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Management is a need of the organisation and this is needed in their all parts, a company can arrange their activities by this. This is a part which have to be done properly to achieve their pre decided targeted goals. An organisation have several employees in different departments so this is the need of the employer or owner to organise their workers in a perfect way which can support them to for achieving their goals. An organisation have various activities which can perform by the man power (Drucker, 2014). This report is having focus on the Woodhill College and TESCO Company, both are having a big structure and several number of employees. The Woodhill is wants to recruit new employees after it they are having a training session, the project is having discussion about strength and weakness of approaches of recruitment process. This is having a job advertisement and suitable medium to publicise it.

Part 1

Task 1

(a.) Purpose of workforce planning and the role of HR manager.

The workforce is a kind of need and demand of Woodhill, it is a consistent process to set the priorities in a proper manner. This is a part which has to be done by the owner and management. As Woodhill is expanding its scope and area as well as they have a long list of needs and demands to expand their activities.

Task 2

(a.) Job advertisement.

When an organisation is having vacancy, they publish a job advertisement on their website and in a suitable. This is a an advertisement which is having details about the vacant seat and what are the requirements of the organisation for the given job role. This is a having over all view of the job opportunity, educational requirements, skills, detail of job profile and pay scale (Coleman, 2010). The organisation can use a suitable medium to publish and place this, this is a depend on the job profile.


Task 3

(a.) Different between training and development.

There are two main functions of human resource management i.e. training and development. The training comprises a basic concept in human resource management. Training is required with developing a valid skill to a desired standard by practice and it is a useful tool for increasing the skill of an employee for doing a right job (Kimes, 2011). Tesco provide training to all the employees whatever of their qualification and skills.

Part 3

Task 4

(a.) Importance of healthy employee relation which is affected by HR decisions.

An employee is to be considered as the most expensive and valuable asset of the business corporation and are required to have a comfortable working environment so as they can perform to their best limits. And for this the company or the employer need to provide proper and appropriate facilities by which they will feel motivated and will have more interest and enthusiasm for their tasks (Chang, Gong and Shum, 2011). And the employee should also maintain healthy relations with the employer and this will also be proven beneficial for both of them. This initiative is to be taken and for this, they first need to develop a positive environment for the workforce.

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