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The use such technique is to assist the product flow and supply chain of the organisation with the help of various tools and techniques. There can be use of various techniques and services which will be helpful to the entity in terms of making the adequate changes in the operations. Therefore, there will be fruitful suggestion which were being facilitated to the organisation in terms of reducing the costs of manufacture the units, delivery costs, disposal costs, handling costs, storage etc. they will be suggested to manage their financial and have the periodical forecast to ascertain the business needs and wants.

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Task 1

1.1 Product family PF 10 (SUMPRODUCT)

In relation with analysing the sum product from the given data set it has been analysed here the false value. Moreover, the value for PF10 is as false value.

1.2 Using the VLOOKUP formula in context with analysing the wrong product

To analyse the consumer value for C9 it has been analysed as the maximum complaints derived from warehouse from the given data set.

1.3 Analysing the monthly average complaints from product family

To analyse the monthly average value there has been use of the data range as response date and product family. Therefore, it ascertains that there will be average of 42087.

Task 2 Problem definition

There has been presentation of various data set for the electronic organisation which were being solved and analyse in the computer software ERP. Therefore, the motive is to analyse several categories of examination as well as the complaints which were based on CASR staff, complaints and product family.

Task 3 Solution and Suggestion

Inbound receiving (DC/ warehouse inbound): This is ion regard to specify about the importance of inbound supply chain measures which is referred to be a very critical part of the entire supply chain procedure (Christopher, 2016). It is hereby in context to the identified problems in this section, that can be eliminated or reduced with assistance to several numbers of practices. This involves refining the size of the container with proper arrangements by making an optimal use of 3PL system. It will be done with a primary aim of minimizing the cost with transformed procedures or new techniques that are enough progressive to meet out the identified issue.

Put away and operations- This involves techniques to reduce the problems related to the supply chain management. It can be done by using methods of programmed mixed case pelletizing, cross docking or container packing, etc. All these methods are not only evident to resolve the supply chain related issues but are also proven to produce improved results with enhanced productivity and lowered costs of transportation and labour, etc. (Wilting and van Oorschot, 2017).

Outbound or dispatch (D/C Warehouse outbound)- Also known as outbound logistics networking design, it plays a significant role in company’s supply chain management and is thus required to be processed in well-defined manner (Du and et. al., 2015). It is basically due to its capable outlook where it plays a contributory role in deciding the success or failure of an undertaken supply chain method (Jacobs, Chase and Lummus, 2014). It is thereby important for the designers of this process to closely focus upon its design, storage capacity, plant locations and consumer’s requirements, etc.

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