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Understanding and Leading Change

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Changes are inevitable and important for betterment of an organisation.  The changes support the firm to grow and develop and make necessary alterations that are been made within an organisation.  Besides this, changes help firm to make its services more effective, improve  product or service quality and increases effectiveness of enterprise. It helps in good rise in compatibility and meeting of operational requirements of organisation. For report, Marks & Spencer (M& S) is chosen as organisation of context (Burke,2017). It is a UK based retail enterprise. The report will lay emphasis on various organisational examples that lay changes on strategies.  The internal and external changes are been analysed along with various measures to minimise  negative impact of changes on organisation are been discussed. Besides this, various barriers of changes and how it influences decision making are analysed. Other than this, leadership approaches are been discussed in range of organisational context.

Task 1

P1. What are the different organisational examples where the changes have impacted enterprise strategy and operations.

In an enterprise, there are some serious impacts are been placed that are been laid by  changes and are been affected in an effective and significant manner. The firm has to look after  change management approach that will help in rise in customer satisfactions and improving core performance of organisation. The operation's management and organisation's strategy and operations lay a deep impact on functioning of employees and how leaders and managers in firm react to it. Some major types of changes that are taken into consideration by organisation like M & S are as follows:

Structural: It is related to improvement of communication process that will be followed by organisation. It helps in ensuring a positive flow of actions and operations that are been taken in thought process by business to run its functions (Hillson and Murray-Webster, 2017). It helps in reduction of complexity and make processes easy to follow and monitor. The operations and functionalities that are been followed within firm that are modified according to  situations in order to make execution of business activities more effective and easy.

Strategic: This changes involve modifications due to change in external factors that prevails in market. This will lead to making strategies or re furnish existing one, in order to meet operational requirements that will help in effective management of different business actions and set goals and objectives in a very effective manner. This change strategy is been followed by organisation in order to ensure development of cited retail enterprise and ensures its effective product development and its quality.

Process: It involves changes or modification in work processes that will help in rise in productivity. It leads to rise in efficiency of organisation that helps in management of actions and activities that are been taken in consideration by retail enterprise. This improve chances of getting a good result from business activities and utilization of  resources (Rothwell, Stavros and Sullivan, 2015).

People: In order to bring appropriate modification in enterprise, firm will also look after placing of highly qualified people and changes their responsibility from time to time in order to gain an effective rise in compatibility. The placing of new talent brings new ideas and working concepts which will support in good growth of compatibility and meeting of targeted goals and encourages adoption of innovation within business enterprise.

M & S will look after effective handling of operation's which will lead to increase in  customer loyalty level. This will help organisation to adopt effective strategies that will, help  enterprise to grow and develop business operations and meeting of set goals and objectives in a very effective way. The firm can use effective CRM system which will help in effective connectivity of firm and supports the organisation to build a good brand image in market. Also, this changes will also help in rise in compatibility and avoiding of any risk factors that prevails in market (Burke,2017). This will help in improving production capacity of an enterprise and will aid to effective growth and development of firm which will help in effective rise of buyers contentment level and achieving of set goals and functions to a newer level. Or than this, it helps in increase in positive characteristics and meeting of trade functions and meeting customers’ requirements in a very effective manner, leading to rise in effective revenue generation.

P2. In what ways the internal and external drivers of changes inpact leadership, team and individual behaviour within an enterprise.

In effective implementation of changes, micro as well as macro enviromental factors plays a very deep and crucial role and thus will help in looking through effective management of operations that are been followed by organisation that helps in effective implementation of strategic changes in cited retail entity (Uhlemann And, 2015). The internal factors are those which are controlled by firm while on or hand, external factors are not been controlled within organisation. The internal assessment of firm is been performed using SWOT analysis while external factors of M & S will be evaluated by PEST assessment. It will help in setting up of various changes like leadership, team and individual behaviour etc.

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