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Effective management of communication in organisation is the key for successful business. Sharing knowledge and information are the part of business activity. Effective communication system helps the employees in sharing their views with the top management. The sharing of information and knowledge assist the management in effective decision making. These also help in creating strategy to improve personal networking. These tools support in building strong communication system so that information can be communicated effectively. These also provide support in gathering information through different sources. Effective communication system helps in improving system related to information and knowledge.


1.1 Discuss the range of decisions to be taken

Company can improve its existing process of information and knowledge with help of the latest technology (Hislop, 2013). Organisations should focus on new areas such as decision making, innovation and problem solving. Effective decision making helps the company in controlling its processes. Organisation should train their staff for better decision making and provide them with support so that they can take decision without criticizing their activity. Company can also use following decision terms:

Strategic decisions – These decisions affect the overall activity of business. Strategic decisions are long term direction for the company. For example, British Airways acquired other company.

Tactical decisions – These decisions are taken in day to day operation of the business for solving small problems. Further, they are considered for the short term implementation of a strategy.

1.2 Information and knowledge needed for effective decision making

Information is the base of any decision in the organisation. On the basis of available information, management is required to take decisions. Information play important role in the success and failure of decisions (Burke, 2013). Organisation has complex processes which need high level of information and knowledge for making any kind of decisions. Market is changing rapidly and in order to respond with such market situation company requires information of market. Organisation divides its work among different departments. Their managers have different kind of responsibilities and require huge knowledge and information to take decisions. Organisation's output totally depends on the decisions of the top management. Appropriate information and knowledge can help the company in gaining competitive advantages. These also help in innovating something new and enhancing others knowledge.

1.3 Internal and external sources of information

Every organisation requires internal and external information in order to make effective long term and short term decisions. Internal information is gathered from internal sources of the company. External information can be collected from various outsides sources such as customers, society, government authorities and competitors (Newell, Robertson and Swan, 2009). Company can use following internal sources for gathering information:

Financial information – These are the information related with profit and loss of the company in a financial year. These also include cost of product, wages, payments and income and expenses.

Marketing information – This information is used to identify success of goods and services. Marketing information also includes sales in particular time, customer’s satisfaction, market growth, etc.

Administration information – Administration information helps in understanding the ability of individuals and their quality as well. These focus on experience, training, skills, career information and personal details of the employees.

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1.4 Recommendations for improvement

For increasing effectiveness of information, organisation should follow below explained recommendations:

Quality – The information which is used by the management must be qualitative because it is the base for further decisions (Desouza and Awazu, 2006). The information should gathered be in an effective manner so that management can trust on it. It also needs to be reliable and accurate.

Relevance – The information provided either by external or internal sources should be relevant to the problem of the company. It should be related with the concerning area of the business. The information should also be related with product and services of the company.

Completeness –It should be completed in all aspects because incomplete information can result to wrong decisions. Completeness of information means that it is adequate to resolve any issue.

Timeliness – The information which is gathered either from internal or external sources should be available when required.


2.1 Stakeholders for decision making process

Stakeholders are the individual and group which directly and indirectly are connected with operations of the company. These play an important role in decision making of the company. Stakeholders of company can be internal and external (Ismail Al-Alawi, Yousif Al-Marzooqi and Fraidoon Mohammed, 2007). Following are the stakeholders which are related with decision making process of the organisation:

Customers – These are the external stakeholders for the company. These stakeholders are considered while taking decision related to price for the product and services, distribution channels and quality of the products.

Employees – They are directly related with operation of the business. Many decisions of the company are related with employees such as salary, leaves, bonus, allowances and working conditions.

Shareholders – These are the owner of the company and are directly related with the decision making process. Decision related to dividend and rate of shares have direct connection with shareholders.

Government – These include authorities of the government which keep close eye on operation of the business. Tax rates, rules and regulation are the part of organisation's decision making process.

2.2 Stakeholders relation with business

Organisation needs support from its stakeholders in order to achieve its objectives. For maintaining relation between stakeholders and management, company is required to identify its stakeholder (Williams, 2011). After that it divides them into different segment based on their nature. Following are the structure for maintaining good relationship with stakeholder and getting maximum result:

Identify the stakeholder – Company is required to collect information about its stakeholder so that they can develop proper way of communication.

Understand needs of stakeholders –The firm should focus on understanding the needs of its stakeholders. It helps the business to identify the necessity of information for the stakeholders.

Engagement of company – Organisation should focus on improving the way of communication with customers. Company should use two way communications for exchanging information.

Monitoring – Effective engagement of company can be monitored through feedbacks of the customers and other stakeholders.

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2.3 Involvement of stakeholder's in decision making process

Involvement of stakeholders in the decision making helps the company in increasing its authority and enhancing their knowledge. This involvement of stakeholders in business decision making helps the stakeholders to better understand the position of firm. Involvement of stakeholders provides guidelines to take corrective actions to the organisation (Peffers, Rothenberger and Chatterjee, 2007). It also helps the company in understanding corporate social responsibility towards society. The purpose behind involving stakeholder is to improve firm's financial performance. Stakeholders provide help in making long term decisions for better outcomes.

Involving stakeholders in decision making process help in making the business successful. Different stakeholders provide different types of solution for a problem so company have alternative solutions to solve any problems. Involvement of stakeholders in decision making process can result to decrease communication gap and increasing the mutual understanding.

2.4 Strategies for improvement

Company can improve its relation and management with the stakeholders in the following ways:

Employees – Company should arrange meetings and seminars in order to improve relation with employees. Organisation should also invite ideas and suggestion from employees side so that mutual understanding will increase. They should provide equal opportunities for growth and safety for the job.

