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Marketing is one of the most important parts of any new services are to be provided for customer. In this context, METRO BANK is use marketing to improve customer relationship management (Kim, 2014). The company basically located in United Kingdom and provide different kinds of services is financial sector. This report is based on promotion metro banks to achieve new objectives.

Main Body

Importance of a communications plan in business

In METRO BANK abstraction is the fewest crucial part to improve levels of carrying into action of outside factor. The growth model depends on connection or interaction with each and every customer (Kotabe, 2014). There is some importance of communication used in financial services are as follows:-

To identify and implement a variety of communication: In this context, many ways to spread new message. It is assisted to on which method is to be used to add number of clients in market place.

To clarify staff members, stakeholders and other role: In organisation people need to know, what they will contribute to the structure. In this context, some clarification is needed as per the role of

Description of the target audience

A marketing communicator must start with a clear target audience in mind. The target audience will give direct impact on the communicator and decision making in the workplace. On the other side, people, attitude and attraction towards the objective is highly motivational and improve carrying into action of the financial sector (Cornwell, 2014). To be target customer with the assistance of market segmentation is used in the work place. Some essential factor for METRO BANK are the size of the target audience, structure of target group and need or characteristics of the target audience. This helps to manage work or improve productivity of financial sector.

Promotional mix theory

In a business environment, external factor is one of the most essential parts to the alteration level of consumer (Kitchen, 2016). There are five most important elements is to be used are as follows

Public relation: In this context, public relation main purpose is that is help to build the positive image for a company, support new services launch sales, assist an establishment to evaluate public attitudes and communicates the overall cognitive content of the company.

Advertisement: It is any form of paid communication is which company is to be identify. This is help to increase large number of client in market place.


In metro bank to be used the promotional theory must be used or improve productivity and profit will be manage work. This is helping to achieve new objective is a work place. Some new technology is to be used in the promotional mix (Smith, 2015). In the same way, innovation is to be used by METRO BANK for satisfying the need and wants of customers. This is assistance to save time and save money in the financial sector. Some advantage is new strategies is hope and change the old process is to be used in the work place.

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