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In the present era, every organization who is leading and at the top position is due to technological innovation and the evolution of multi-channel shopping has a huge impact on high street malls and shops. As every organization has to gain a competitive advantage so they try to apply and adopt the strategies which are related to activities of research and the uses of financial tools. The present report is giving a brief on primary research and secondary research for analyzing the shopping habit of consumer and its changes with the factors and reasons which are driving, and the shopping platforms which is used for socio-economic impact. There is a brief analysis of the data which has been collected from the survey with arithmetic mean, mode and quartile, percentile. The trend line has been framed and along with this various system which serves the different level of management with there characteristics. The last topic gives us an understanding of the critical path with the network diagram.

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Task 1

1.1 Drawing plan for gathering the data

The present era gives us understanding of the technological advancements and different innovation which caters the retail sector at the extent level. For attaining goals, the business environment consists of various alterations in the trend line changes which can be considered competitive in nature.

AIM: To know the consequences in terms of technological innovation and multi-channel shopping from the base of customer and sales.

The main objective of this research paper is to highlight the issue and so there is a requirement of both primary and secondary data from the researcher.

Primary data: The information which is gathered from observations, survey, focus group etc. the data which is collected in primary research is for accomplishing the specific goal of our research. The data which is specific and perfectly suitable for research is investigated properly gives very high effects on the outcome (Abdullah, Hanafiah and Hashim, 2013). The research requires the information related to habits and customer preference of shopping and for attaining the aim and to trace the changes in the retail sector, survey technique will be applied. Purposive sampling will be the best measure for high street retail malls and shops by selecting 35 managers. After selecting the technique, the questionnaire will be framed with both type of questions i.e. open-ended and close-ended and these questions will be related to aspects of shopping habits and changes according to it. As this questionnaire will be passed to that selected sample (35 managers) and all the persons who are related to the specific aim of the research. The data will be purely on the basis of primary data with respect to plan and scholar will be the major source of gathering the information.

Secondary data: The data which has been already published, collected, analyzed and interpreted with other researcher or data which has not been calculated by the researcher. The journals, books and all scholarly papers provide the information which is with respect to issues and solutions for recovering in a very positive way (Dervishi and Kadriu, 2014). This research comprises whole data and multi-channel shopping trend which will be gathered from articles and journal which gives the significance on the level of a customer for multi-channel shopping and surfing from the internet will be most beneficial for gathering data of the consumer of shopping from the retail stores and the following trend. The internet is the best and reasonable way for gathering information about past behaviour and the trend with respect to shopping and customer.

1.2 Describing the sampling frame and survey methodology on the basis of research

Sampling frame: The sampling frame is indirectly linked to the survey, so in this survey should be very proper for perfect sampling frame. Sampling should be according to the probabilistic technique and non-probabilistic technique (Shukla, Mohanty and Kumar, 2017). The probabilistic technique gives the outcome with respect to every individual who is directly or indirectly linked to each other and there is the presence of equal possibility for representing as a sample and non-probabilistic techniques select a sample with respect to specific aim or purpose of the research topic. The present research will be on concluded by adopting purposive sampling which has undertaken 35 managers for qualitative research and by finding the measures to resolve the issue.

Survey methodology: The most important step which can be never ignored by any other manager because this consists of proper justification and performances in a very effective and efficient manner (Evans and, 2012). For conducting research specific duration has been selected and according to this special importance has been provided. The highlights on consequences of technological innovation and sales and customer base of the retail store, all the responses are traced with respect to malls from the manager with the help of online survey methodology which leads to saving time and very efficient and effective in nature.

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