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Equality and diversity can be referred as the term opted in UK to champion and determine human rights, diversity and equality as stating society values. This can promote their opportunity of quality for whole, providing each individual an opportunity to achieve their free and potential from of discrimination and prejudice. The government has stated various legislations, laws and acts in order to maintain true term of equality within their country to provide proper growth and development chance along with true presentation of entire population in effective manner (Agustín, 2013). This report will understand the major cultural features to promote this term along with considering importance in relation to lifelong learning. This can help in promotion and diversity valuing in the company.

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A) Reflection on how promotion of equality and diversity helped create a safe and enabling learning environment for learner

As a learning professor, this is my duty to foster a great consideration between diverse groups and individuals as well as underpin what each individual can contribute to society. Great consideration cater more tolerance and decrease the danger risk between the groups and individual members. As outcome, I will be more able to responder a counter attack over problems that can harm such as gang fights, sexual & racial stereotyping, religious fundamentalism etc.

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Majorly learners could be more neglected if diversity and equality is not being promoted in class room. Hence, learner should end up with less esteem while experiencing unidentified issue. It could lead to the suicidal and self injurious actions. This is paramount as this enable an individual to express their interests, desires, requirements of support and support (Al-Rasheed, 2013). Bullying is the major issues that might upset and offend some student. In order to support the learning objectives and concept of diversity and equality, first learner should be aware of curriculum detail of learning. For supporting diversity, group projects will be undertaken in my classroom. Icebreaker activities will be organised to manage and initiate the forming process in team. The procedure will opt Tuckman and Belbin model in regard of managing entire group procedure which undertake four major components i.e. forming, performing, storming, norming etc. Hence, through this, I can value learner and form diversity and equality in better term.

Hence, through avoiding and reducing more inequality and unfair behaviour as well as promoting more learning practices in the learning association, diversity and equality helps a learner in enabling more learning and effective working environment in more effective manner (Barker, and et. al., 2012).

B) Actions or strategies used to achieve the goal of promoting Equality and Diversity

Numerous ways, plans and strategies that can be adopted in order to achieve their objectives, execute and understand the learnings as well as measure the impact of equality and diversity within the learning association. Here are mentioned some of those strategies and methods that can emphasise over the optimisation to meet the promotion goals for diversity and equality promotion mentioned here:

Collaborative Learnings: It is one of the fundamental platform or strategy to encourage the working group, and introduce the learning notion which learner can create a valued contribution. It can promote cross-culture management, understanding and consideration among learners.

Small Group Work and Discussion: This assist in accomplishing proper objectives learning to develop the ways such as ideas comparison, interpretation of other's perception, understanding development etc.

Creating more Inclusive Environment: Through the assistance of various activities and practices and creating more inclusive environment, an organisation can promote more safe and effective learning environment (Greene and Kirton, 2015).

Encourage a Developing Mindset: This is one of the most effective and adopting method through which company can achieve their business objectives.

Review feedback, Prepare reflective and make Assessment: Through the assistance of reviewing consumer, worker, students or learner responses, prepare proper reflective and create a better assessment, the organisation can achieve their business objectives.

Through this, the association's learner and managing practices, the organisation can achieve their business objective promote and create more safe and better environment.

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