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Support The Recruitment, Selection And Induction Of Staff

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Process of Staff Recruitment

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Every organization have to recruit best person for the right job which are helpful to meet their corporate goals and objectives. They have to conduct proper selection process in order ton appoint workers. Recruitment is conducted in order to filling the vacant positions. Interview process is completed in three stages which help companies to recruit best person.


1. In every recruitment and selection process it is necessary to mention the job description which is able to attract people. Through this it is prove that recruitment process is lawful and candidates trust that job offer is genuine. With the help of job description candidates can easily understand that for which job profile they are going to select.

2. Step1- Every company have to vacant job or evaluate that for which job they conduct recruitment process.  
    Step2- After identify vacancy then evaluate needs. This is a important step which have to follow by most of the companies.  
    Step3- After that organization needs to develop recruitment plan which is the final step in selecting person for the job.    

3. In most of the companies recruitment process is conducted by the senior managers so that before starting recruitment process consent of senior managers is important (Smith, 2013). Vacant job can be fulfil with the effective recruitment process which only conducted with the permission of senior management.

4. Via internet- It is best option for advertise recruitment process. It is the fastest way to introduce people about their selection or recruitment process. Most the people are use internet so that they can easily get information about it.

Via print media- Companies can advertise their recruitment process through releasing add in newspapers, magazines and visual and audio media.
Via college recruitment- College recruitment play an important role in advertise recruitment process in order to aware people about this process.  

5. Some candidates are shortlisted who have attractive skills and knowledge. Company select people who able to meet the requirement of them. Person who are experienced in same job and having attractive skills and knowledge those are shortlisted for the selection.   

6. Every company wants to select best person for the job. Firstly, they conduct interview process which is help by senior members and then shortlisted candidates on the basis of their skills and knowledge and at last select best person for the right job.

7. Various types of information are provided to the applicant when organizing an interview for the job position such as full description of job profile, working days, salary packages, working environment, number of existing employees and much more.

8. Existing employees are able to provide lots of information about company which is necessary for new workers. New members are able to collect information like working environment, salary procedure, leave taking procedure, behaviour of their senior members and much more. These informations are helpful for new employees to take corrective decision regarding join firm or not.

9. If new members are consult with their new members then are able to collect lots of information which is beneficial for them. Existing employees are helpful to provide some important information which is beneficial to gaining.

10. There are several measures which can be taken for maintaining the confidentiality of the applicants so that they can manage the privacy of them. Organisation can take several steps like installing various authenticated software which are specialised in privacy protection of their customers (Naris and Ukpere, 2010). As if the applicants will see that there is safety in giving private information to the entity then they can make various steps in order to maintain the confidentiality. Goodwill of entity can be increased if such improved steps has been taken by its management. Better performance of any enterprise can only be ensured if such entity is performing improved and integrated operations then its performance in the market can also be increased.

11. Recruitment and selection process can provide better employees to any entity. As it consists a number of business management process through which any candidate could be selected hence it can be said that recruitment and selection process if maintained in a better way then it can provide better efficiency and productivity to any entity. As skilled workers can perform well as compared with those who are not skilled enough (Ingersoll and Strong, 2011). There are several legislation which can guide recruitment and selection process of any entity. Such legislation frameworks provides guidelines which are mandatory to be followed by entities. These are mentioned below:

  • Equal Pay Act, 1970
  • Disability Discrimination Act, 1995
  • Equality Act, 2006

12. There are several methods through which any entity and human. Successful applicant have to join the company and improve their performance as well. And unsuccessful applicant have to prepare something and try to improve their skills and knowledge. They share their views with new members as well as existing members who are going to join the company.  

13. Employee training is the very important section of the company, for the company the new employee must be the first priority (Bireda and Chait, 2011).  

  • It save the lot of money and time, if the employee start the duties quickly then they can save money and time.
  • Reduce the employment turnover.
  • It ensures the operational efficiency of the company.

14. There are three stages of the interview process as followings:

  • Introduction of interview- First stage includes introduction of interviewee and interviewer to each other.
  • Working phase- This stage involves data gathering about interviewee.
  • Closing of interview- It contains indication of ending interview and last chance to share and self expression.

15. Selection report- Selection report is like a document containing information about selection process. It contains list of all questions asked during  interview, referee check and other needed documents. It is used to convey the recommendation by recruitment panel. This report makes the recruitment decision unbiased and fair.


