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Human resource management is the main factor of any enterprises, there are various functions and operation which are controlled and operated by department (Ellison and Boyd, 2013). Human resource department is the heart of any organisation because it perform crucial activities of company in effective manner. It organise various types of interview process in order to recruit and select employee according to the requirement made by company in proper way. It also implement new and innovative method of training which aid to increase the working efficiency of different employee working in company. Rowlinson knitwear is organisation which deals to provide various types of cloths to schools going children and also provide dresses to different corporate office employee. In this report it explains about the different role and responsibility and various legislation which are implemented by government in order to protect rights and duties of different employee, strength and weaknesses of different methods of recruitment and selection, maintaining employee relation among organisation and many others (Cavusgil and et. al., 2014).

Task 1

P1 The purpose and functions of HRM that relevant for workforce planning and resourcing

HRM plays an important roles in order to accomplish different operation and functions of organisation in proper manner. This department is took control over various department of any organisation. It control and manage different types of function of organisation in effective manner. It is responsibility of HR manager is to conduct different types of training session which helps to increase the skills and knowledge of existing employee as well as newly recruited employee. They put their effort in order to accomplish goals and objectives of organisation in stipulated time period. The HR manager of Rowlinson knitwear focus on demand and desire which is made by different customer. It provide improved quality of clothes which are used by different clothes and employee who are working in different corporate office. HR manager of organisation put their effort to improve the quality of different clothes which are provided by company to their loyal customer. HR manger perform its different types of roles and responsibilities in order to prepare effective plan to develop the premises of organisation and also able to increase the performance of company in effective manner. It concentrate over the different types of trends which is ascertain by different rivals which are present in the market and implement various strategies in order to compete those rivals (Hewitt, 2014).

Purpose of Human Resource management

The main purpose of HR manager of company is to control and manage various types of functions and operations which are perform at workplace of enterprises in proper way. It prepare different types of plan and policies which are used to build strong relationship with customer as well as well as well as employee working in the organisation in proper manner. There are various purpose of human resource management are explains below:

Create better culture of organisation: As there are different employee coming from different culture so the main purpose of HR manager is to define the culture of organisation and guide their employee to perform their duty according to the culture of company. The HR manager put its effort in order to create a dynamic environment which helps employee to perform their work in effective way.

Law: Management of organisation implement various laws and legislation which are made by organisation. So employee needs to follow those rules and regulation in proper way. There are various types of rules and regulations which is made by the government and HR manager needs to follow these rules and regulations which aid in proper running of business (Benn, Edwards and Williams, 2014).

People management: The human resource department of Rowlinson knitwear regulate their employee according to their skills and knowledge so that they can perform their work in proper way. It aids to increase the productivity of organisation in proper manner.

Stakeholders: There are different stake holder of organisation which took part in performing different types of activities of organisation in proper manner. It aids to maximise the profit of company.

Giving appraisals to employee. HR manager of monitor the performance of employee and give them appraisals and reward to employee on the basis of their performance.
Functions of Human Resource department

HR manager of Rowlinson knitwear perform different functions and operations of organisation in proper manner. It aid to increase the profitability of organisation in stipulated time period. It also helps in improve the quality and design of different clothes which are provided to students and corporate officials (Ross, 2017).

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