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In order to create functions and operations with marketing activities, every business will get success. This is because; marketing functions helps to focus on the new strategies and development program through customers could be attracted at workplace easily. In this way, new features also added to make business development and attain desired results as well (Akbar, Omar and Yusoff, 2017).

With the help of marketing functions and outcomes, the company can achieve high position in the market. With regard to focus on the present report, it is based on the NewCastle that is deal in sports sector operations. They are providing different kinds of products and services in this sector to produce systematic results. In order to gain insight information of the present report, it covers roles and responsibilities of marketing manager in the enterprise. Furthermore, it helps to create basic marketing plan with different activities and business development as well.

Part 1

a) Duties and responsibilities of marketing manager

Marketing is the important function of every business to promote their products and services in international areas of the world. In this way NewCastle need to develop their systematic work performances through focus on the innovative activities and tasks as well. Different promotional activities are also implemented by them to produce creative results. Following are certain duties and responsibilities in the business:

Collect and analyze marketing information: In respect to make effective results, unique features help to attain systematic results. In the chosen business, concentrate required information and creativity that assists to increase more revenue and outcomes (Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, 2014).

Market plan with product design and development: Furthermore, marketing office of the chosen business need to concentrate to design and develop more profits. With this regard, results develop to make systematic results at workplace.

Standardization and grading: Standardisation and grading system help to make effective functioning. It helps to increase effectiveness of the enterprise and attain desired results as well. Therefore, the selected business could consider their proper concentration on making standard products in the business.

Price and selling: Price is main element that makes proper focus on the product quality and effectiveness as well. It helps to attain more systematic work performances in the business environment to develop creativity at workplace.

Packaging, labeling and branding: Packaging, labeling and branding in the business also play major role to make successful results. In this regard, products and services will get benefits to concentrate on the desired results at the workplace.

b) Roles and responsibilities how develop objectives in the large enterprise

In order to focus on the present duties and responsibilities, marketing manager perform their functions and operations in systematic manner. In this way, creativity will be increasing to develop target market in NewCastle to attain creativity at workplace.

Moreover, selling products with effective labeling and pricing elements create positive impact to promote systematic work performances in the business environment. In this way, design and activities helps to attain systematic results.

Part 2

a) 7Ps of NewCastle and its competitor

With respect to create development program in new areas, Newcastle considered their operations to compete with other business. Therefore, marketing mix is the best element that assists to make effective position to compete with the other organisation in new areas. In addition to this, strategies also implemented that helps to target new people in the business. Desired results, in the business also maintained which assists to target new people at workplace.

Product: NewCastle determines its operations and functions to deal with the international market regarding sports sector. In this aspect, different business operating their operations in this sector to make effective functioning in the business environment. In order to develop successful operations in global environment, it is important to look towards the attract customers in business with new products and services (Medina, Coelho and Bellido-Pérez, 2017).

Price: Price is most important element that assists to focus on the Innovation and creativity as well. In this manner, NewCastle adopted penetration pricing strategy that helps to make effective functioning in the business. In this way, the company charging low price as compare to other competitors so that it assist to increase effective results.

Place: There are different places where NewCastle operating their products and services. It is the best way to promote products and services with online and offline method. However, the company need to implement high investment to produce more effectiveness in the enterprise. Furthermore, outlets are also developed by the chosen firm to make professional development activities in the business.

Promotion: In order to promote the products and services of Newcastle, there are several methods exist in front of the chosen business. In this consideration, effectiveness could be increased to attain the vision and goals of the enterprise. Mainly the company considers celebrity to promote their products and services in the business environment.

People: In order to develop effective results, people in the chosen business there are different people to make effective results at workplace. They play different strategies to conduct research. In addition to this, the target market also develops to target people with different products and services.

Physical evidence: With this regard, products and services develop that is important to develop effective results. In this way, the establishment of the objectives developed to produce effects in the business. By considering innovative elements in the business unit, the organization able to deliver branding concepts in the different areas of the world.

Process: In the business, the system develops with the process. Therefore, it is important to look towards the diminish cost and develop more effective results. In the chosen business, the process assists to develop a more systematic plan with minimizing cost in the business.

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