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Key Roles And Responsibilities of Marketing Function

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Marketing essential is significant in every organization which helps the large even small companies to target the customers and to maximize profits. Marketing is the most misunderstood discipline in today's management. It is also a core business process where it helps the organization maintain a sturdy relationship with the customers. For using the marketing concept it is essential for the organization first to understand this meaning and through this identify the needs of customers (Bivins, 2013).

It is the responsibility of the marketing manager as well as the whole organization to properly identify the needs of customers because there needs and preferences are changing from time to time. The present report is based on Zara company which is the largest retailer company in the world. It deals in the business of clothes and accessories. This company has opened its numerous stores all over the world. Here the roles and responsibilities of managers and the marketing departments have been explained in which the organization can target the customers. Further, the marketing mix of the company has been discussed.

Task 1

P1 Key roles and responsibilities of marketing function

In Zara, the marketing department plays a vital role as well as it also promotes the brand name of the organization. The marketing department has to reach out to customers, investors or the community to create an overreaching image to represent the company in a positive way. As they are having overall responsibility of the organization in increasing the profitability, market share so that it will contribute to the growth of the company. The manager has an executive's responsibilities in regard to the advertisement or publication of any post. The employees and staff have to make coordinate with the marketing department manager in order to satisfy the needs of customers and to provide quality of services (Campbell and Martin, 2015). In Zara, the marketing department has to create the materials which will describe and promotes the core products of the organization.

They should be updated with the products and services which have been provided by the company. In the organization firstly they have to manage and maintain the activities which are performing by the employees and make strong communication with them. They are responsible for selecting and managing vendors and agencies to provide the proper materials and support in marketing. These may include print vendors, web providers, etc. Here are some roles and responsibilities of the manager that have been explained in the marketing department which helps the company to target the customers and increase the profit.

Strategy – In this the marketing manager has to set the proper strategies for the growth and assess the competition in the market. It is the responsibility of the marketing department to make the overall strategies for the organization so that objectives can be fulfilled in a time period. While making the strategy properly they can increase the market shares or can be entered into a new market sector etc. The manager has to make different strategies that can be applied in difficult situations (Desselle, Zgarrick and Alston, 2016). The strategies should also consider the price of products and services so that they can easily target the customers.

Product marketing – This is an essential function of marketing. Through this Zara can launch new and unique clothes & accessories to attract a large number of customers. It will help the organization retain in the market for a long period of time. The manager has to provide new clothes and accessories according to the requirements of customers. The employees who are working in this department, it is the responsibility of managers to provide proper training and development program to make new and unique clothes.

Advertisement – This is the most essential section of the marketing department in order to promote the brand image of a company in different sectors. The managers have to use different techniques so that they can sell unique clothes. In the advertisement, there are many tools and techniques which can be used by the managers to promote the brand name of the company. It is responsible to give relevant information about the products to customers.

Events – The marketing manager has to properly conduct events such as seminars, conferences to increase brand awareness of the company. Through this, they can easily promote the brand name of the company. The managers have to maintain the external and internal events for customers and employees so that it will keep them happy. Through this, they also measure the success of the organization in the global competitive market.

Sales support  The manager has also to coordinate with the sales department. So that they can set the prices of products inappropriate manner. While doing this, it will also improve the sales performance of the company and will provide a high quality of products to customers. The manager of a marketing department prepares the presentation for the sales team to maintain the stock of material which is supplied by other organization (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). If both the department is not working together then both areas will face obstacles to target their customers. Through this, they will also not satisfy the needs of customers and cannot be retained in the market for a long period of time.

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P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing are related to Zara company

In Zara, the managers have to manage all the activities which are performing by the employees in order to hit their targets in a time period. The manager has to provide proper training and development programs to new and existing employees to provide quality services to customers. It is the responsibility of a manager to increase the profitability of the organization and to identify the needs and requirements of customers. In the global competitive market, they have to perform their roles and responsibilities in an appropriate manner so that they can guide and motivate the employees (Draelos, 2010). Through this, they can satisfy and attract customers in terms of services. The following are some roles and responsibilities which has to properly perform.

