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  • Healthcare Professionals

    Introduction to an Epidemic An epidemic or illness can be best treated with good care. Apart from the nurses involved in the scenario, what is essential is that the family of the person affected understands the enormity of the situation, and help the health care professionals in doing their job....ReadMore

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  • Gap Between Health Disparities

    Introduction Cultural competence has acquired attention as a potential strategy for the purpose of improving and eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in health care sector. At the time of treating the patients, consideration should not be given to person’s race or ethnicity because that...ReadMore

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  • Analysis of Health Condition in HIV

    INTRODUCTION HIV/AIDS is one of those viral infections that threatens the life and is fatal in nature. It is caused by an infected virus named human immunodeficiency virus which is factually known to be a lentivirus that defines its higher classification (Butcher & et. al., 2013). HIV is...ReadMore

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  • Contemporary public health

    Introduction to Public Health Public health is a branch of science which deals with prevention of diseases thereby, increasing the life expectancy of all the individuals in the overall population. Contemporary public health refers to management strategies which are applied for prevention of...ReadMore

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  • Surgical Patient

    Introduction to Surgical Patient Nursing being a vital part of treatment plays a considerate role in taking care of the surgical patients who are required to be treated in succession of several caring measures. These are mostly related to another potent consideration of perioperative measures in...ReadMore

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  • Teenage Pregnancy in UK

    INTRODUCTION TO TEENAGE PREGNANCY Sexuality refers to the physical mental and social well-being of the people. The sexual relationship requires a positive and respectful approach to the physical relationship between people (Kmietowicz, 2002). The people may have possibility of discrimination or...ReadMore

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