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Case Study in Operation Management

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Operation management plan is the continuous plan or process in the management department. It concerned or focus is on the design and controlling the overall process. Present report based on operation management in which they focus on the main objectives and goal. For presenting this report Qbic Hotel will be taken into action. In which they will discuss the marketing operation plan through which they get better development opportunity at global level. From the basis of present marketing operation plan they can easily get high customer satisfaction approach.

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Observation And Analysis

Qbic Hotel is the small scale hotel in Amsterdam, the main concept adopted by the hotel is that low cost and discount airlines (Zare &, (2016)Albrecht, T., & Dasigi, M. (2016)). Consumers are looking for fair prices at fair services with good environment. Qatar build very productive work and managing good marketing operation plan. Marketing is the day to day activity which influence number of working process. It helps to reduce the company burden and get better opportunity level in the future. Marketing plan is the most important and essential plan which comes under operation management. It is the department who enable customers with company services. It helps to make aware customers about new product and services of Qbic Hotel. Moreover, hospitality industry require high quality of services and marking management in order to gain buyers attraction.

Marketing management Data

Product Definition: Product and services are the two most essential and productive factor for every organisation (Wakui &, (2016)). Hospitality industry is the service industry which is required to be perfect and impressive which differentiate them from competitors. Qbic Hotel provides Accommodation, transportation and food services to their visitors at reasonable prices. For marketing first required adapt must be that organisation needs to clear its services or product for their customers. Product must be according to the customer needs and wants which is productive for the organisation and make good profit revenue.

Value preposition: it is the another element and component which is must have required for making marketing management. Buyers or service taker always consider value and quality, Qbic Hotel ensure their quality value in front of their customers for better services. It is the another process of making good task oriented process.

Market segmentation: Marketing segmentation set the target customers for company product and services (Radnor, Z. &, (2016). Just in case of Qbic Hotel it is very essential for Marketing manager to manage customer segmentation and select target customers. Qbic market customer is lower and middle class group of people. This marketing activity helps to make services accordingly. Besides, it also very necessary for the organisation to market customer attraction process. Moreover, it will also help to make proper marketing strategies for the organisation. Organisation means to make productive changes in the organisation.

Competitive landscape: Qbic is the small scale or medium based hotel in London street which makes their own market condition. Besides, it will also very much effective process making in terms of making good marketing plans. Competitors analysis is the another marketing activity which is very required to be perfect (Mohammadi, Soleymani & Mozafari, (2014). With the help of competitors analysis company can easily find out development criteria. Such for Qbic hotel big hotels may be other competitor for hotel. In this company needs to make regular conducting win loss analyses to learn how you can compete more effectively.

Themes and messaging: Qbic hotel is based on fair cost and good quality services which main objective is that to provide best services to customers. In this plan manager needs to distinct themes and messages for the segments Qbic hotel will market for. Qbic hotel set their themes for having good experience of customers out of services. Qbic make creative and innovative themes for garbing the customer approach and target market plan. Message for customers must be direct connective and based on value or quality (Jin &, (2015, ). For that, company think to do some innovative work or message for their productive customers.

Historic Results: Customer always consider experience or reviews of the hotel before selecting for taking services. Moreover, it will also very helpful to make good image in from of their customers. Marketing operation plan is the continuous activity which requires to be done in proper manner. It also very much effective and productive for making better marketing plan.

Challenges and issues facing by the Qbic Hotel

High competition: Hotel industry is an ever blooming business travellers always looks for the perfect accommodation. Due to very high demand in accommodation and transportation they always get first preference (AugustIchinose &, (2015)). Due to which small scale hotels get fails to get attraction of those customers. It reduces the scope of Qbic Hotel and for operation marketing plan. In traveller and touring places number of hotels are present in huge manner. In order to reap the high profit margin. Qbic needs to focus on the customer expectations and their needs and wants. It also needs acquire the best possible way to take marketing operation plan.

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