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Case Study of Le Prestige Hotel

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Team management is the most important task as it support entire business to accomplish the set objectives. Generally teams are formed for dividing the critical project in easy or understandable manner. Present report is based on Le Prestige Hotel which provides accommodation and food as well as many other services to customers. Furthermore, management of meeting has been discussed by focusing upon issues which are taking at workplace of hotel.


Leading a team

According to the case study, it has been found that Le Prestige Hotel is inviting Silver Ocean cruise passengers with expectations of increment in number of customer by 20%. However, there was issue related to lack of communication in team and accordingly they were unable to manage the new task of hotel. For this purpose, team has been organized by manager of hotel in the following manner-

1 Manager: As the hotel is invited cruise member for food which is already prepaid where waiter are not required to serve as the food and cashier will also not handling any work related cash as buffet is prepared. Owing to this, all members including team will focus upon welcome of guest and ensure to provide necessary things required to guest. Furthermore, cashier will also be directly communicating to bar tender, dishwasher and barista for extra requirement. It would be effective to reduce uncertainties. However, waiter will supply the water with coordination of dishwasher.

2. Manager: All team member need to arrive on time and ensure to accomplish the give responsibility. However, waiter and dishwasher will be loaded with too much work so barista and bar tender will be supporting him in case of requirement. However, automated system of booking will be continuously monitored with proper reply to customer on phone.

3. Manager: All members will follow the work flow in following manner-

  • Bar tender and Cashier-Handling of bookings and attending calls
  • Dishwasher and waiter-Supply drink
  • Barista- Coordination with other team members

4. Manager: I Manager of le Prestige hotel welcome you all in this meeting which is based on the event organized in our hotel where we have to welcome passengers from the silver Ocean Cruise. The large number of customers are already booked a table in our restaurant. The food arrangement of this hotel is of Buffet in which foods are taken by the passengers o their own. The drinks will be served by the Bar tenders as I allot this responsibility to you to take care about the needs of different customers.

  • Bar tender: I accept your decision sir as I will manage all the work and if I find any problem I directly contact you.
  • Maanger: The barista you will be coordinated with the bar tender as you both will handle the guest very politely.
  • Barista: Sir I will do my best and won't give you any chance to reduce our hotel's image among the guest who came in this restaurant.
  • Manager: The major responsibilities in allotted to the dish washer who will washes all the dishes on time and do not sit idle and there should not come to a provision which there will be no plates found on the table.

Thewaiters will not be sitting idle as in this event there is no involvement of waiters in serving food to all the guests attended the event. The waiters will provide support to all the dishwashers in completing the tasks on time.

5. Manager: I personally observe your work in order to identify the strengths and the weakness which further leads the hotel to face repercussions of their wrong actions. The best performance of all the assigned persons in this particular event such as bartender, dishwasher and barista. The parameters which will help in completing the whole event with high level of accuracy will be beneficial for you people. The Best efforts of you people will result into rewards and the pride to be faced by you persons. The rewards will be given in form of increasing your position level by assigning additional level. The waiters are promoted from normal waiter to the head waiter who will ensure the performance and monitor their progress in a day.

Bartender: My performance will get enhanced in this event then which role I will get in thius restaurant as if I will succeed in this event then my job will remain the same.
Manager: No, you think wrong that if you participates good in this event then your job will remains the same. You will be rewarded to handle our new club formed under the name of Le prestige hotel.

6. The main issue related to lack of communication which is being faced currently. This is because presently, all members are not communicated properly. Owing to this, mail and mobile phones will be allowed for interaction with all parties. It is because regular customers and invited one both will be provided adequate services. It is because customers of Le Prestige hotel are loyal hence some of them must be permitted. So, better, cashier and bar tender tackle this task effectively to maintain satisfaction level of customers. In this manner, concern related to current customers will also be resolved effectively.

7. All members should be clear about their roles and responsibilities to reduce uncertainties for the proposed buffet plan. Employees who will work on the basis of set standard will be rewarded for their better performance. Furthermore, dishwasher, cashier and bar tenders as well as other team members must communicate their issue along with any innovative ideas.

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8. Manager: Overall plan will be monitored by my personally and it will keep record related to performance of each team member. However, I would personally meet all customers to on time to ask if they need anything else. However, decoration related task will be completed under my supervision and as per ideas of all related parties.


It can be concluded that the above conversation will be helpful for the manager of Le prestige Hotel in order to get good results in terms of good performance of all the employees.

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