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As entering in college always brings up a new experience and various opportunities for a student to develop their learning as well as knowledge that support in building up a successful career. By starting my journey of learning in college I get to know about various things that support me enhancing my knowledge. There are number of activities performed in college as well as classroom that support students in learning new things and developing their inter-personal skills (Petty, 2014). These activities include classroom presentation, home work, group work, power point presentation, online learning and reflection. Apart from this there are certain things which I had learn during my classroom lectures which include how to use grammar, various methods to make sentences. It also includes the procedure of sentence structure along with different way through which a sentence can be structured that reflect its meaning in most appropriate manner. These classroom activities supported me in developing my writing as well as reading skill which help in performing research work so that the proper outcome and objective behind the research can be achieved. By going through these activities I had experienced many things which help in determining the area where I can perform better and various weakness that I required to rectify for writing an essay. Apart from this class room activities as well as online learning also supported in developing a thorough knowledge about the way to conduct a research for achieving its objective and methods to create references (McKenney and Reeves, 2018). This support in evidencing the research work and also support readers to determine the sources through which information is being collected.

During my course work activities I came to known about various things that I had learned and able to develop my skills in that area. During class room presentation I came to learned about various mistakes that I had made during my previous research attempts. This support me in enhancing my research skills by determining various ways to develop a research in an effective manner that depict the solution to problem for which it has been conducted. Apart from this by performing group work I become able to develop my reading as well as writing skills. This supported me in making an effective use of tenses which is consider as a base for formation and structuring of sentences. In addition to this my class room activities supported me in developing a knowledge and understanding about the use of sentences. These activities also helped in determining the common mistake that are made by students while framing a sentence that may change the whole meaning (Kaçani, 2014). By determining these mistakes or errors I became able to develop an understanding about the use of commas, full stop and apostrophes. So that the sentences formulated by me should depict the exact meaning which I had assumed while writing it. In addition to this work that was assigned by my lecturers for home also supported me in developing my learning. As home work support in memorising the things that had learned during classroom and other activities by performing similar task of classroom activity in a different way (Núñez and et. al., 2015). This is the major source of exploring new things as student have more time to search about new things and to complete its work in most efficient manner with more evidences as compare to previous one.

Apart from all this positive results there are certain skills and activities which are lack and I still required to improve in order to achieve the desired result from my coursework study. Though I had attend my class room presentation and other activities that are performed related to coursework but still I didn't able to fully develop my knowledge about grammar and sentence structure. The sentences framed by me are not always right as there are various grammatical mistakes and jargon words that affect the way I present my essay or research work. This is one of the biggest mistake which required to be improve because even after presenting so much information for evidencing the research actual objective not get achieved due to some grammatical mistake (Cigankova, 2016). So this create a lots of problem because even after performing work effectively my outcomes remain negative. In addition to this reference framing skill also one of major weakness that I failed to develop during my course work. References is consider as the major part of any research because it includes the name of sources through which the data is being collected for evidencing the content of research. Therefore it is very essential for me to improve my referencing skill in order to provide the evidence of information in most effective manner that can be further used by reader to explore information of research in border way from those sources.

This coursework proves to be very beneficial for me as I got the chance to enhance my knowledge as well as creativity in writing. Throughout this study there certain positive as well as negative aspect determined by me which presented the area that I required to improve in order to perform better in future. From these one of the major weakness which I identified during coursework is my grammatical mistake that I usually make while forming sentences. So if I get a second chance then I will try to be more focused toward the class room presentation and also ask questions regarding the issues and confusions I have at that time. Apart from this after having class room presentation I will go to library for exploring the things that are explained by lecturer during class. In addition to this I also explore these data online with my friends so that we can share our understanding which further support in identifying the new queries that we can face while practically applying those learning. So this will help in identifying the major mistakes that I made during framing sentences which support in eliminating these grammatical error in future. Apart from this improving my referencing mistake I will take guidance from my teachers and also explore the methods of structuring references over internet so that I can effectively present the evidence sources of my research work.


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