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Case Study

The leadership process at IBM started y developing initial plans. In this Gerstner visited companies offices all over the world. After that policies were changed to create a different working environment in IBM. Along with this, cost was reduced by taking effective measures (Hill and Schilling, 2014) Gerstener removed some restrictions and allowed employee to work freely. This helped in reducing conflicts and creating a better working environment. Moreover, they focused on increasing goodwill so that organisation can grow and develop.

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Before Gerstener became CEO, employee have to follow rules and regulations very strictly. They have to wear formal dress. Also, 10000 employees were laid off by company. There was no elements such as culture, teamwork, etc. implemented in IBM. Gerstener transformed work culture by allowing supervisors to take decisions. This made it easy to perform daily business operations. Also, Gerstener modified policies and developed team work. It helped in working effectively with supervisor. There was flexibility in dress code. Employee were given more freedom to discuss and solve work related affairs (Bettis and Mitchell, 2016) Yes, leadership style played crucial role in this. Due to this it was easy to work together and taking effective decisions.

When Gerstener arrived he first of all analysed that there was some key elements such as team work, culture, etc. missing in work culture. This was due to leadership style that was followed by leader. So he focused on leadership development. This was the issue that was hindering IBM loss. Thus, by following delegated leadership style it allowed supervisors to take daily decisions. Also, by changing traditional of IBM it enabled workers to work freely. Therefore, it helped in changing overall work culture. It was beneficial for IBM as it improved employee performance. It fostered future leader by creating and example on organisation culture can be influenced by changing leadership style. It showed leader on how developing culture, teamwork overall productivity of organisation can be enhanced (Wheelen and Bamford, 2017).

Leader plays a vital role in motivating employee to achieve goals and objectives. They are responsible for creating a better working environment and improving organisation culture. In today challenging business situation it is very important that leader focus on their commitments. It will help in encouraging employees to put more efforts. It also describes leader efforts in achieving goals. Leader must be having strong skills and capability to lead (Lasserre, 2017). Thus, creating futuristic leaders is essential as it helps in driving growth.

I will suggest that IBM leader should not impose restriction on employees to work. They must motivate them to work together so that culture can be maintained. Also, they must change leadership style according to change in business situation. Leader should focus on teamwork so that it improves employees performance. They must develop plans for the future. Besides this, participative style must be followed so that employee can take effective decisions.

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