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Working in partnership with health and social care is the idea of public importance, where two organisations group their efforts to serve public services. The collaboration of these organisations comprises services like, justice, hospital, medication, education and providing living facilities. The aim of the collaboration is to make an effort of the improvement of society by delivering provide care services which are related to health and basic necessity of humans. The report will evaluate the philosophies and partnership relationship of both enterprises. Also, it will outline models and legislation such Mental Care Act and Children Care Act of the partnership of working in health and social care sector. Thus, the report will determine outcomes, the barrier to outcomes and strategies to improve outcomes for collaboration working in health and social care.

Task 1

1.1 Discussing philosophies in working in the health and social care

Partnership working is referred to be a key element in health and care sector where it depicts some well-known concepts of consultation, sharing power and operating jointly in collaboration. All of these aspects are required to be used with a foremost concern of provisioning effective services to the users. Although, people working in HSC are responsible to carry out a duty-bound service which is important for recognizing the importance of encouraging a sense of autonomy in the individuals. As a result, to which, they are responsible for being cautious towards their job roles by together relating it to other areas. It is with a specific concern of people operating in a similar sector with distinct set of responsibilities and a distinct different section of HSC that includes not only the nurses but other associated professional bodies, such as doctors, physicians, psychiatrists and other medical practitioners, etc.

This urges the need of working in collaboration to provide the services to the users in the best possible manner. It is also on considering the given case scenario in which, there exists an urging demand for NHS to work in partnership with better commissioning of their presently arranged services (Maller, 2015). This also needs a reorganisation of their current adopted structure with another consideration of developing a mutual relationship to support one other and work in a collaborative manner. There together exists another foremost requirement of addressing an imbalanced state of work that is prevailing in the organisation with a key agreement of partnership with the patients. However, choice of patients is not only an elementary reflection of good practice but also depicts a governmental policy and needs to be abided by NHS.

Beside this, there together exists several number of reasons for which, it is important for an HSC to work in partnership with a relevant philosophy of it. This involves the achievement of their ultimate goal that is to provide effective health related services to the users as per their distinct needs and requirements. Another is equity that is based on justice and impartiality with 2 other parameters of efficiency and quality. It together involves an instrumental goal of maintaining a smooth and effective collaborative relationship among the users. It can be done by considering to resolve the concerning ethical issues by judging effectively between right and wrong. Also, resolving daily problems like respecting people by treating them impartially and with dignity is required. Both of these concerns can be addressed by using some suitable theories of philosophies that will also assist in supporting the choices made by the patients. The theories are Deontology and Utilitarianism which can be applied to the health and social care.

Deontology theory is concerned with moral duty that is required to be provide by the NHS trust. This means that health and social care is obliged to perform duty in order to impart better and effective services to patients. The theory clearly indicates that health and social is binded to provide quality services to the patients (Rao and Clarke, 2017).

Utilitarianism theory states that best action is that which increases utility. Moreover, health and social care is required to provide quality services and as such, patients may be treated with much ease. This theory is based on consequences of actions while selecting one policy over the other one. Thus, adequate services may be provided to patients that is the main concern of working in partnership and as such, work with proper collaboration in effective manner.

1.2 Partnership relationships within health and social care services

Effectiveness of partnership relationship is seen with the type of partnership. Deriving type of partnership among social and health care services plays a crucial role which is as follows:

Strategic Partnership: It is relationship between health care services and local authorities who willing to contribute in health care (Cameron, Lart and Coomber, 2014). The partnership of these authorities is based on one common goal which is prevented and serves quality of life to public.

Inter agency working: This reflects relationship of social care, heath and housing authorities. All these administrative units are focused on meeting actual health care and social needs of public. The common objective if theses authorities help them in working and coordinating their efforts.

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