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A Case Study On British Airways

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The dissertation has been carried out upon the topic of identifying the role of talent management in improving customer base of business: A Case Study on British Airways. In this context, the respective chapter dictate the brief background regarding the respective study. Herein, the study tends to provide a very brief description about the selected topic under study. Furthermore, in the given chapter description has also been given regarding the major problem which is being related with the selected subject under study. Moreover, the study also gives description about the major aims and objectives which are related with the selected topic. Hence, the given thing tends to direct the direction of whole study.

1.1 Background of the study

The intense and highly effective competitive environment is forcing the firm with regard to make efforts for maintaining and retaining the skilled and talented employees within the enterprise. This is because, it is with the help of such type of employees only managers of service industry will be able to carry out their efforts with respect to deliver their best services to the corporation in an effective manner (Björkman and Welch, 2015). The firm compliance with the delivery of high quality services will lead to enhance the satisfaction level of the firm's buyers. As a result of it, they will feel motivated in using the services of enterprise on continuous basis in an effectual way. Due to this, overall benefits will be gain by firms in the form of increased profits and sales.

However, different authors have given varied definitions upon the talent management. According to the view point of Church and Rotolo (2013) Talent management is the organisation practice wherein significant efforts is being made by the manager of firm with respect to retain, attract and develop the most talented and skilled employees within enterprise. Herein, it can also be entailed that the work of any service firms totally relies upon its employees. This is because, in service industry the major work which firms carried out is being performed by the workers only. Here, it is workers only which influence buyers to make the repetitive purchases from the enterprise.

In this regard, it can also be said that the concept such as talent management has its importance for the airline firms also. Airline companies are facing intense competition in the global market for the top quality senior management. Herein, it is examined that to retain and manage the best talent within the firm is being regarded as the major challenge which is occurring in front of the different airline companies. Earlier, the manager of airline companies used to follow a very straightforward career path. But, now such type of career paths are rarely followed within the airline companies. In addition to this, the concept of job hopping has also been prevailing in the today's competitive scenario. Here, job hopping is the activity wherein employees tend to change its companies more frequently (Reis and Quental, 2014). It is due to the presence of all these kinds of activities only, the concept such as talent management plays very important role.

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This is because, on applying the respective concept firm can not only retain its best employees within corporation, but they can also make efforts with regard to form the tactical goals and objectives of the enterprise in an effectual way. Thus, it is correct to say that talent management has very important role in improving the customers base of the corporation especially service firms. It is due to the fact that with the help of talented and skilled employees cited firm can form such type of tactics which lead to attract the large number of customers towards the corporation in an effectual way. The impact of the same will be seen upon the overall profits of firm.

With an aim to carry out the selected topic under study, British Airways Company is selected as the case study. The firm has it’s headquarter situated in Waterside, Harmondsworth, England. It is the largest airline firm of UK on the basis of fleet size. In addition to this, it can also be said that it is the flag carrier airline in UK which was established by the government of UK in the year 1972. The firm has in-total 183 destinations, hence it has huge base of customers (British Airways, 2016).

1.2 Research problem or rationale

The overall problem of the study has been divided into following points:

What is the issue

The major issue which is related with the given study is to find out that why it is important for the firm with regard to manage the team of talented employees within the enterprises. Herein, it is examined that firm will be able to deliver the high quality of services to its buyers if it possesses the team of talented and skilled employees. This is because, such type of employees have the ability to handle the queries of customers. Hence, it is through this way only such workers maintains satisfaction level of buyers (Reis and Quental, 2014). The same type of issue is also being faced by British Airways. Here, firm is striving for delivering high quality services to the buyers. But, in order to do the same it will require the team of competent and talented employees.

Why it is an issue

Managing the team of talented employees is an issue because of high amount of competition between the firms. Jet Airways, Emirates and Virgin Airline are giving intense competition to British Airways. Furthermore, in order to maintain within competitive environment these firms make measures for attracting the talented employees of their rival corporation. In this regard, firms give number of offers to the workers (Sam and Daniel, 2011). This lead to raise the issue of employee attrition in front of firm. It is due to the presence of given aspect also there is an importance of managing talented people within corporation is arises upon the organisation.

Why it an issue now

Furthermore, it an issue now because of increasing employee attrition problem within firm. Herein, it is being examined that attractive and lucrative offers which is being made by the managers of other companies is creating such type of problem in front of the corporation. This is because, each and every employee have varied kind of needs (Veloso and 2014). Hence, if the organisation where employee is currently working does not fulfil the same at that time they make the decision for leaving the firm. It is due to the presence of given aspect, significant increment is being examined in the attrition rate of employees.

What the study will shed the light on

Besides this, the respective study could shed the light on meaning of talent management and role of talent management in improving the customer base of hospitality business. Moreover, it will also shed light upon the importance of managing talent within enterprise. The study has also presented the way of managing and maintaining the talented employees within the organisation in an effective manner.

1.3 Research aim

The major aim of the study is to identify the role of talent management in improving customer base of business: A Case Study on British Airways.

1.4 Research objectives

Following are the objectives which are being related with the present study:

  1. To explore the meaning and importance of talent management within firm.
  2. To examine the role of talent management in enhancing the skills of employees in airline industry.
  3. To evaluate the significance of talent management in delivering high quality services in airline industry.
  4. To recommend the ways to manage talent within British Airways.

1.5 Research question

The study provides answer to the following question such as “What is the role of talent management in improving customer base of British Airways?”.

1.6 Significance of the study

The present study which has been carried out upon the topic of identifying the role of talent management in improving customer base of British Airways has its significance for the number of people as well as firms. The detailed explanation about the same is being depicted in below:

It can be used by PHD scholars in order to search the area for further study. Here, by using the result of the present study, scholar can prepare the base of their research. Thus, they can direct the work of their study towards the right direction. Furthermore, it is through this way only scholars can explore some new concepts as well as theories on conducting the given study (Hamel and Breen, 2013). Thus, it is by complying with the given type of activity only they can give their significant contribution to the society.

The study has significance for the other airline ventures as with the help of it they can also examine the role of talent management in improving customer base of firm. In addition to this, with the help of given study they can assess some new ways of managing talented employees within corporation. Hence, through this way overall benefits can be gained by them in the form of increased profits and sales.

1.7 Structure of dissertation

The dissertation has been structured in the following form:

Chapter 1: Introduction: It is being regarded as the first chapter of dissertation in which a very brief discussion has been carried out upon the keywords associated with the topic. In addition to this, in the respective chapter brief background has been prepared. Furthermore, the major aim and objectives which are being related with the present study has also been presented in the given section.

Chapter 2: Literature review: It is the second chapter of dissertation in which number of secondary sources has been used by the researcher in order to improve its knowledge and understanding regarding the selected topic under study (Church and Rotolo, 2013). The different secondary sources which has been used in the present study consists of books, journals and online articles etc. In addition to this, in the given section views and opinions of number of researcher has also been examined. Moreover, number of themes has been formed on the basis of framed objectives of the study.

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Chapter 3: Research methodology: In the given section, description has been given regarding the number of tools and techniques which are being used by the researcher in order to conduct the respective study systematically. Here, in the given study both primary and secondary technique of collecting data has been applied.

Chapter 4: Data analysis and discussion: In the given section, the collected data has been analysed by making use of thematic analysis approach. This chapter guides the scholars towards the major aim and objectives of the study (Hamel and Breen, 2013).

Chapter 5: Conclusion and recommendations : It is the last chapter of dissertation in which conclusion and recommendations has been given as per the aim and objectives of the present study.


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