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General Studies

  • Sainsbury Wing Building

    Introduction Present report is based on Sainsbury Wing Building which is designed by Mr. Wiliams Wilkins in the year 1832-1838. But many upgrades have been done over the years and it has become the well known building of London (Crookham, 2015). Current assignment will critically analyze the...ReadMore

    7 Pages 1654 Words 7385 Downloads
  • Managing Profitable Food and Beverage Operations

    Critically evaluate the role of purchasing and supply chain management in restaurant and bar operations while considering how this, and a proactive approach to cost control, can provide these businesses with competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. As per the view of Evranuz (2012), role of...ReadMore

    13 Pages 3223 Words 6121 Downloads
  • Retail Purchasing and Supply Management

    Critically discuss how supermarket retailers meet the needs of the market. Evaluate features of their assortment planning, own brand and supply chain operations that contribute to their success. Each and every retail businesses are focusing upon identifying the needs of target market and thus...ReadMore

    9 Pages 2267 Words 7234 Downloads
  • Role of the Consultant: Ph.D. Thesis

    Abstract of This Thesis The construction industry usually deals with two types of construction parts: infrastructural part and real-estate part. The real-estate part can be divided into corporate, residential, industrial and commercial sectors. On the other hand infrastructure part deals with...ReadMore

    60 Pages 15045 Words 8052 Downloads
  • Business Plan on a Restaurant

    Realistic description of business idea and mission statement This proposal shows a plan for starting a new business idea and the concept is to open a new restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand (NZ). The restaurant will sell high quality of Indian, Chinese and Mexican cuisines at an affordable price...ReadMore

    30 Pages 7453 Words 8705 Downloads
  • Diplomacy And Statecraft

    Introduction to Diplomacy Diplomacy is explained as a tool in the negotiation that is used in international governance for managing common affairs. Diverse conflicting interest are resolved by diplomats and it aids in managing peace and harmony in nation. Diplomats are individual who are appointed...ReadMore

    17 Pages 4234 Words 7505 Downloads
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