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Strategic Resource Management in Organizations

What is Strategic Resource Management in Organizations ?

Strategic Resource Management includes all the components related to the human resource such as recruiting, payroll, discipline etc. It is one of the most important concepts which help the company in setting their HR planning as well as various development and training models. The present report is divided into two parts in which first part describes about the marketing planning and strategies. For launching a new product, a marketing plan is set by using different models and techniques (Mason and Sanders, 2009). The role of new technologies and information systems is used in marketing strategy and planning. In the second part of the report Marriot International is taken into consideration which is an American diversified hospitality company. Different development models as well as HR planning models are determined in this section. They can adopt various strategies in order to enhance their business such as the recruitment, retention, training and development strategies. It also includes different strategies for maintaining positive relationship with their employees as well as performance management. It is essential for them to monitor the performance of all their employees.


Recruitment, retention, training and learning & development strategies within the Marriot

Marriot International is an American diversified hospitality company with more than 3,900 properties, 18 brands. It is the world's leading hospitality brand and it is essential for them to maintain their overall business operations. In order to maintain their brand image they need to recruit highly skilled people. In any hospitality industry recruitment and retention are now indispensable skills (Turki, 2011). One of the most important processes of company is to retain good employees. In order to retain all their employees they should have to hire right person.  One of the major challenges they are facing is high rate of attrition of employees. In order to achieve their target companies are adopting various innovative recruiting strategies such as Gamification.

Gamification: It can be described as the use of gaming principles and design in non-gaming situations, identifying potential employees by posing virtual challenges. This strategy helps in increasing brand awareness. A fun game application has been designed by Marriot for those applicants who have not previously considered a job in this industry. It helps in recruiting and attracting more applicants for international branches. Marriot launches the "My Marriot Hotel" game. It helped in generating more interest in hospitality industry and increasing brand awareness as well as identifying talent across the globe. This increased traffic on company's career site and helped them in recruiting more potential candidates (Kenny, 2012).

Recruiting qualified applicants: Employment specialists recruit qualified employees by various ways such as they organize a job fair in which more and more candidates can participate. They will choose the best suitable candidates for their hotel. Hundreds of people are attracted towards such job fairs. These people show their true commitment towards the company as well as take initiative to handle all the possible situations.

Social media and new media: It is one of the most famous and fruitful resources for Marriot. It helps them in connecting their professionals worldwide and searching the best suitable candidate for their industry. Social utility websites can also be used as a viable source and it helps the hotel in attracting many qualified professionals. Marriot hotel's social recruiting site helps them in hiring large number of qualified applicants towards their business.

Moreover, the corporation can enhance their recruitment through staff and encouraging them to participate in the community professional activities.  Employee's retention is also a challenging task they are facing and it is essential to retain the right talent (Ahmad and Schroeder, 2002). It helps them in achieving higher competitive advantage as well as increasing market share. Retaining employees is all about meeting employee's job expectations. Marriot promotes the recruitment, retention and advancement of diverse employees. They are committed towards the global markets where they work with local communities to create opportunities and value differences. There are mainly six key areas that have been identified by Marriot International for developing an effective strategy for their employee's retention such as:

Commitment of business to provide personal and professional development for all employees: It is one of the most important techniques through which the hotel can retain all their employees. They can provide suitable training through which employees can improve their skills. To keep all their staff members motivated about their job, top performers are involved in training and development (Germano and Stephenson, 2012). It is the best way through which employees feel that they are free to develop their skills and process in order to meet the desired outcomes of customer service and quality. Moreover, it provides various opportunities to employees to learn new skills through the delegation of additional responsibilities. With the help of self development they will feel more engaged with the company. Focused training and development initiatives should be combined with the counseling of employees as well as guidance. Employees cab enhance their knowledge by  professional programs and courses

Acknowledging the importance of financially rewarding employees: In order to retain their employees it is essential to provide them various rewards. It may take different forms such as financial or non-financial. Various bonus schemes have been designed by the organization for meeting employee's needs (Khatri, 2001). Marriot provides bonus to its employees in form of incentives as well as good appraisals. They generally give good appraisals to best performer as well as flexible working hours. This retention technique provides overall information about the benefits in terms of remuneration package, incentive schemes etc. In some of the cases top pay may keep people on the job that may not necessarily motivate them to produce more value for the company.

Team building and job enrichment: Working within a team helps the corporation in motivating all their employees (Linn, 2008). It also helps in making rich working culture at the workplace and provides proper job improvement. With the help of the team an individual can enhance his/her learning skills by taking help of others and it helps them in making them understand their job in a better way.

