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To resolve the legal issues there has been requirement of ethical consideration as well as all the laws and regulations which will be effective in terms of accurate observation over such issues. In Australia there has been various consent and principles which were being enforced as to bring the awareness among people for taking treatments. In the preset case were Ross has Musculo- Skeleton injury on which doctors has prescribed him several drugs. The over dose of drugs lead him to serious accident on which he had head injury. Thus, that accident lead him to coma for many of months and there are no chances of recovery from his sight. In relation with such a situation of Ross the medical practitioners and some of his relatives thinks that the treatment must be stop as it has covered many moths but there is not recovered or positive signs from his sight.

Legal issues

Determining the validity of treatment facilitated to Ross

Consent to treatment for head injury

By considering the treatment facilitated to Ross as per his Musculo- Skeletal injury which has been treated under effective care. Therefore, the doctors has prescribed him several medicines such as Oxycodone, Narcotic, Non-Steroidal and Anti-inflammatory. Moreover, there are general guidelines and principles has been facilitated by the Australian legislatives which in turn reflect the legal terms relevant with the treatments to be facilitated to patients.

If there is any adult who is taking the effective treatment form the medical centre must have proper rights to know what treatment is being facilitated to them (McCarthy &, 2017). Therefore, it will be helpful in communicating the message to patients relevant with the diseases and health issues.

  • The treatment provided to the patients needed to be communicated among them, if it were not being communicated without consent will be treated as trespass.
  • The consent will be relevant with the appropriate treatment which were being awarded to the patients which were based on proper prescription and investigation of the health problems.
  • There is a special rights which were being given to patient to refuse the treatment.
  • There are various legislative exemptions which will be permitting to the treatment without any consent for the limited circumstances.

However, here Ross has refused to take any treatment from the paramedic staff. Therefore, it is his personal right that he can refuse to take the treatment.

Legal authorities relevant with this case

There is needed to implicate the use of various treatment policies which in turn will be helpful in making the effective jurisdiction on the case of Ross. Therefore, there avaricious laws and regulations which were enforced by Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Moreover, there are various acts such as Health Practitioner Regulation National Law which considers the rules and regulations over the medical practitioners in terms of giving the adequate treatment to the patients (Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (ACT), 2018). There are several laws and which will be helpful such as Medical Treatment (Health Directions Act 2006). The case laws such as Rogers v Whitaker (1992) in the high court of Australia

Potential legal consequences needed to be followed by healthcare practitioners

There has been various legal consequences and conditions which are needed to be implicated by the professionals to make the adequate in terms of providing the treatment to patients. Therefore, there are various legislations and regulation which bound the medical practitioner to make the adequate analysis over the issues which were being faced by people. They must be committed towards their duties and must has appropriate knowledge relevant with health problem as well as medication to the patients (Harris-Roxas &, 2018). They must inform patients regarding the level of dose will be helpful to them for the treatment.

Ross refuses the medical treatment

Chandler as a loyal partner and friend to Ross, was conscious about the health conditions of his friend. Thus, due these regards he has called the ambulance which reaches top help Ross to have adequate health treatments. Moreover, this will be beneficial in terms of taking the accurate medication from paramedics (Swieca, Hamilton & Meaklim, 2017). Additionally, medical guidelines which were being presented by the Australian legislatives that implicates general principles on which it is clearly mentioned that there are all rights to a person who is taking medical help can refuses it. Thus, Ross has rights to refuse to take the medication and the treatment over him. In relation with Health Practitioner Regulation National Law on which the medical practitioners does not have rights to forcefully treat a person without his permission.

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