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Competitive and Economic Sustainability for Hairdresser Salon

Entrepreneurship refers to the process of venturing and managing a new business with some innovative idea. These businesses are generally start up from a lower level and then steadily grow after achieving sustainability and competitive advantage in marketplace (Davidsson, 2017). Hairdressers salons are also one of the most widely used option for start-up which doesn't require new product to invent but uniqueness in services and its quality attract people to visit the salons and avail services. But entering into a salon businesses is some what harder to sustain in the market as it is the most competitive sector to work. So, in order to achieve sustainability and competitive edge over others it is very essential for a hairdressers to bring something new or unique services that provide a better result from salon treatment than others.

Most common issues that are faced by hairdressers and which leads to failure in their salon businesses is use of chemical product which some left side effect over clients and they get dissatisfied with services. Apart from this wastage from such practices also affect the environment to a large extent (Stuetzer and et. al., 2014). This result in negative word-of-mouth publicity which in turn will reduce the market share. Because people nowadays are more concern about going green and using natural products which doesn't result in any harm to a person or environment at large. Therefore, in order to sustain in the market place, a salon may provide their treatment through natural or organic product which doesn't results in an side effect. This help hair dressers to stand apart among the salons that uses chemical based product which affect the choices of customers over other salons. It supports them in achieving a competitive advantage over others which also supports them in achieving sustainability in the marketplace.

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