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Wikipedia is one of the biggest online free encyclopedia that allow us to get the easy access to a wide variety of information that helps in meeting the needs and demands of the user in an effective and crucial way. It comprises the web pages, known as “Wiki page” or “Wiki article”, which consists of the information on a specific topic, person, place or item. Thus, with the advancement of the technology, and the free accessibility to the information, Wikipedia allows the user to create the wiki page or article of their own information. This reflection account will lay the significant emphasis on the wide variety of operations that will help in meeting the requirements to develop a webpage on Wikipedia.


Definition of the key terms and concepts

The various key terms and concepts related to Wiki article is

Web page: A component of website, containing textual articles as well as multimedia information.

Wikipedia: it is an online encyclopedia consists of various resourceful information pages on various topics.

URL: known as universal resource locator, it provides the unique identity to a webpage over internet to get allocated or placed.

Namespace: It is the unique keyword that helps in the better handling of the different operations by allowing user to find a wiki page or articles


In the initial stage for developing the better, I have done the extensive research about the topic, on which the article is required to be created. After that, I have created my account on Wikipedia to get the authentication to edit as well as to create my own articles on site. On the initial stage the basic information is been taken into consideration that will give the insight about how to modify the web pages. To edit further, the valid and verified resources will be taken in thought process. This may include the interviews, news articles, biographies, quotations etc. I created a copy of the final article before uploading it on the Wikipedia's portal using the HTML tags. Once the article is deemed satisfactory, it is been submitted for the reviews and get the responses. Based on this feedback, the further alterations will be made by me. This will help in better improving the informational quality of the article page for better sharing of information.

Main facts and findings using literature review

As per the views of Landemore, 2015, the web articles are required to be as per the constitutional rights and handle the information to gain the better handling of information. The authentication of the information will help in improving the quality and verification of the wiki page and will help in avoiding any sort of issue or problem regarding the validation of information. Besides this, Fullerton and Ettema, 2014, states that articles in Wikipedia are the better way to gain the access to the wide range of information that will help in better increment in the knowledge. It also involves the great accessibility to legitimate information and better reality. As per the research of Węcel and Lewoniewski, 2015, the proper researching and modelling of the web page will help in better development of the information process, it will help in development of the effective and valid information base to verify the information provided on the Wikipedia's article's page. This will help in rectification of any sort of issue that can be associated with the topic or web page. On the other hand, Flekova, Ferschke and Gurevych, 2014, states that the biographical accounts that are been associated with a person for Exapmle a film actor or politician, should be developed with extensive research as this may create the issue regarding the verification of information. Apart from this, de La Robertie, Pitarch, and Teste, 2015, the quality of the Wikipedia article depends on the level of research and collaboration with various networks of information.

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