Communication: Clear and honest communication with all the staff members to meet their expectation level is essential to retain them. It helps the management people to understand the needs of all their employees and fulfill their needs.

Supportive management: The overall management teams of the Marriot support each other. It helps in motivating all the staff members and improves the working environment of company as well (Karami, Analoui and Cusworth, 2004).

Understanding the changing needs of employees: It is also essential for top management staff to understand the needs of their people in order to motivate and retain them. Top management people help their employees by fulfilling their needs on time. It motivates them and they will perform better. Employees can perform best and easily achieve the target of company.

Moreover, all these strategies come under HR planning as well as development models of company. These strategies have been designed as per the needs of employees and it helps them in achieving their target. Marriot can easily achieve their target and maintain their brand reputation with recruiting and retaining right people on the right time.

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Strategies implemented for positive employee relations, performance management and reward

In order to perform better it is essential for Marriot that all their employees are comfortable with each other and work towards the common objective. It is also important for the management promote healthy employee relation at workplace in order to extract best out of each individual. Building a strong employee relation in Marriot International require to create an environment that delivers what people wants (Lawler, 2012). All their employees should feel good about who they are and where they work.

Culture: One of the most important factors that motivate all the employees about their work is the culture of their company in which they work. Marriot is one of the leading hospitality industry and they provide all the best services to their customers. In order to improve their services they should have to maintain positive working environment (Soliman and Spooner, 2000). For this purpose they can encourage individual to share their work with each other. In addition to this, they can organize various fun activities in their company in order to make friendly culture. Further, birthday parties, New Year parties etc. should be celebrated in order to maintain good working environment.

Communication: It is essential for them to encourage effective communication between team members so that they can perform best. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings and confusions. It leads to decreasing performance of company and poor quality of service. The overall communication between team members should be précised and relevant.

Compensation: Marriot should compensate their employees in the form of good appraisals and rewards (Leopold, Harris and Watson, 2005). They should feel valued for the job they are doing. It helps in maintaining good relations between top management people as well as employees.

Healthy relation among employees promotes a positive ambience at a workplace and employees feel satisfied and happy at work. It helps the company in easily achieving their target as employees perform better.

Further they can adopt various strategies for their performance management system. It leads to provide improving performance of all their employees and further Marriot can attain larger market share (Camp, 2006). Various strategies can be adopted by company through which they can improve their performance management system. Performance management can be describes as a proactive partnership between employees and management that helps workers to perform their best. Companies are using different strategies for implementing for managing the performance of all their employees.

Motivating employees: Marriot is one of the largest hotels across the world and they needs to serve high quality service to all their employees. It is one of the best brand and they needs to maintain their brand reputation among all their customers (Larsen, Tonge and Lewis, 2007). In order to attain their objectives it is essential for the management team of company to adopt various strategies for performance management. Marriot can achieve the large scale productivity uplifts by engaging their people. This means managing individual performance and implementing a strategic performance management system fully supported by leadership team. They use to provide them various rewards and bonus in order to make them happy and motivated. One of the most important strategies of Marriot is their highly motivated employees. They always motivate their employees for their best performance and it helps them in gaining high job satisfaction.

Balance scorecard: They can use strategy of balance score card in order to maintain the record of the performance of all their workers. It is one of the best strategies mainly focuses on the four key areas i.e. financials, customers, internal processes in addition to learning and growth (Ahmad and Schroeder, 2002). It attempts to measure and provide feedbacks to organizations in order to assist in implementing strategies and objectives. It helps the company in translating mission and vision statements into a comprehensive set of objective and performance measures that can be quantified and appraised. Moreover, it mainly includes different categories of performance i.e. financial performance, customer value performance, employee performance. With the help of this tool Marriot can easily achieve their key business objectives.  Managers can make better long term decisions with the help of gathered data. It will provide quantitative results which are interpreted by managers and executives of company. Balance scorecard mainly evaluates the business vision and strategy and identifies all their performance categories. It helps in establishing objectives that support the business's vision and strategy. With the help of this tool company can develop effective measures and set their both long term and short term objectives (Karami, Analoui and Cusworth, 2004). They can create appropriate budget, tracking, communication and reward system. Company can take actions against all the unfavorable gaps by collecting and analyzing the performance data.

