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Resistance To Change

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Study of Changes in the Tesco

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Changes are integral aspects of organizations which improves the current performance of an entity. Tesco has been selected for this report which helps in explaining different angles of changes along with the resistance among different employees. The reasons behind the resistance have defined. Kotter’s change management process has followed along with various strategies followed by an enterprise in order to implement it in the business.

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Identify and examine why change is resisted and problematic to managed

Changes in the Tesco have two perspectives as it can affect the performance of the business entity in different ways (Bridges & Bridges, 2017). The business performance has affected both in positive or negative ways depending upon the situations. The changes are regarded as the integral aspects of organizations are which the whole business enterprise gets changed according to the turbulence created in its external environment. The thinking of an individual related to the changed will not gets changed. The changes in the organizations will disturb the normal functioning of an entity who are used to their traditional working practices. The comfortable working situations changes will results into resistance among different individuals. The changes created in an entity related to the mode of operation will affect an individual’s life. The lack of comfort at the workplace will induces the level of resistance when computers are given more preferences in automating the functions of an enterprise.

The change is resisted in different manner according to the convenience of an individual as they will resist with the new changes. There are various ways in which the resistance will be created by all the employees working in the same industry is given as below:

Relocation- the changes created in an enterprise related to the merger or acquisition of the current enterprise with other business (Emerson, Scott & Haddy, 2016). The employees who are comfortable in the current organization will not fund the same working place at another place. The fears of relocation will increases resistance among employees. At the same time this resistance may prove beneficial for an entity as in that case an entity will find new and creative ways in order to hold their employees. The resistance will further results into the positive outcomes through which an enterprise will find new and innovative ways to please their employees.

Working dynamics- It is regarded as one of the important approach in which the current politics within the enterprise from the side of top management will not be tolerable by an employee in another place. The increasing size of the employees will result into different rules and regulations and further dynamics created among the employees. The internal race among all the employees in beating each other to gain competitive advantage will get increases in the new firm which is exposed to the higher level.

Workload- This problem is one of the important problem faces by each and every individual who aims for achieving their target of the month which leads to immense pressure on them (Light, 2016). The increasing operations and working patterns will lead to higher amount of working load imposes on them. This is the reason which suppresses the confidence of an individual to support an entity in taking up new business opportunities. Supporting an entity in taking this opportunity will in turn increases the skills and capabilities of an individual. Beating the workload will enhancing the skills of a person when they face higher level of complexities. The higher exposure will be gained by an individual while working with the same entity in their new situations which further enhances their skills and redefine their existing knowledge.

Relationship between power and resistance in the organizational context

According to the study of Yekani, (2016) which states that resistance is essential part of an organization which needs to be managed by show casing the positive factors of the changes in front of different employees. The employees are representatives of an entity which needs to be satisfied as this will help an organization in meeting different needs of their clients. The dissatisfaction among employees will be transformed into satisfaction by changing the negative and unsatisfying situations. The changes implemented in an entity need to be execute after informing their employees. The personnel are regarded as precious elements of the corporation who will determine the success or failure of an entity. An entity can make or destroy their future by forming good or bad decisions in a particular year.

Horcajo & Luttrell, (2016) has asserted that there is clear relationship among the resistance of all the employees and the power and control exercise by the management. Top administration play an integral role in the business enterprise in reducing the negative effects of the changes takes places in the business life of an enterprise. The management held responsible for informing all the positive factors of the future changes to be incurred in an entity in order to boost the confidence of different employees. The resistance to change among various customers increases when they think only negative thoughts about the business enterprise. The level of control imposed by an entity in improving the current conditions of resistance among variety of employees will determines the future step to be taken in the near future.

