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This has been determine that every business organisation wants to expand their business in order to make maximum profit during the time. This will assist in creating great opportunities in accordance with positive strength that is more useful in incurring effective and reliable outcomes for the company (Silverman, 2015). Stationary market is said to be utmost important business which is growing at steady rate at various location. This will also attract more people towards them. By the help of this, company would be able to increase wide customer base so that future benefits can be achieve in more faster rate.

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Task 1

Overview regarding stationary business

Germany is the bigger market which is best suitable for stationary products and other products. 

The total earning gather from this particular sector is higher than £14.8 billion per a financial year. It is equal to different individual that is spend £182 billion in current year. The positive attitude and behaviours of an organisation in accordance to stationary sector is undergone through all facts that are comprising about 70% Germany that comprises in their particular businesses. This has been simply said that German products are higher demand through people of their positive reputation in local and international stage. In respect to build positive image for company require to make use various kinds of brand which is additionally common and writing documents in accordance to enhance their market share. 

Henceforth, business include certain range of products those are having particular feature which will help the company to attract maximum people toward them. Apart from this, total earning of 2200 in wholesale industries are presently working in Germany market (Wimmer and et. al., 2013). By making proper analysis, it has been decided to go for opening of new venture in international market is more beneficial for the company. E-commerce is one of the primary method which keeps about total of 17% of market share at presently. It would grown in stationary market with increase rate. This feature of online marketing would aims to attract the wide range of products with total 24 hours accessibility. 

The primary feature of online marketing to draw the attention of maximum people towards their own business so that chances of growth can be enhance in more quickly. It has been observed that out of which all companies are trying almost half of their turnover which is lower than £500000. There are various retailers which are currently operating in Germany. About total of 5500 retailers at presently in the market and most of them are having total turnover which is less than £250,000. There are various products in which indicate total rate of 5% in 2015 which consists of appropriate growth in 2015. It assumed that those trend will continued to be increasing in 2016.

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