1. Every job description and advertisement which companies are released for recruitment of people are needs be meet with legislative requirements. Through this candidates must ensures that the job description is genuine. If it is not match with the organizations must ensure that advertise must be meet to the legislative requirement.   
2. Various types of methods are used by sally's job vacancy in order to recruitment best person for the job. It can mostly use two types of methods for advertisement which are as follows:

Media advertisement

This is the fastest method to provide  which is able to provide information towards their targeted audience (Alhija and Fresko, 2010). With the help of this platform organization can deliver their important information to people. It include print media, TV and radio.    

College selection

It is the method which is used by most of the companies. Through this companies can directly interact with students and after conducting interviews they can able to select best students for their job. They can use this method for advertisement as well as select employees for company.

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3. After conducting interviews companies can select person and shortlisted them on the basis of their skills, knowledge and experience (Swart and Kinnie, 2010). This one the step of selection process which help organization to select best employees for the job. Develop interviews question by them on the basis they can select person. If any one of them are solve those question then that candidate would be directly disqualified or able to select for the job. Selection panel is responsible to conduct systematic process for selection in order to choose right person for the right job.   

4. The sally's recruitment process timeline is realistic because it has proper selection formate which attract large number of people towards their organization. The formate of selection process is attractive and genuine through which they can select best candidates for their organization. They provide an opportunity to people to join best company and earn attractive salary. The main reason of realistic company is it can follow proper and systematic method for select employees.  

5. Sally select candidates after shortlisted them and then conducting final interviews. After the final interviews they choose three person for their company. But these candidates are no turn up. For the same purpose they continuously try to contact them and try to convince them towards job (Sahlberg, 2011). The best action which they choose is try to contact and convince them. The action which is taken by sally must be in the interest of organization. These three applicants are able to join company which is beneficial for them to meet corporate goals and objectives.


1. Recruitment timeline is helpful for every organization which is necessary to be maintain by them in order to select best person for the job. Carline motors needs to recruit regional sales manager for the Sydney location (Petit, Roczniak-Ferguson and Ferguson, 2013). The candidates must have attractive skills and knowledge which is helpful for company.
2. In order to select candidates Carline motors used various types of techniques which are helpful for them to select best person for the job. Two types of techniques which they use to select regional sales managers are as follows:

  • Higher authorities are have to review the resumes of their candidates before they arrive and select them on the basis of their qualification and experience. This is the best techniques which is opted by most of the companies. This method is useful for them to choose best person for the right job.  
  • Higher authorities are have to spend much time with each and every candidates. Through this techniques they are able to get knowledge about their each person. With the help of this method they can identify candidates weaknesses and strength through they have to allot work them accordingly.

3. Some question which are set by the organization in order to recruit regional sales manager are as follows:

  • Define your past working experience like what you need to do there, what experience you gain and what is your past job profile.
  • What is your basic qualification and how much much experience you have.
  • From which subjects you completed your last qualification and which subject you like the most.
  • What your strength and weaknesses which having on the business organization.
  • Define your management skills and knowledge.
  • What you know about skills and abilities are required for the regional sales manager.

4. Telephonic interviews are the first step of every interview process which is most conducted by HR of the company. HR of Carline motors have to conducted telephonic interviews for the regional sales manager profile. The questions which they ask are as follows:

  • Explain about your self like qualification, hobbies and family background.
  • How much experience you have and what's your job profile there.
  • What you know about the Carline motors company.
  • What is your expected salary.
  • Why you want to join this company.

5. On the basis of recruitment process two applicants are selected from 4. these two selected employees have some attractive skills and which rest of two don't have the same. Firstly, company shortlisted them and select few of them. Members of Carline motors shortlisted 4 applicants but two from the them.  
6. Also they draft an a letter for unselected applicants in order to ensure them leave the door open for the future better opportunities are waiting for them.  
7. Carline motor provide induction for their new employees in order to provide training to them (Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff. 2017). Which is important part in organization for improve their skills and knowledge.  


On the basis of above report it has been concluded that, every organization have to recruit best person for the right job. The selection of candidates are depends on the recruitment process. Firstly, they need to shortlisted candidates then select few of them on the basis of their skills and knowledge. Also companies conducted induction programme for their new employees in order to provide proper training to them.


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