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International Marketing is a procedure that allows an entrepreneur to operate their business activities on multinational level for generation of higher market share and to obtain greater profit margins in other countries (Terpstra, Foley & Sarathy 2012). This activity enables managers to think beyond the boundaries. International marketing is stated as application of marketing rules and regulation with principles which is applied at globalisation marketplace by considering necessary business environment of nation. International marketing is a process of applying marketing mix procedure and use of its four criteria like product, price, place and promotions. Cadbury is the world’s second largest company that is dealing in confectionery industry.

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Impact of Globalisation on International Marketing

Globalisation is a process of establishing effective interaction between two or more nations by offering organisation’s products and services. Main driver of this action is international trade and investments. This could be more efficient if managers of Cadbury take advantages of information technology in order to understand international market as this action will further help in manufacturing actual number of goods of company.
Globalisation works as an umbrella and provides shelter to many other actions that happen in organisation like technological, economy, task related to social responsibility etc. these actions are more useful in providing independence to Cadbury. There are certain type of examples like economic, skill, technological and knowledge. Globalisation that is stated in this report is to be considered as awareness of general problem (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2013).

Impact of Globalisation

Globalisation is having impact upon almost every kind of business activities. When a corporation wants to go out from domestic nation and then it provides support to all marketing activities because aim of becoming internationalisation is to capture higher market share. Most of marketing activities revolve around these actions. There are some effects that globalisation leaves upon marketing is discussed as further:

Effect upon STP: Full form of this term is Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning of goods and services of firm. When Cadbury made decision that they had to establish their footprints in international marketing, then the very first thing that was decided by owner of the firm was the answers of question that is decision should be prepared upon where association has to go in the path of becoming internationalised product. Selection of market segmentation is based upon future scope, needs and demand of clients. Before making selection on market segmentation, all rules and regulations should be considered by leader of company so that negative impact upon association could be removed from functionality of Cadbury. For example, if corporation is about to launch their new chocolate in market in any Asian nations like India, because in this country, people have sweet tooth and can use chocolate as sweet. After targeting products and position then company will chose one and more than one option as their target market. After setting market targeting then it is responsibility of firm that they should find out appropriate strategies for positioning. In targeting market, company develops some advertisements that are able in hitting actual needs and demands of customers (Berthon and et. al., 2012). Information about these wants can be gathered by taking assistance of appropriate research program.

Adequate result of data is able in formulating efficient marketing strategies that are useful in hitting purpose of becoming internationalisation in most profitable manner. After accomplishing above two functions, next task is brand new in which corporation has to develop adequate strategy for market positioning. Cadbury can position their market by taking assistance of some tag lines like hunger should be satisfied at that time when it was raised. Globalisation has been changed and is showing positive impact upon various business operations. This situation is more understandable by taking an example. For instance, Cadbury launched a product and then segmented market share into age wise group like youngsters and then positioned their chocolates as valentine gift and this idea hit many minds in marketplace and brought huge success in corporation. This type of action completion is able in making company as a brand in the eyes of customers as well as this type of behaviour of Cadbury is able in fixing footprints of firm in new country like India (Papadopoulos & Heslop, 2014).

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