KPI: It is also a performance measurement tool which is known as a key performance indicator. It is a measureable value which determines that how effectively company can achieve their business objectives. KPI is a quantifiable matrix that reflects how well and organization is achieving its stated goals and objectives. When the goals of employees are defined in terms of an organizational KPI, it ensures that what the employee is doing is well aligned with the goals of organization (Dess and Gregory, 2005). It can be easily described as a critical link between employee performance and organization success. It is a meaning matrix for measuring organizational or employee performance. All rewards and recognition practices should be ties with the set KPI's of company.

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These are some of the best suitable strategies adopted by companies nowadays. Marriot use this strategy in order to motivate their employees and increase their performance level as well. In addition to this they can also adopt different strategies for reward in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of these operations. Moreover, reward strategies help them in improving performance as well as engaging their employees. Effective reward is not just about raising salaries but about increasing the performance level of all their employees. There are mainly four strategies used by companies i.e. compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation (Guest, 2001). All these strategies help the company in increasing the job satisfaction level of all their employees as well as motivation level. They can perform well if company makes them happy by giving them various benefits such as appraisals; bonus etc. when business owner thinks of reward system they mainly put compensation at the top of the list and adopt right strategy to provide them reward.  It includes an incentive compensation plan that directly linked to the goals of company and also includes some type of longer term reward for key individuals in an organization. Companies should have to exceed benefit level of all their competitors in order to attract and retain top workers. In addition to this, recognition and appreciation are also integral components of a winning strategic reward system. With the help of this strategy employees can easily go through their capabilities as well as their performance level (Linn, 2008). Moreover, it can be determined as showing appreciation to all the employees by acknowledging excellent performance and the kind of behavior they wants to encourage. Appreciating employees for their performance helps them in gaining their job satisfaction level. In addition to this strategic reward is based on the design and implementation of long term reward policies and practices.

Further, it can be clearly determined that Marriot always maintain good relations with their employees and try to retain them at best possible level. Moreover, there are several strategies for maintaining good employee relation as well as managing their performance level. It helps the company in enhancing their market share by performing all their tasks in an efficient manner (Mondy, 2008). They can also adopt different techniques to provide them rewards through which they can fell motivation and satisfied with their job.


H.R performance monitoring techniques

In any organization it is essential to monitor the performance of the entire workforce in order to attain their goals and objectives. Quality, productivity, training and customer satisfaction of company largely depends on the coordination and motivation of its staff. In order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of all their business operation it is essential for organization to monitor the performance of all their employees. There are different techniques for the same.

Timeliness: It is one of the best ways through which higher authority people can measure the performance of all their subordinators. This performance indicator should be used with caution (Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005). It can be determined as employees should complete their task on the given deadline. It helps them in achieving their target and obtaining larger market share.

Creativity: This is also an important measure through which the hotel can easily measure their performance level. Sometimes, it is difficult to quantify creativity as a performance indicator. It is necessary for supervisor to keep track of creative work and attempt to quantify them.

Adhere to policy: In order to monitor the performance of employees it is essential to find out that they are strictly following the policies of company or not.

In addition to this employee performance can be monitored by four ways i.e. watch employee work, ask for an account, ask employees to use self monitoring tools and review work in progress on a regular basis (Dess and Gregory, 2005). These are the four main tasks which help the company to monitor the employee's performance. With the help of the self monitoring tools they can keep track of their actions. They can also use project plans, activity logs and checklists in which they can mention the time limit and measure their self performance. Employees should be made responsible for providing proper services and it can be measured by their supervisors on regular basis.


Marriot can improve their quality of service and enhance their efficiency and effectiveness of all their business operations. They can adopt different strategies for maintaining positive relations with their employees. They can organize various fun activities and also hold group discussion sessions through which people can easily interact with each other. Moreover, it is possible to retain their employees by providing them monthly incentives on the basis of their monthly performance. They can also retain their staff members by personally discussing their issues. Top level officials of company should give them freedom to discuss all their problems with them so that they can feel motivated. Further, the performance of employees must be monitored on regular basis in terms of their work quality and quantity they have produced.


From the above report on Strategic Resource Management in organizations it has been concluded that Marriot always retains its employees in order to achieve their target. There are various techniques adopted by the company in order to recruit qualified and skilled employees as well as different retention techniques such as performance appraisals, culture etc. are in place. Different performance measuring techniques such as balance scorecard, KPI are used by Marriott through which they can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operation. Moreover, it has been determined that it is essential for it to develop effective HR planning strategies as well as different development models. It helps them in enhancing their market share.


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