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Visitor Attraction Management


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Questions: VisitBritian wants to promote their tourism product by targeting overseas and domestic tourists. They want travel consultant to visit different attractions and then write an article about same. 

1. Develop an understanding about scope and significance of managing visitor attractions.

2. Evaluate different types of visitors, their impact and various theories of tourism motivation

3. Discuss major issues that impact development procedure in visitor attraction management.

4. Analyse application of management strategies and their relationship with sustainability.

Organization Selected A to z


            Tourism industry in UK would be attracting larger number of visitors and tourist from all around the world each and every year and this is also adding up into economy of country. This industry is also playing important role in safeguarding and implementing tourism products and increasing volume or value of tourism exports. There are number of visitors in UK who are coming within and outside the country giving millions of business each year. In this current report discussion would be on what is the importance of different visitor’s attraction and making out relation to particularly various types of attraction. Further evaluation would be done on impact of tourism upon the attraction of visitors and need or importance of motivation from various types of visitor’s types.


1.1 Discuss the overlap of visitor attractions in relation to particular types of attraction.

            There are various attraction in tourist places that are forming part of tourist places which are both natural destinations like jungles, waterfalls and man-made like that of museums or forts. People of world are very much found of visiting places for various motives like that of relaxing, adventure purpose and many more (Mason, 2015). There are different types of tourist attraction in places which are motivating them in several forms and making them visit the same places again and again. Visitors who are visiting one particular place would be having relation to that places and some attraction as well.

The Queen’s house- this place is having its own historical importance in Britain’s history which was built in 1616 in Greenwich and was the first building of its kind been constructed into country. In the year 2012 this was used for the purpose of VIP centre for Olympic Games and then on its 400th anniversary in year 2016 its refurbishment was done.

Greenwich park- it was formally used as Hunting Park by many visitors and tourist which is also called to as single largest place that is having greenery in almost 74 hectares of area (Swarbrooke and Horner, 2012). This was once Royal park of London and having various other attraction like that of River Thames, Isle of Dogs and City of London as well.

National Maritime Museum- this is one of its kind of maritime museum which is been used for specialising into displaying of things related to ships in navies and military use. Museum is been situated in Greenwich and also having Royal Observatory which was established in 1937 now it is funded by Department for Culture, Media and Sports.

1.2 Analyse the importance of different visitor attractions.

            The forms of visitor’s attraction are different in various places where tourists are reaching to spend time with their families and friends as well. All of them are having its own need and wants to get it fulfilled and also motivating tourist in their own kind like that of:

Heritage- this type of attraction would be forming part of old age museum, forts, monuments and articles that are having their heritage or historical importance or evidences which is not be vanished at current time as well (Kozak, 2014). This would be helping people to analyse the importance of rich culture and history of that places where they are visiting or make them experience that culture and art as well (Sharpleyand Telfer, 2015). With this people are aware that how vital it becomes to safeguard the rich heritage, art, culture and creativity of our ancestors.

Natural attraction- this type of visitors or tourist attraction would be having its natural existence and importance as well. They are having gift of nature creating experience and relaxing mode of people with their families and friends with this they get aware of how critical it becomes to understand nature and to save environment(Smith, 2014). The importance of natural attraction to visitors could be included to as promoting and motivating people so that they could be getting conscious related to nature and all natural beauty.

            Like taking example of National Maritime Museum which is having its heritage and importance is judged by the objects which it is carrying. It is museum which is regarded to as largest in world in terms of things displayed into it like that related to navies and military.


2.1 Evaluate the needs and motivations of different visitor types

            Now where people are visiting and they are experiencing various places with their family and friends all these would be linked and associated with need and motivation of different type of visitors. In this it is helping Tourism Consultant like that of Visit Britain and encouraging their marketing department to get better targeted development of products in UK. The range of visitors varies from each other and having their own need and motivating factor to visit places.

VFR- this type of visitors always likes to visit with their family and friends to places having its own culture or natural beauty (Horner and Swarbrooke, 2016). So this type of visitors would be requiring to have packages that are giving them benefits in both terms of money and staying or visiting that place.

Holiday makers- they are the one who are planning to visit one or more place during set interval of time like once in a year. In this way they tend to go out for vacation and trip on low budget, having attractive facilities and services as well this forms good impact of motivation and need to visit that place.

Business travellers- these types of travellers are not intended to go and visit particular place but instead they are going out in places due to their business meetings or seminars as well. Their need and motivation revolve around just saving their time and money by reaching places on time and leaving at specified time as well.

            So the places which was analysed at starting time are also having their own types of need and motivation for certain types of people including VFR, holiday makers and business travellers.

The Queen’s house- this would be mainly attracting VFR and holiday maker type of visitors as place is having its cultural and art heritage involved into it. This is having its impact and attraction towards visitors and tourist all around the world and mainly to them who are architecture lovers.

Greenwich park- the park would be mainly having attraction to all types of visitors including VFR, business travellers and holiday makers as well. As this park is also having its cultural plus the natural heritage which as once used as hunting park.

National Maritime Museum- it is having its attraction to people who are searching for cultural and naval heritage as this is biggest museum of its kind in whole world. So business travellers if having time during their visit to London could be making their visit at this museum as well along with VFR and holiday maker visitors.

2.2 Evaluate impacts of tourism on visitor attractions in the United Kingdom.

            Travel and tourism industry is the fastest growing one within UK which is making million pound of profits each year with about largest number of customers within. So this tourism would be having either negative or positive impacts on attraction of visitors in UK like that of increasing growth and sales in industry or on the same hand increasing pollution in 

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