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Individual Report

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The firm aimed to enter in the new market to offer customer satisfaction when the car is driven they feel that comfort and safety physically and financially. We approach the customers with a new and unique designs of the cars”.

Here below are the business objectives



Key performance indicator



Financial perspective

Objective of the firm is to be a profitable market share by the end of the year on Lumos, 29.62%, Audi 7.02%, and on assets 16.25%

In the 2nd year company aimed to grab the gross margin by increasing 10% per annum and as well as on assets


Profit after tax.





Profit after tax= 4.83%


Customer perspective

In the 1st year our company gain an average on Lumos 1.23%, Audi - A6 2.48%

% Market of share



Return of equity = 16.25%

Internal planning process

Company wants to release facelift of the existing all model cars, which like ambient lights, music system, safety features

Expecting the 8% sales in the market.


Products facility



Learning growth

company offering 5 years of extended warranty for each and every car model.

In the second year 25% decreased the claims compared with the first year

  • Warranty days
  • Number of claims




Company is focusing on employees satisfaction and increasing the working hours with well training and doubts clarification to the employees in their allotted location of the car design and production. company aim is employees all day presences in working days





Usually our company offering 5 years of extended warranty for each and every car model and collecting review data from the each and every customer.

In the second year 25% decreased the claims compared with the first year.

Our company mainly focusing on build quality, safety quality in order to decrease the warranty claims and cost reducing from the customers.




Over the five-year company has accomplished most of the objectives. In first year company from losses. While next year it made profit and its profit increase yearly (Labonte-LeMoyne and, 2017). In last 4 years sales of the firm also increases with the shareholder funds which is clearly reflected in rounds. Total unsold stock of the firm is 9 which indicate that most of the car was sold out by the firm and it was successful in accomplishing its objectives.

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