Communication – The manager of Zara has regular communication with other departments to increase the sales of the products. They also have to do proper communication with customers so that they can easily find out their problems regarding the products and services. The communication process with customers should be easy so that everybody can easily communicate with them. The manager has also to plan and develop the campaigns which will help them to promote the products and services. The managers have to used appropriate tools and techniques so that they provide relevant information to customers. While advertising the products the manager has to be done on the basis of the budget. Through this, they will also become to know in which sector they have to increase brand awareness. Once the strong communication relationship is maintained then it will easy for the company to achieve its goals and objectives.

Market research – It is the first and important responsibility of the managers to conduct market research from time to time. Through market research, Zara can target the customers and helps them to identify the requirements. Along with this, the manager can also find out the opportunities in which areas they can expand the business. In the modern era, it is important to conduct market research because the requirements of customers in terms of clothes and accessories are changing rapidly. The manager can use many techniques and tools to conduct the proper market research and find out their competitors also (Hauer, 2011). Through this, they can appropriate actions to overcome these problems.

Product development – Managers have to properly perform their roles and responsibilities when the company is launching new products to customers. The managers have to analyze the gap between the range of products and sales so that it will give them the opportunity to infill this gap. The managers have also to improve the quality of products by providing the proper training and development program to employees. However, it is also the responsibility of employees to work efficiently and use the proper materials to provide quality products to customers (Jackson, 2011). The managers have to provide the information regarding the customer needs and preferences so that they find out the features or improvements to incorporate with new products.

Overseeing outside vendors and agencies – The manager has to properly select vendors or agencies from which they can borrow the raw materials. These vendors can be print vendors, web providers or other agencies. Through this, they can easily find out the vendors throughout the world. It is also the responsibility of the manager to communicate with them on a regular basis that what kind of materials they want and in what quantity it must be.

Monitoring and managing the social media – The managers have to make some contribution to social media so that they can easily maintain the social media pages and accounts that post has been done by the company (Jones and Rowley, 2011). Through social media, they can target customers because there are many users who are active on social media sites.

Task 2

P3 Marketing mix of Zara in achieving the business objectives

In the organization, the marketing mix is that concept where the managers have to make the proper actions and tactics in achieving the targets of the company. The managers have to make a strong relation with all so that they can set the proper marketing strategies. In Zara, it is the responsibility of market research development managers to identify the needs of customers to target them. The manager has to implement the appropriate strategies so that they can hit the targets in the time period. The managers have to properly understand the concept of marketing essentials in which they can target new customers (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2011). The marketing mix of Zara is described as below which includes the product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence and process.

Pricing – The clothes and accessories which are provided by Zara are at a high price. Every customer can not afford to use these products. The main concept of Zara is that to provide the clothes at a reasonable rate but every customer can not afford to use these products. The managers have to set the prices in such a manner in which they can target every customer. Generally, the price of cloths is started from the 500 rupees and it can go to above 10000 also. The managers have to use a cost leadership strategy so that they can deliver the best quality of cloths as compare with the competitors (Laucaster and Massingham, 2010). But the prices of products does not so high or low which make difficult for them to attract a large number of customers in the competitive market.

Product – Zara is also known as the Coca Cola of fashion. There are numerous customers who are crazy about this brand fashion. The cloths which are provided by this company is in quality and it can be used for a long period of time. The managers of the company also respond quickly to the changing needs of the customers. The managers are using the unique selling proposition which helps them to intimate with the latest trends (Marketing mix of Zara, 2016). In most cases, new styles of clothes and accessories are available for a period of up to four weeks. If these products are not sold from the stores then it immediately pulled from the stores. The size of the cloths is staring from the medium size and up to XXXL size. The cloths are available for the man, women and even children.

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Promotion – Zara has a unique marketing policy i.e. “Zero investment in marketing”. The company is using the funds in opening more and more stores instead to advertise or promote the brand name of the company (Lipsman and et. al., 2012). The manager of Zara has found the differences matter between the customers and this differentiates from the rest of the competitors. In promotion, the managers can make a strong relationship with the customers through personal and direct selling to them. While using the different techniques the company also make a strong position in the market and can beat the competitors. The most and effective technique which are using by the manager is to open the stores instead to waste the funds in an advertisement.

