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Samsung Company deals with electronics, technology, and chemicals. This company was started in 1938 in South Korea and has grown from a medium firm into a multi-billion company that has 26 manufacturing branches across the world. Samsung has been successful due to synergy of operations and it combines expertise, communication, and technology to make better products which are satisfactory to the clients. The company aims at entering the UK market through a promotional plan so as to increase brand recognition. Some of the strategies that Samsung has decided to use in the UK involve sponsoring major games such as the Olympics and the premier league teams. Therefore, this company aims at exploiting global qualities and substantial information and knowledge so as to penetrate the UK market by developing high – tech products which target the middle and the high-end clients. The success of these plans is anchored on a good communication scheme that is meant to inform the customer and all the stakeholders on the decisions made by the company. This article is divided into four section in which the first part expounds on how to assess information and knowledge needs in relations to Samsung. Section two talks about ways of creating strategies so as to increase personal networking while Chapter three outlines the development of communication processors and the last part of the article summarizes the design and modification of an appropriate information system.

LO1: How to Assess Information and Knowledge Needs

Decisions that Samsung Senior management team has to undertake to ensure the success of their UK market penetration plan

Samsung Company began in 1938 in South Korea and has expanded tremendously across the global to become of the leading companies dealing with electronics. The Company has ventured in the UK through a promotional plan that is meant to increase the brand recognition through sponsoring major sporting events and Barclay’s premier league teams. Also, the company has done extensive marketing through TV, TFL buses, underground stations, etc. Therefore, for this audacious plan to become a reality the senior management team at Samsung must undertake various decisions which include; marketing objectives, marketing strategies, product and market scope, company target and pricing decisions (Dean and Sharfman 1993, p590). For the success of the promotional plan, the management must first decide the objectives behind the marketing strategies and then working towards the set objectives. For the case of the Samsung Company, their purpose for the promotional plan in the UK is to increase the brand recognition.

Once the company has set the aim of the marketing strategy, the management team should then come up with marketing strategies to implement. Marketing strategies are the means through which the set objectives can be achieved. Samsung Company has decided to use marketing means such as sponsorship of major sports in the UK such as the Olympics games, sponsoring of premier league teams, use of television advertisement, use of brochures, posters at bus stations, etc. The third decision the management has to come up with is the product and market scope which expounds on the product that the company aims to sell in the new market. For the case of Samsung, the company has decided to deal with electronics which includes displays and mobile phones. Another decision that the management should consider is that it should set targets which include; sales targets, market targets, etc. The last decision to make is about the price that the company should sell its products after marketing and distribution to the customers. By making well-informed decisions then the promotion plan will manifest. Also, right choices are made if available information is interpreted well.

It is worth to mention that decisions that Samsung Company needs to make can be categorized into five types i.e. programmed decisions, non – programmed decisions, strategic decisions, tactical decisions and operational decisions (Saaty 1990, p.15). Programmed decisions are arrived at following preset standards while the non – programmed decisions do not follow a particular route. Strategic decisions affect a long-term situation of the company and need to be undertaken very carefully while the operational decisions involve short-term decisions and the tactical decisions are the decisions undertaken by a company when implementing strategies, for example, the decision made by Samsung to use a promotional plan to increase their brand recognition in the UK is a tactical decision.

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