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Gorman, (2016) has suggested that control will be placed on both the end before and after the changes takes places in an entity. The proper level of control followed by the business will determine their next step in which the resistance will be improved or gets increases. The nature of control will decided the further step to be taken by all the employees in reducing resistance levels among different set of employees working in the same entity. The power will be imposes by an entity according to the nature and maturity levels of all the employees. A parent will treat their child in the friendly manner in order to improve their child to follow all the rules and regulations and accepted the changes in their life (Bridges & Bridges, 2017). The employees will accept the changes in their normal working practices with some time as this will not changes in one day. It can be said that time is good healer who fills up the gaps and wounds in the lives of an individual’s due to the external changes created in their lives. The changes in the organizations have different impact on the lives of an individual’s such as pains and sorrows, losing peer group. The loss faced by the employer with the changes occurred in their entity will hamper the overall productivity of the organization. The hampered productivity of an enterprise will be improved by adopting various principles to be used that induces the overall productivity of all individuals along with the overall performance of an enterprise. The supervision control places by the employer in regulating the performance of all individuals by indulging them in different activities. The activities will be organizes in an entity that helps in gaining higher employee satisfaction among different employees within the same enterprise.

Analyze the ethics of managerial and resistant position

The management framed code of practice which needs to be followed by different individuals working in an enterprise (Light, 2016). The ethics prescribed by the head of the organizations in order to facilitate their users to continue their existence in the same entity for long time purpose. The change can be managed in an enterprise by adopting two approaches according to different business situations. The proactive approach followed by an entity in which an enterprise will alert their operations for facing immense competition in the future. The uncertain situations like recession or inflation cannot be predicted by the business will results into reactive actions.

There are two major influencers of the changes takes places in an entity such as internal or external changes in the business enterprise.These different forces are analyzed who will play a significant role in the event of changes. The poor financial performance of the business is the basic reason of changes to be occurred not in the favor of an entity as the business will fully held responsible for their actions (Horcajo & Luttrell, 2016). The bankruptcy is the final consequences of the poor financial performance which needs to be improved in order to avoid future consequences.Risk needs to be managed which helps in increasing higher risks to be incurred in the near future. The crisis created on an entity due to lack of financial resources held by an entity in the back up. The internal deficiency would lead to deterioration of future performance of an entity. Another problem which is regarded as the major problem currently faces by an organization due to lack of innovation. The innovation is that weapon which can be used by an entity in order to attract wide number of customers towards an enterprise.

Apart from defining various internal forces responsible for creating changes in the existing business of an enterprise. The changes created in the external market are regarded as dangerous which cannot be controlled or managed by an individual. The external risks are complicated and difficult as compared with the risks faced by an entity in the internal business environment. Changes created in the legal and political environment will create disturbances in the performance of the business (Rafferty & Jimmieson, 2016). The changes in rules and the regulations cannot be controlled as the framing of laws will not be stopped by an employer. The observation will be conducted by an individual in terms of changes takes places in laws and the regulations.The passing of new legislations need to be regulated in order to implement them in their business to get competitive advantage over various rivals. The technology will be reviewed by an entity as the changing of technology can spoil the current business of an entity. The changes takes places in the lifestyle of different customers will affect the business performance of an entity. This needs to be improved by taking feedbacks from variety of customers and then crafted strategies to cater their needs.

Assess the implications of managerial and resistant position for achieving effective change management programmed

The change management model of famous researcher Kotter’s eight step model is based on application of change management process in the business entity. The various steps of this particular models includes creates urgency, powerful coalition, creating vision for change, informing the vision, eradicating obstacles, developing short term goals, building change and anchoring the change (Bridges & Bridges, 2017). It is a process of change management in which the problems and basic issues faced by an entity are analyzed which further enhances the role of an entity in order to take new business opportunities in form of applying the changes in their organization.

There are various strategies to be followed by an entity in order to apply effective change management program by using different strategies. The strategies are crafted by an entity which helps in improving the business performance of an entity which is given as below:

Communication- It is regarded as one of the important approach to be followed by an entity in which the changes will be communicated in advance to all the existing employees. The gaps among employer and employees will be resolved by talking with each other. The basic aim of an entity is to maintain their productivity which gets achieved by showcasing positive aspects of the external changes among different set of employees.

Training- It is that tool which helps in enhancing the business performance of all the employees in order to prepare them for facing future complexities (Yekani, 2016). The computer training will be given to all the employees who are currently working manually. The HR manager will be trained in order to handle all the business transactions by automating the overall work transactions in the business enterprise. The support of an entity is essential in improving the business performance.


It can be summarized from above project report that changes occurred in the business enterprise which can be controlled by making various decisions. The different reasons of the changes in an entity have explained in order to redefine the existing business. The change management processes has followed in order to execute the Kotter’s process in an entity.


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