Customers – In order to improve relation with customers, company should identify customer's need and wants. They should provide healthy and affordable products to customers (Adams, Bessant and Phelps, 2006). Firms should focus on evaluating customer complains in the more effective way.

Government – Company is required to focus on fair business practices in order to create good relation with the government. Organisation should pay its taxes on time and follow rules and regulation set by the government.


3.1 Existing process of communication in the organisation

At Omega Airlines, there is good communication between superior and subordinates. They are always ready for discussion on any kind of issues. There is formal communication between them but there is lack of proper communication between supervisor and representative. They are not cooperating with each other and this resulted in delay of implementing effective customer services (Ruggles, 2009). Tom Ballard is in other department and is not coordinating with Leigh Randell who works as supervisor. In this organisation, lack of horizontal communication system affects the exchange of information and knowledge in the company. Ballard is not providing information which is required by Randell. He thinks that sharing information with other employee is waste of time and only provides information to the person to whom he reports.

Omega Airlines can use formal communication at different level of organisation. Company should provide guidelines to all employees that they must share information to any employee or superior of the company.

3.2 Way to improve appropriateness

Omega Airlines have scope of improving the communication system. These can help the company in getting innovative ideas and suggestion from its employee (Bennett, 2010). Following are the ways to improve appropriateness of the organisation:

Sharing of information – Company can improve its appropriateness by the information to needed employees. Company should focus on inviting employees' suggestion in order to improve the system in the organisation.

Improve passenger service personnel –problem has been identified that paperwork procedures for boarding passenger’s takes long time and it result in delay in flight departures. It increases ground time of the flight. Company should focus on efficient boarding procedure so that ground time can be reduced for the flights. Company should also focus on satisfaction of passengers.

Improve reply policy – As provided in case study that Ballard is not replying the memos of Randell. Omega Airlines should provide strict guidelines with regards to cooperation among employees (Eppler, 2006). Company should decide time period for replying to any memo.

3.3 Implement improvement to ensure greater integration

Omega face communication problems between employees and this directly impact the operation of the company. Company should focus on improving the communication system and following are the options available to the company:

Two way communication process – In this type of communication process, one is sender and another is receiver. Sender sends the message to the receiver and gets reply on that massage. In this process, both are positively involved in sharing of information with each other.

Circle communication process – This communication process is continuous process because information passes on regular basis. In this, one sender passes information with many receivers.

Omega Airlines should use two way communication process in order to increase and improve its communication quality (Borghoff and Pareschi, 2013). In this situation, two way communication help Randell in get information about specific procedures, cost and time for boarding passengers. In this process, it is the responsibility of Ballard to reply to the memos of other employees.

3.4 Personal plan to improve own communication skills

In order to improve own communication skill, I would focus on enhancing the knowledge and information for a particular field. I would also focus on developing a skills of engaged listener in order to improve my communication skills. This will help in understanding the message of other person. This will also helps me in taking better judgement. I would also focus on improving facial expression in order to effectively deliver the thought and ideas. Assertive expression helps in clear communication and boosting self-esteem. It is also necessary to identify own needs and wants for learning in order to improve communication. I would also focus on satisfy other person by replying them on their questions (Dalkir, 2013). It will help in boosting the motivation level. For effective communication it is necessary to handle problems efficaciously.


4.1 Existing approaches of information and knowledge

Omega Airlines is considering research as an approaches of collecting information and knowledge. Many firms use traditional approaches for distributing information and knowledge. These can create huge problems in functioning of the company. In this organisation, lack of coordination is main problem which results in ineffective distribution system. Company is also using wrong approaches for inspection and paperwork which result in delay in flight timing. Use of such approaches is also a reason for dissatisfaction among the passengers. Lack of proper system is cause for increasing ground time for flights. There are also problems with collecting information. This can further increase the cost and time for boarding passengers. Lack of information is a result of long procedures of paperwork (Rowley and Hartley, 2008). This can be reduced by using efficient boarding procedure. Company also face problem with communication system. This is the main way of transferring information from one source to another source. There is lack of coordination between employees. This is because of ego of service representative towards supervisor of in-flight services.

4.2 Appropriate change to improve approaches of information and knowledge

Omega airlines are required to change its existing approaches in order to establish effective system. Company can conduct experiment of delivering varied services of passengers in order to identify alternative available for the business. Company can change some parameters for making easy paperwork. Organisation can also conduct survey so that they can collect information for improving the areas which needs improvement. Results of survey can help the company in decision making. For improving existing approaches company can increase participation and engagement of employees in activity of business (Coombs, 2014). For effective collection of information, Omega Airlines can take feedbacks from its passengers. Company should use problem oriented approach and methods such as traditional and innovative. The information should be kept in database so it can easily retrieve when required. Company can use database such as electronic database, web resources and digital libraries. Organisation should focus on proper formatting of information so that it could be understandable to all employees.

4.3 Implementation of a strategy to improve access to system of information and knowledge

Business has many options to improve its information and knowledge system. Organisation can use digital technology to get maximum information resources. The company should focus on creating effective leadership style and management. Effective leadership can develop by providing responsibilities and training to its employees (Ting-Toomey and Chung, 2012). This leadership style helps the company in gaining competitive advantage. Business should also focus on creating an organisational culture which helps in collecting information through different sources. This information can assist the company in tactical decision making. Firm is required to focus on identifying the quality of individuals. It will help the company in long term decision making related to training and development of employees. Organisation needs to share effective e-business strategy in order to maximise the knowledge management. This type of strategy helps the company for creating new business for the firm.


Every organisation needs good quality of information and knowledge in order to take correct decisions. Information and knowledge is wide area of study and quite vital in the modern era. Organisation need to take decisions on the basis of finding from information. There are various sources for collecting information which can be internal and external for business. Company takes its decisions by involving its stakeholders. It becomes easy for every firm to find solution for every problem.


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