting its products in right context too (Hanaysha, 2016). Company is such which do promote online and TV and with print media. These all promotional tool help company to attract the large market and with such Nando's can aslo earn higher profit too.


From the above essay, it can be concluded that, marketing mix thus help company to make better strategies and decision which does help in attaining the competitive advantage of market and make them to attain their goals and objectives in right context. Nando's is already a well established firm which needs to have marketing mix to make themselves stable in market an to fight with competition in better way.

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