Introduction Performance bond or other type of guarantee in which the guarantor effectively becomes a co-signatory to the underlying contract is considered as the contract of mortgage and guarantee (Schneeman, 2012). And unlike... Continue reading

  • Published: 21 Dec , 2018
  • Type: Minor Case Study

Corporate Law

Introduction to Corporate World Corporation Act 2001 is a regulation which binds business entities into legal obligations and duties. It is  important for the organisations to abide by the each of the provisions of the act... Continue reading

  • Published: 01 Sep , 2018
  • Type: Assignment

Mining and Energy Law

Introduction to Forms of Law In this present world era, there are diverse areas in  which the law operates. There are different types and forms of law which can be specific in nature and can be characterised as civil law, ... Continue reading

  • Published: 06 Jul , 2018
  • Type: Assignment

Immigration law

Introduction to Immigration law Immigration law is set of rules and regulations for the individuals who had entered and get settled in UK. Generally migrants are of two types i.e. individual seeking asylum as their home country... Continue reading

  • Published: 28 Sep , 2017
  • Type: Essay

Business Law of Managers

Introduction to Business Law of Managers Business law can be defined as the law that applies on business entities such as corporations and partnership. It deals with the start up of new business and the problems that takes plac... Continue reading

  • Published: 28 Aug , 2017
  • Type: Assignment
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