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Information Technology

  • Managing Information and Technology

    Introduction To Managing Information And Technology Managing information and technology consists of the basic functions of management like staffing, budgeting but it also includes unique functions to such as Software development, change management, network planning and technology support. It it...ReadMore

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  • Impact IT on business

    Introduction to Information technology Information technology is use of different systems and software in the organisation to store relevant data, manage information and transfer of data in the organisation  Information technology is having vast scope and it largely contribute in success of...ReadMore

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  • Managing Communication, Knowledge & Information

    INTRODUCTION Effective management of communication in organisation is the key for successful business. Sharing knowledge and information are the part of business activity. Effective communication system helps the employees in sharing their views with the top management. The sharing of information...ReadMore

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  • Comparison of Telecommunication Organizations

    Introduction to Comparison of Telecommunication Organizations Big Data today is one of the leading phenomenons in the world of information technology, as it has changed the face of working styles of organizations in this industry (Lu, 2008). Big Data basically is a tool wherein, companies record,...ReadMore

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  • Networking Operating System

    Introduction to Networking Operating System Network operating system can be defined as types of software that manages and monitor the activities of different type of software as well as hardware programs. These all are the different programs that used to run on the particular network and it is...ReadMore

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  • Internet and E-business

    Introduction to Internet and e business Internet has become an inseparable element of the business. All firms are performing their operation by using the internet and its applications. The purpose of this report is to understand the scope of the e-business. It will explain how the internet works...ReadMore

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