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Management and leadership plays a vital role in accomplishing business goals and objectives in a certain time as well as getting things done in proper manner. A manager of the company maintain overall structure of the firm whereas leaders' influence subordinates to do all tasks and activities (Albert and Beatty, 2014). The present assignment is based on Imperial Hotel having 500 bedroom that is owned and managed by international chain of 4 star hotels. The firm is located in London's West End and provides services to those guests who expects high quality standards. Apart from this, the report will be describe that currently the hotel is facing problem of lack of managerial and leadership which reduces service standards of the company. The last manager of the company does not look out properly on working activities and process. Therefore, to get rid out with this issue general manager of hotel Imperial has provided certain necessary solutions which will also describe in this assignment

Main Body

  Problem 1: Ineffective leadership and management by previous Heads of Department and supervisory staff including poor monitoring and control procedures.

Analysis of the problem which is faced by Hotel Imperial

Imperial hotel is a well established institution in London, which is under ownership of well known international branded chain of hotels in the 4 star market. But after the admission of new general manager in to the hotel he has fond several problems related to management, leadership, staff members and many more. The below discussion is about problem number 4 that is related to ineffective leadership and management by previous head of departments and supervisory staff including poor monitoring and control procedures. On the same hand, new general manager, Peter Farnsworth have also provided some suggestions to face these problems.

It has been observed in previous management style that there is higher level of staff turnovers and poor sales performance. The customers are also not at all happy with the action of staff members, this is directly linked with the diminishing image of the hotel (Anderson and et. al., 2018). The major problem that is identified by Peter Fransworth was that the leadership style and was not all effective and this impose a major threat in front of them. There are number of issues that are faced by the HOD of the various departments which include poor evaluation and monitoring procedure by the managers or supervisors related to standard of work performed by housekeeping, kitchen departments. Hence, the reporting practices and actions are not at all up to the mark.

Newly appointed general manager Peter Frnansworth have also observed that there is a gap in good management practices therefore there the hotel is lacking in attracting potential and talented managers and leaders in to the organisational system. He also proposed that previous style of management is only focuses on work tasks and not on several other ways in order to improve it thus, it is consider impoverished (Hazen and et. al., 2014). The main clients that are consider most important resources of any organisation system registered the different kinds of complaints regarding poor communication process that is prevailing in the management system of the hotel. The leaders and managers are consider building blocks of the organisation system is they do not function in proper and correct way, the whole system will lack in many key areas.

Teams also play vital role in the organisational system as the6y are expected to perform assigned works in effective and efficient manner in order to accomplish final goals and objectives of the company. Similarly, Peter have found that there is existence of team in the hotel management but they lack in coordination among each other this results into improper accomplishment of their aims and objectives that hinder their overall performance. As there are number of departments that are working in single system thus, it is very much necessary that there should be proper coordination among them so that they could work on the synergy concept that will allow them to reach higher level in set time period (Kotler, 2011). The staff members are not all active manager have observed several cases related to high turnover of workers as they do not stray for more than six months in the hotel.

From the above discussion it has been observed that there is poor leadership and management styles that have direct impact on the working of overall structure. There are number of staff members that are present there and have different functions to perform but due to lack of proper leaders they could not able to work at maximum output and there is no fulfillment of final goals and objectives. The other issues that are identified in the hotel is that HODs whose bonuses are linked with the performance of their own department or sector thus, the managers have the tendency to defend their own departments' position in their respective meetings. Hence, it is important there is poor coordination among the team members which do not show any unity. There is improper accomplishment of ultimate objectives and steps (Malhotra and Malhotra, 2012). Therefore it is the duty of peter to review all these aspects and make plans accordingly so that all the raised problems can be met out in effective manner and hotel structure can be restructured in proper manner. It is very much important other wise the image of the hotel will fall down that is negative aspect for the hotel.

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