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The hotel industry plays a vital role in society as it supplies the number of services to satisfy the customer's needs and wants effectively. Room division is adopted as the main aspect that has to be adopted by the hospitality sector in inadequate mode. The report highlights the case of Saba Hotel who has decided to open a new 4 starred 300- room property in Oxford. Thus, Room division operation management is required to focus on the project manager to target business consumers. The assignment focuses on accommodation and front office services that are delivered by the hotel as well as various legal requirements that are applied to room division operations. Apart from it, there are various key aspects of management and planning of the front house area that must be considered by the service industry is an efficient way (Byrnes, 2014). Room division staff members also adopt various sales techniques to promote their services and generate high revenues.

Task 1

1.1 Accommodation and Front office service for various organization


It is known as an important and major element of operation management in the hospitality sector. It involves the setting of standards that must be high in quality in housekeeping services to satisfy the needs and wants of customers. As Saba hotel is planning to open a new branch in Oxford it is necessary to provide full focus on accommodation facility which assists in enhancing their sales and client services to satisfy their wants. Thus, accommodation facilities are directly linked to generating high revenues for the hotel. Some of the accommodations are offered by the hospitality sector are:

  • Farm stay
  • Guesthouse facility
  • Holiday homes

Saba Hotel

white bread Hotel

They have a well-structured front house desk and also deliver the best accommodation facilities.

They have around 400 rooms and is well known among the customers.

They have a well-structured team on the front desk, but there is a lack of coordination.

It has good accommodation facilities but not as compared to Saba hotel.

Front office service

This type of service involves consumer registration, reception, and handling of guests in an effective manner. They carry out direct communication with the clients and have the duty to face all their complaints. They make sure that every customer remains satisfied while supplying quality services of food and beverages, accommodation, complaint handling, and escorting guests. Their main target is to present the conducive image of the hotel in front of their customers.

1.2 Roles and responsibilities of accommodation and services staff.

It is essential that hotel industry supply services in order to carry out their operations in a smooth manner. Saba hotel is opening a new room property in city in UK hence, being a project manager it is essential to identify the roles and responsibilities that must be fulfilled by accommodation and service staff members. Some are described below:

  • It is essential that hotels must ensure to deliver high-quality services to their customers in order to make them happy and satisfied. Hotel Saba is planning to target business customers therefore, it is necessary to focus on this area effectively.
  • Accommodation staff members of Saba hotel ensure that room and other areas remain neat and clean so that a positive impression is created on the customers.
  • Moreover, vacuum racks have to be cleaned so that business customers remain happy and can be retained for a longer period of time (Chambers and Smith, Intelligent Energy Solutions, 2015).

Various roles and responsibilities of front desk officers that are mentioned below:

  • Front office members have responsibilities to handle all clients properly by greeting them, listening to their complaints by making effective communication with them.
  • It is the duty of front office members to keep a record system of all members that are visiting that place. It is their responsibility to deliver correct and proper information to their customers.
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