Place - Zara is very unique and it is that brand that is also a vertically integrated retailer. It means that it also design, manufactures and distributes products across the world. Over 30 different countries have expanded the business. It is done because the work is easily managed by the managers. Through this, they have attracted a large number of customers. The managers have to follow the appropriate strategies in which they can attract new customers. Most of the stores are opened in shopping malls because it is easy for them to attract the number of customers (Marshall and Johnston, 2011). While any store in any country they considered that the customers will easily attract towards them. So it is easy for them to maximize the profits and increase the market share.

Task 3

P4 Basic marketing plan

Zara is famous for fashionable, elegant and new clothing and also known for rapid or swift trendy stylish fancy craze in the market world. The company's products are designed by a complete group of fabricators or designer despite doing itself. The basic objective of the company is to achieve or produce $ 5 million from e-commerce income sources. The company basically throws the light on customer shipping and quality of delivery services to bring out the level sustain or envisaged by the management and focus on the circumstances and abatement of the clients or customers (McDaniel, Lamb, and Hair, 2012). There are some marketing strategies adopted by Zara or plans described below:-

  • The company augments its own style or design instead of duplication from another company.
  • There are some feedbacks and review of the company within different branches and a variety of stores and finally recommended by the company itself.
  • The business of Zara related to selling and purchasing is itself in its particular store not to vendors. All the styles for different clothes are according to the latest trends in fashion and as getting shabby discounts were provided by the company accordingly for selling.

There are reasonable prices according to the fabric types and design so that the company manufactured at a slightly low cost of production.

The company expanding its business in different parts of the world like America, Africa, and Asia to promote its brand Zara. By e-commerce or we can say online shopping platforms or internet marketing the company can produce and diversified its selling business throughout the world with different scopes and challenges. By merging and acquisition of many companies, Zara becomes popular and cheering up the ideology of fame (McDaniel and Gates, 2013). It also faces tough competition with different company's like hennas and maturities, mark and Spencer and gap due to its innovative fashionable style of manufacturing garments and trading with e-marketing.

For the last two years, it is going on multiple changes to come up with developing new elegant methods and ideas. Zara provides benefits to the customer by giving reasonable rates because some of the dealers are selling their products at big profits. By reducing the hurdle produce in the market by online selling methods through e-commerce and by exclusive discount.

By enhancing brand value to focus on good quality products at reasonable prices (Perreault, W. D., McCarthy, E. J. and Cannon, 2010). To focus on the demand of the customers that what are the different products with a variety of styles and designs they need. Zara should envisage the business by adopting an advertisement strategy to entice the customers and to provide awareness about the products and dealing with mannerisms like simplicity, decency, and loyalty.

They use the internet for advertising and promotion for their products in an authenticated and best way because its the fastest way of communicating with people in today's environment. Focus on providing products at reasonable costs so that it maintains the quality of products and services at the best possible rates. The other assistance of the company is in relation to the administration to decide and take decisions related to compatibility and self-defense (Peter and Donnelly, 2011).

Products in an authenticated and best way because its the fastest way of communicating with people in today's environment. The demand for sports accessories like sports shoes and sports is a bit competitive so competitive can develop different and alternative brands and innovative methods and ideas to take away Zara's business and makes a profit.

The shopping purpose of consumers is changing day by day and they search for best deal as possible that provides them good quality and if one shop charges a higher price for the particular product they try to see the better deal with the same product at different shop with the reasonable results and obviously go for a cheaper price for the same product (Raj, Walters and Rashid, 2012).

So this is a basic idea to deal with customers according to rates. Another reason for maintaining the trade balance is the ecological issue of our society, many organizations were constantly struggling with this important issue to maintain an eco-friendly reputation. The recession also leads to job shortages issues in most of Zara and by adopting these methods the company diversified its challenges. 


It has been concluded from the above report that the managers have to properly perform their roles and responsibilities in the organization as well as outside so that they can attract a large number of customers. It is also their responsibility to manage all the activities which are performing by the employees in order to provide the quality of products and services to customers.

Further, the financial position of the company is good so that they can open more stores across the world and beat their competitors in a globally competitive market. The managers have to use appropriate tools and techniques so that they can properly understand the marketing mix to retain in the market for a long period of time. Lastly, they have to revise their market plan on a regular basis so that they maintain a strong position in the market.


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